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Today officially ate every last bit of my mental and creative energy. And we still didn’t get everything sorted.

I was really excited this morning where I left off writing last night, and now I’m just

melting jello

today just killed any enthusiasm I had for anything.

I gave up hours ago trying to keep up with tumblr today. Sorry if I’ve seemed sorta distant. At least I did finally get caught up with the TNT loop… even if I feel like I rushed through it.

I’m continuously amazed at just how relevant the interpersonal dynamics are from s1 and s2 to current canon. And not in the same way as back then but shifted and evolved and yes telling some of the same stories but from a far distant point in the future where Sam and Dean aren’t the same as they were back then. It’s fascinating.

And hey there we go a tiny spark of enthusiasm for something! Maybe I can turn today (or yesterday now technically since it’s almost 1 am) around…

I’m off to go try and write until I pass out now.

GUYS okay so i’ve been thinking about all the subplots that happened so far in skam, and how some of them became the main subject of a season (noora texting willhelm and willhelm ‘expressing’ his interest throughout season 1, isak’s sexuality that was a thing throughout the entirety of s1/s2). Now, the other subplots that have been very obvious is sana and her religion, and vilde and her wanting to belong (i can’t word this properly but i hope you get my drift). There is no doubt in my mind that they will get their own season.

BUT, if there are going to be six seasons (note: this hasn’t been confirmed, i think a lot of people seem to forget this) that leaves one season without a main that had a subplot. My guess is that this might be jonas? He’s the only one i can think of that’s been this apparent throughout all the seasons and who’s a '99er. It doesn’t make that much sense to me thougg but according to my theory it kind of does??? I can’t think of anyone else who has had a subplot??

laurahhollis replied to your post “laurahhollis replied to your post “why is everyone bringing old…”

that’s funny i changed my url like as soon as I finished and then a day later I made my bff watch everything with me again lol

I was running a semi-popular anime blog so I HAD TO MAKE A TOUGH DECISION.  I told myself if “nootvanlis” was taken then it wasn’t meant to be LMAO.  Completely dropped my anime blog now.  

My best friend watched Carmilla on her own accord when I mentioned it so I was pretty shocked when she said she finished s1 and s2 bc she’s straight af and thought she wouldn’t give a fuck.  Or maybe it was bc I kept sending pictures of Natasha.  She’s a casual fan and attends stuff with me.  She ships both f/f, m/m, f/m and took like a gender and sexuality course like wow straight ally.


I wasn’t born in Ohio. I was born in Haiti. My mom moved us here when I was one. I was the only black kid in our town. Everyone wanted me to be good at basketball, but I sucked. I’m allergic to peanuts. I have a really bad sense of direction. My mom killed herself when I was twelve. My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip. I’ve never been to Europe. I’m afraid of heights. Someday, I want a dog, but not from a breeder… the pound.