Down Time

Noble Six was sitting quietly in the Mess Hall, half nursing her broken hand, half idly picking at a tray of food with her good hand. The day had been quite uneventful even with her not being able to do anything for at least a short while. Spartans healed very quickly, so she would probably be back up to fighting condition relatively soon.

Listening to the idle chitchat of a table of ODSTs nearby, Six sat alone like always. They were primarily discussing some of their…more…romantic affairs, as she’d noticed many men seemed to do. It was rather entertaining, even if she had no idea what ninety percent of what they were talking about meant.

“Did I Just Say That?!”
Jorge-052 and Alyss-B312 - A Gift for AskNobleSix

This one posed a few challenges for me honestly… Jorge is older than the characters I’m used to drawing, and there may or may not continue to be a few more changes made to him over the next few weeks… I’ve never done facial hair before until now either… And…
And I almost never, EVER draw females. 
SO…. That said, I’m pleased with how it turned out and I hope you are too, Six!Mun. 


[[OOC - I just somewhat realized that we don’t really have a list of how many canon SPARTAN-II RPers there are here on Tumblr… 

I won’t be listing all of the Master Chief RPers, as I know I’m one of many, but in terms of the others I currently know of:

Sierra-104 - Far as I know, Sierra-104Mun is the only Fred on Tumblr… 

S-052 - Also plays an awesome Spartan-IV by the name of Taggart. 
Noble-5 - Played by the amazing noble-actual. 
SpartanJorge-052 - Would like to get the ball rolling with RP (again? Not sure…). 

If there are any others that I missed that are active, please let me know? I just haven’t found any others. 

Unwanted Attention // S-052

Alyss was quietly sitting in a corner of the one of the secondary ship lounges. There were three total, seeing the sheer size of the ship, and she figured that seeing she’d never been to this particular one, she’d be able to have some peace and quiet away from everyone else. Curled up in her seat, she was attempting to keep herself occupied with a fiction novel uploaded onto her tacpad, one that Roland highly recommended for her.

So far it was rather boring, but a part of her was curious enough about it to continue reading.

The III had almost reverted back to her past disheveled look, seeing as she hadn’t slept at all since her fight with Jorge. Dark circles lay under her eyes and her hair was a frantic mess. But stim-packs were a godsend.

The ships medics were worried that she was addicted to them. Which she clearly was, but none of them were willing enough to try and fix that problem.


“Jorge I made you a beverage.”

// Noble Six Online

“Tch, c'mon… ”
Six had left her quarters early enough that she had assumed the main gym area would have been fairly empty. But of course, she’d been wrong. She had wanted to snag a treadmill, to put on the lowest possible setting to use it to get walking again.

The little ‘chat’ with Comet was still in her thoughts, and the fact that he had no right or reason to have talked down on her like that was her reasoning to not want any help. Jorge had said he would assist her, but she was determined to do it without him.

Always By Your Side [ Pt. 2 ]

The colony was a small one, about half the size of Earth, humid in climate and primarily rocky in terrain. The name, neither Six, Jorge, or even the pilot could pronounce. But it hardly mattered. They were to land just outside the Capitol, and locate this new bit of weaponry that the Insurrection had created.

The Pelican was beginning its descent now, and the pair of Spartans began to prepare. Running her hands through her lightly curled brown hair, she smiled at Jorge who had still looked worried the whole flight down.
“Oh c'mon Jorgey, don’t tell me you’re nervous?”
He stared across at her, his face hard set before he put his helmet on.
“Just have a bad feeling, szerelmem. That’s all.”

She snapped her helmet into place and got her DMR off her back, swapping it out with her shotgun. “Everything’ll be fine. Just stick behind me and keep low and as quiet as you can with those big feet of yours.” She laughed slightly and rose to her feet. He followed suit and approached the rear hatch with her after unhooking his beast of a pack off the wall. The Spartan-II took a moment to wrap and arm around her waist and clicked his helmet against hers.
“I hope you’re right.”

The Pelican touched down outside the city on the only really flat section of rocks the pilot could find and opened the rear hatch. He turned around in his seat to face the two Spartans. “Intel says there’s a warehouse in the city where these guys seem most likely to be working out of. We’ve got an inside eye on the operation so if you find an IFF, you’re on the right track. Keep in touch if you need anything or if it goes all to hell.”

Six found it a little strange that the pilot had been briefed more than they had been, but the extra intel on where to find this weapon was greatly appreciated. The two Spartans gave him a nod, stepped off the aircraft, and the pilot gave them a nice little salute before pulling the hatch back up and taking off again. Had to keep moving or else they’d find him.

They were only three miles outside of the city, not too bad of a walk, and the twin suns had just set, leaving them in the perfect conditions for such an op.

