Why dont we talk about this more?

In S04E20 Emma is literally about to shoot a human, a person, not a fairy tale character, a human being. 

She is so angry. Her nostrils are flared and her eyes have this intents blackness about them.

Here she is yelling, fired up and on the attack. Honestly I would be shitting myself at this point if I was Lily. 

Then her emotions seem to retreat. Its more of this cold nothingness now. Still angry, and scary as hell, but its like she shuts off. 

And when she has her fucking gun on Lily she looks like she couldn’t care less. She is actually considering killing the person before her and she looks like she doesn’t care at all. Her anger has taken over. 

Look at this! Emma has Lily in an execution position. Most killers/murderers just do it, however Emma is setting it up, dominating over Lily. Showing her one last time who is in control. 

Then Regina tentatively steps into the situation. You can see that she is scared as hell, clearly not just for Emma but for her own safety. But she still intervenes. 

“Swan, put the gun down.
If you pull that tiger you will be the one that ruins your life this time and henry’s and your parent’s and everyone else’s.”

Regina, despite her fear, tried to talk Emma down 

“Lower the gun” She says. “Your parents need a hero, not a murderer.”

And the only words Emma has said for the whole time that she has had a gun to Lily’s head is “I’m already a murderer.”

Regina continues to talk Emma down even though Emma literally just said she was a murderer, and yes Regina knew that but how terrifying is that? 

Despite Regina saying “Cruella was an accident.” Emma has still murdered someone and it so close to doing it again. 

“But if you cross this line, the journey back isn’t easy, trust me, I know. This is what gold wants you to do, so don’t.” and here Regina is actually pleading, begging Emma not to do it. 

Finally after Regina says “EMMA! You’re better than this.” and Emma actually puts the gun down. 

And then we see Regina’s reaction to Emma putting then gun down and she still looks scared as hell, which is fair enough, but considering that Regina has murdered so many people in her past its also kind of a shock. 

Honestly, how scare would Regina, the Evil fucking Queen have to be? How uncertain would she have to be to actually express this much fear? And in a way she looks almost disgusted, disgusted at what Emma has just done.

I think that its strange that this scene was never really mentioned again. Like Emma cracked, she almost killed a person and what? they are just sweeping it under the carpet? 

Not only that but I also find it really interesting that Regina’s simple, and few, words were able to get Emma to put the gun down. Like Emma was at the breaking point, she had her gun out and pointed at a human. So either Eddie and Adam take that lightly or Regina is a MASSIVE fucking influence on Emma. 

Like really, this 3 minute scene is so intents and I think about it a lot.