- Elim. Promise me one thing.
- I’m listening.
- Don’t die here. Escape. Live.
- Let me guess. So I can make the Dominion pay for what they’ve done to you.
- You wouldn’t deny an old man his revenge, would you?
- I’ll do as you ask, on one condition…That you don’t ask me this favor as a mentor, or a superior officer… but as a father asking his son.“
- You’re not my son.
- Father, you’re dying. For once in your life, speak the truth.
- I should have killed your mother before you were born. You have always been a weakness I can’t afford.
- So you’ve told me. Many times. Listen, Enabran. All I ask is that for this moment, let me be your son.
- (a pause) Elim, remember that day…in the country. You must’ve been almost five.
- How can I forget it? It was the only day.
- I can still see you, on the back of that riding hound. You must’ve fallen off a dozen times. But you never gave up.
- I remember limping home…You held my hand.
- I was very proud of you, that day. *Tain dies*
—  Brutal shit. From the DS9 episode, In Purgatory’s Shadow.