They moved out, reaching the outskirts of the city in only a half hour. Like any city, the outskirts were absolute shit, in shambles. Apartments were boarded up, glass broke everywhere, animals barking endlessly. They stuck to the alleys, which on occasion would be the site of a drug deal, or held someone absolutely strung out on some sort of substance that they were just sat propped up against a wall with a dead look in their eyes.

Jorge at one point wanted to check to see if a boy only in his early teens was okay, seeing as he was laying on a chunk of cardboard, shivering furiously. But Six pulled him away before he could approach. Sometimes he cared a little too much. And helping the locals wasn’t their job.

But she had her own little moment of concern when she spotted a cat that was thin as a twig look interested in trying to get some attention from her. She protested in silence as Jorge quite literally dragged her away from it. 

There were a handful of warehouses and factories that they passed by in the shadows. But none of them pinged positive for any friendly forces. 

They took a moment to stop and gather their thoughts on the possibility of what they could be up against. Six could see Jorge fidget anxiously. He wasn’t used to such quiet operations. He was a heavy weapon specialist after all. But this was a good change of pace for him.

“Do these sorts of ops usually take so long?” He asked.
“I once spent a week tracking and observing a single target,” Six replied with a shrug. “This ain’t nothin’. It won’t take nearly as long because we’ll lose the Infinity if we take too long. So let’s keep at it.”

It was hard to even imagine her that patient. He once saw her smash a music radio because Rolland had played commercials for too long.

Always By Your Side [ Pt. 1 ]

( I’m gonna break all your fucking hearts if it’s the last thing I do )

The assignment the Spartan pair had been given was…a little strange to say the least. Especially now of all times. Honestly, Alyss hadn’t expected the Insurrection to still even be an issue for the UNSC after the war, but there would always be stragglers, right? Just as it was with the Covenant Splinter Group. But getting shipped out to a colony the Infinity was passing by to snag some tech from an Innie base seemed…so strange to her.

But neither of them were going to question the orders. Anything to get off the damn ship was absolutely fine with her anyway.

The pair was busy gearing up in Hanger Bay A, idly chatting about nothing more than the Insurrection. Turns out Jorge had his fair share of dealing with them when he was around her age. Though he was more used for actual battles between the UNSC and the rebel forces than she was. Front lines, versus behind the scenes.

Again, the Sledgehammer and the Scalpel.

We can only provide back-up as long as you two go about this quick enough. The Infinity’s not going to be able to stop in the system because it’ll tip the Innies off about what’s going on. Is that all good by you two?”

Eh I’m sure it’ll be fine. Just make sure the Pelican doens’t leave us behind and it’ll all be good.” Six said, her tone abnormally cheerful. It’d been a while since she’d seen her dear Insurrection troops. Perhaps some of them would even recognize the Demon Wolf who had caused them to nearly fall apart.

Jorge was quiet, loading up the pack he’d always hauled around on his back with plenty of ammunition, some MRE’s, medical supplies, anything extra they’d need for the mission.

They would require finesse for this mission. Subtlety. Six was perfect at that, but the massive Spartan-II really wasn’t. She’d help him along of course. Maybe he’d just be the muscle like always, but he couldn’t come bursting through a door with his mighty machine gun.

He turned a DMR over in his hands and just by the slight sag of his shoulders she could tell he was a bit disappointed. “Cheer up, a medve. This’ll be fun.” Six said, still sounding happy. “You’ll get to properly see the effect I had on the Innies.”

It wasn’t exactly the fact that he couldn’t use his usual gun, it was a feeling in his stomach, making it churn uneasily.


She knocked on his shoulder plate and stuck her own DMR to her back with a nice click. She’d decided to bring the custom one she’d gotten from Comet with her to test it out. Walking past the Spartan-II she could hear their bird on the other side of the hangar warming up. “C'mon, let’s not keep these guys waiting. ONI sent these orders directly, and you know how fucking impatient they are.

"Did they even give you any information as to what we’re supposed to be looking for?” Jorge asked, turning to follow her.
“Not much, just a new weapon prototype they seem freaked out by.”

He was quiet for a second, before pointing out. “You left your shotgun, Alyss.”
She stopped midstep and turned right around on the balls of her feet. He could tell by her posture she was embarrassed. 
“Shut up,” She said as she walked by in a huff.

Climbing aboard the dropship, Jorge took a seat near the center, elbows set on his knees and his hands clasped together. His big ass backpack was secured near the cockpit door. Six entered the hatch a minute later, settling into the seat directly across from him. The Pelican’s pilot peeked back at them from his seat. 
“All set back there?”

“All good,” Jorge replied.

The vessel gave a kick and made it’s way to a section of the hangar, the station promptly ferried them to the launch bay.

Six was already nearly shaking with excitement.

  • JorgeMun's explanation for all the John 117 Blogs: Chief could have schizophrenic multipersonality disorder. Alternate physical manifestations of himself to cope with the loss of Cortana.