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This is my new follow forever! (I explained why I did a new one here) Idk if there’s anything special to say but I’m just glad to be following all these blogs… if you’re bolded it means you’re extra special :) Sorry if I missed you I’m really tired and I just wanna get this done… enjoy! Cookies for all.



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Hi, I need help.

Okay so, I’m currently battling with this annoying anxiety that has been plaguing me day in and day out for the past two weeks. I found out, recently, that reading stories about my favorite Arendellian goddesses brings me great comfort and it eases my fears. 

So with that said…I just wanna ask you guys to tag me/send me what you think is the best chapter you have written (yep, talking to my immaculate fan fic writer friends/mutuals here) or you can just send me your stories as a whole so I can read them later on.

Headcanons, drabbles, WIPs, random ideas, candid fangirl/boy thoughts—all are welcomed. 

I will give reviews (if you want), just to be fair since you guys are doing me a favor by taking the time to help me out if you decide to respond to this post. I may not be able to do that in one sitting (giving everyone reviews), but I will have it added to my reading list and I will get back to you. It’s ALWAYS my pleasure and I’m truly grateful for fanfic authors and artists—you guys are the heartbeat of our fandom. 

I know that I haven’t been attentive lately, and it seems like I’m ignoring people’s tags/posts, but I’m not. Time hasn’t been on my side, and life can be so very hectic. I’m sorry if it seems like I’m ignoring some of you here, but I’ll try to be improve and be better.

You matter. You are heard. You are important. 

You guys are like family to me. Some of us here don’t talk much or at all, but it’s such a joy seeing you all on my dash and I’m always happy to see what you’re up to. And your cats. And your toy dragons. ;)

So I’m gonna tag a few people here. And if I have forgotten to tag you, please don’t feel left out and tag me/send me your material anyway. I will greatly appreciate it. And if you don’t find your name here since we literally talk everyday (I’m talking to you, copper-anise), it’s possible that I’m currently writing a review for you or written one already…or we’re probably texting. <3

And if we’re married, no need to tag you. (hi, armorydock AND elsamniac AND blunaowl)

OR…(for fam members here who don’t write fanfiction or draw/if you’d rather do this instead)

Just tell me about yourself. How your day went. Your favorite movie and favorite ice cream. The history behind your URL. Tell me about what makes you smile the moment you see it. Your favorite song or lyrics. Tell me about the first time you’ve seen Frozen or Big Hero 6. Or if you secretly hate Frozen. Tell me about your pets. And your dreams. And your goals. What you want to be in five years. What you want to be tomorrow. Tell me your favorite corny joke. Tell me about your hometown or your favorite toy as a child (or now). Tell me anything. Tell me what makes you cry. What makes you happy. What breaks you. What makes you whole. Anything. Tell me anything.

My anon is back up. 

Talk to me. 

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First Day of Fall! so finally after a long time my first follow forever is here, supposed to be to celebrate 350 followers but that same week 20+ people follow me and they continue, so this one is to celebrate 400 followers +10

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Bold = The Faves

If I didn’t include you on this one, don’t worry, there is still time for you to become more active and have a chance to be in the next one. as you guys can tell I only follow Disney blogs 90% -100% so is really hard to get a follow from me but i do make exceptions.

That’s all for the first follow forever, stay lovely and have a nice day!