“Did I Just Say That?!”
Jorge-052 and Alyss-B312 - A Gift for AskNobleSix

This one posed a few challenges for me honestly… Jorge is older than the characters I’m used to drawing, and there may or may not continue to be a few more changes made to him over the next few weeks… I’ve never done facial hair before until now either… And…
And I almost never, EVER draw females. 
SO…. That said, I’m pleased with how it turned out and I hope you are too, Six!Mun. 


“Jorge I made you a beverage.”


[[OOC - I just somewhat realized that we don’t really have a list of how many canon SPARTAN-II RPers there are here on Tumblr… 

I won’t be listing all of the Master Chief RPers, as I know I’m one of many, but in terms of the others I currently know of:

Sierra-104 - Far as I know, Sierra-104Mun is the only Fred on Tumblr… 

S-052 - Also plays an awesome Spartan-IV by the name of Taggart. 
Noble-5 - Played by the amazing noble-actual. 
SpartanJorge-052 - Would like to get the ball rolling with RP (again? Not sure…). 

If there are any others that I missed that are active, please let me know? I just haven’t found any others.