Kat’s ESC Discourse S1 E20: Don’t Get Me Started

4 – Jamala, 1944 (Ukraine)
I’m satisfied with her win. I didn’t like the song at first but she has an amazing distinct voice and such a wide range (omg, coloratura much????) and the emotion in her performance is just dazzling. Also that staging is A+, way to go staging person you killed it. It’s not a style of music that I normally like but she makes it an art form TBH and just makes it work.

3 – Greta Salomé, Hear Them Calling (Iceland)


Staging is flipping awesome, first off. Smoke stuff. Yes. Go Greta and her smoke magic.

Also I love her voice so !!! much !!! it’s one of my favorite voices in this year’s contest she’s so talented and you can hear her improvement since Never Forget

Song is great. It’s totally my thing. Beautiful instrumentation, and I can’t wait to cover it (it’s next on my list, after Italy’s song)!

the good part comes between wanting and needing

Chapter seven of my porn with plot Barisi fic 29 Songs!   You can also read it on A03!   (and you should, that’s where I fix all the stupid ass typos.)

Sonny stayed at the bar until the impromptu memorial for Nadia Decotis began to break up. Though he hadn’t known her while she was living, between the investigation and the trial, she had become a presence in his life to be mourned; real, and meaningful, and gone. Even more so, after spending an emotional evening listening to Lindsay, Voight, and Halstead telling stories about her; though he couldn’t help feeling like something of a voyeur when presented with the raw, personal pain of the squad from Chicago.

He was tired, somehow both drained and wound tight all at once.

He wished Barba had come out with them.

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