Hey guys! This is my end of the year follow forever. I hope you guys are having a wonderful holiday season this year and I wish for you to have a joyful new year. First nine blogs in dark green are my tumblr crushes. Really sorry if I left you out! If you’re on here and I happened to spell your url wrong, let me know and I’ll fix it ASAP. Thanks for all of the wonderful people on here for having beautiful blogs and great personalities! Love you all~

edit: tumblr isn’t letting me upload gifs for some reason so if i did spell your url wrong, it won’t upload a replacement asdklasdjkdsjl

Hey guys! So since I’ve been on Tumblr for a while now, I’ve decided to make a Follow Forever to showcase my favorite blogs that I will never unfollow! Bolded blogs are blogs I fell in love with from the start. also excuse my fail attempt at making a spinning gif ahem So here we go~

aiseukeurim-jung | aly0n | animu-food | b1a6 | baekyeolexo | beautifulgeneration | bubble-tea-for-oppa | bubblesakuratea | cakedesu | choimingimochi | corgis-everywhere | cr0wn-jewels | daebaking | deer-princess | dia-dem | gabbgravity | ggoh | greasynamfishyhaebabyyangmatodae | haaruharu | hakyeons | hityourheart | hokaid-o | irresistableness | jaekiss | joohyun-ah | juststephjubjub | kkamjongout | kpopkathyy | kyukissmame-v | melon-tea | mikakoshikaa | minjoos | misumipyon | namnambunny | namstarr | nanny-sungjong | ohlordyitskpop | ohlunas | omegafu | pastel-cutie | qorea | raindropseoul | ramyoon | sailorseo | shiwu | soominy | suteshi | swagnamstyle | taefungus | taengshi | take-a-deeper-l0ok | teayang | thatssosoo | theonlyweiforthenguyen | tokshi | topgrademilk | verchae | weinfinitizeyou | wishonajessica | wooeuns | wooyoung | xi-luhan | xiai

I’m really sorry if I left you out of this list, rest assured, I still love your blog and you! Thank you so much to these wonderful blogs and wonderful people who have made my time here at Tumblr perfect! I love you all~