okay, prolly gonna get a lot of flack for this buuuuuut...

i’m not too inclined to give a fuck.

i’m really tired of this fandom’s reactions towards literally EVERYTHING Jeff Davis has written this season. it seems to me that, if the fandom had it’s way, no one would die, no one would get hurt, no one would ever make a mistake or say anything hurtful, just nothing bad would happen ever. well, let me clue you in peeps: that’s not how life works. and it’s ESPECIALLY not how supernatural life works. i mean, honestly, did y'all think you could watch a DRAMA tv show about supernatural creatures and people not die? 

i’m not saying you shouldn’t mourn the deaths. you should. they became important to you and it’s sad to see them go. but the comments on how it’s “shitty writing” on Jeff’s part or how he’s “ruined” the show is ridiculous. 

the fact of the matter is, Crystal wanted out of the show, and Jeff told her he’d give her “a good ending,” and in my opinion, he did. Allison was a fighter, and that’s how she went out: fighting. it wouldn’t have made sense for her to have just run off somewhere the way jackson and cora did (which i personally think was not the appropriate move for those character endings). and how many characters do you expect to just “move away?” Jeff, as far as he’s mentioned, had no intentions of getting rid of Allison until Crystal decided to leave. he didn’t just walk into the writer’s room and say “hey, i just feel like getting rid of somebody so, Allison’s gotta go.” he respected that Crystal wanted to move on to bigger things, and gave her character the kind of send off that best fit her character’s personality. 

i liked Allison. she was a great character, and i will miss her, but i wouldn’t have wanted her to go out any other way, because it wouldn’t have made sense any other way. 

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I didn’t watch this because I am all, “I’m gonna wait till the premier.” But it’s so tempting by the eyebrows and lettuce. Fack.