vocaloid OC, this is so embarrassing but i need to get this out of my brain ;_;

okay, his name is S03A, the code does mean something but im not giving details XD, the S stands for the company name, 03 is his number, and A is the first letter of his first name.

He is made to sing mostly rap and is pretty versatile. he has a large range but mostly sings in a fairly high voice though not shota

His character colour is green and he doesn’t have an item like the others from company “S”

character-wise: he’s light hearted and immature being the baby of the company his older brother and sister ( S02E and S01H) looked after him a lot, he was especially spoilt by his sister who actually chooses most of his clothes for him >u>. he also still needs to be told to eat his greens and brush his teeth, but he’s learning slowly UvU The strange thing about him is that he has an extremely weak immune system so has to take spacial tablets to help him out, it’s also strange because of the fact he’s an Android but they cant find any bugs in him.