N○ 039 - Prom Queen

Music: ✧♪✦♬

[Head] CATWA.Kathy
[Bodybits] Maitreya Lara Body
[Skin] VCO - Moco. Pale
[Eyes] {S0NG} :: Crystal~ Blue and Sunburst (@ Crystal Heart)
[Ears] [MANDALA] Elf Ears Simple
[Hair] [taketomi] - Chibiusa  (@ Crystal Heart)
[Detail] -[TWC]- Shy lover

[Bindi] CURELESS [+] Moonlight Jewels
[Earring] *{( konpeitou )}* Rose Moon - 11 mouth rose (MOD)  (@ Crystal Heart)
[Arms] + White Transcendence Painted + {aii}
[Outfit] Moon Elixir - Celestial Queen  (@ Crystal Heart)
[Collar/Garter] {vincue} & [CX] - Airie (@ Crystal Heart)

Decor and Props:
DISORDERLY. / Crystal Court / Queen Halo (@ Crystal Heart)
DISORDERLY. / Crystal Court / Floating Gems (@ Crystal Heart)
-Garden- by anc “silence” spider lily
CURELESS [+] Skeletal System / BONE (MOD)

*Custom Made by Me.*

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Missy Mesh Hair - Fireworks

Skin: more more. yume skin_5 (catwa) 

Eyes: {S0NG} :: Juniel // Peach Eye

Eyeliner: smile. MOMO Eyeshadow&Liner (wear me)

Wings: *Epic* Shiny.Pearl Chibi.Wings! {Baby.Pink} *LM*

Necklace: {vincue} Plastie+Collar - White/Rose [Maitreya]

Top: {vincue} Plastie+Corset - [Maitreya] 1 RARE

Nails: :Moon Amore: Senshi Nails (CHIBIMOON) @The Crystal Heart

Ears: VCO ~ Sera’s Ear . Heart pierce 001

Pose: [Sugar~*] Kawaii Rock Bento Poses~*

Thank you!

hana-dva-s0ng-deactivated201609  asked:

Mchanzo with 6 for the drabble thing (*w*) have I ever mentioned that I adore your writing! Keep up the good work, dude!

omg thank you so much!! for both the request and the compliment you’re so nice :’’’) (it got longer than i meant it to so i put most of it under a readmore whoops)

6. “H-how long have you been standing there?”

McCree frowned down at his mostly-empty plate moodily. He’d hoped a snack would help him feel better after a frustrating evening of shooting practice, but he’d been wrong. He stabbed at the last grape on his plate, but it evaded his fork time and time again.

Scowling, McCree dropped the fork and picked the grape up with his fingers instead. It still had a little bit of stem sticking out the top, and his mind helpfully made the connection to a certain archer’s dumb ponytail.

“I’m Hanzo,” McCree muttered, bobbing the grape up and down as though it were speaking, “and I have the best aim in all of Overwatch. Screw you, McCree.”

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hana-dva-s0ng submitted:

((This is based off that one post you reblogged! I’m sorry if it’s a little weird, I wrote it while waiting for my mom in the car!))

“So uh, you and Roadhog hang out a lot, huh?”

Junkrat didn’t look up from where he was fiddling with a grenade. “Yup! Me ‘n Roadie are best mates. Sometimes I wonder where he’d be without me!” Junkrat let out a cackle. Lucio just gave him a curious look.
“Yeah uh, that’s… Nice.” He looked meaningfully across the table at Tracer, who just shrugged. you tell him, not me.

“Ey, good job out there Roadie! I think you might’ve improved a teeny bit!” Junkrat said, grinning wildly. Roadhog muttered a soft “thanks” in reply. 
Across the training course, McCree turned to face Hanzo. “Someone’s gotta tell ‘im.” Hanzo just shook his head.
“Leave him be, Jesse. Roadhog will tell him when he’s ready.”

“Is he gonna be alright?” Roadhog grumbled, trying his best to hide how desperately worried he was. Mercy smiled gently, tossing a knowing glance at Pharah  across the room.
“Of course he will. It wasn’t to bad a sprain, nothing unusual.”
From the other room, where Roadhog couldn’t see him, Junkrat yelled out as loud as possible: “Ey, Roadie, ya ain’t goin soft on me are ya?”

Junkrat sighed, pressed close to Roadhog’s side as they sat together and stared up at the stars.
“Stars sure are pretty tonight, huh?” Junkrat said in an uncharacteristically soft voice.
“You always think they’re pretty,” Roadhog grunted.
“But you know who’s even prettier, Roadie?” Junkrat turned, eyes shining bright.
Roadhog stared for a moment without replying.
They sat for what seemed like hours, gazing at one another. Before Junkrat let a shit-eating grin split across his face.
“It’s me!” He said, cackling. Roadhog huffed, annoyed, and smacked him across the shoulder.
“Ey ey ey, I know yer smilin, Roadie! Don’ lie!”

Genji sat perched on a cliff top with Zenyatta, chuckling.
“So, how bad do you think Roadhog has it?”
Zenyatta hummed. “I’d say fairly bad, given his gentle nature towards our Jamison friend.”
They watched for a bit longer, listening to the waves on the cliffs and Junkrat’s laughter.

140715 A S0ng 4 Y0u - My Love From The Stars parody