Teen Wolf Receipts

So, from a discussion I had recently with clustrefuck and some previous chats I’ve had with tofixtheshadows and a series of messages I’ve exchanged with someothermonstra, I’m thinking of starting something like a real, organized archive of receipts on fandom, cast and canon’s bullshit since the beginning of fandom. 

As of now, I’m trying to find receipts, reblog them, make copies of posts under readmores and tag everything in a readable way. someothermonstra suggested that people could submit links/receipts/testimonies on the fandom’s problems, which honestly seems way faster than digging through all the old archives myself.

I’ve only been watching the show and actively participating in fandom since early S03a; so I’d appreciate anyone’s collaboration, be it @’ing me in posts they think are important, submitting links or screencaps, writing analysis, or maybe even helping mod this blog/a blog made for this purpose.

I’m gonna list some of the phenomenons/problems/events I can remember; and add links to the things I already have material on, though this isn’t a full list. 

  • Racism
    • Fandom’s entire treatment of Scott, and the different standards he’s held to in comparison to white characters.
    • Whitewashing
      • Jeff Davis’ negative to acknowledge Scott’s heritage for two seasons
      • Fandom insisting Scott/TPose is white
      • Canon and fanon presenting Theo/Cody as white
      • Lightening and whitewashing in fanworks
        • Also that shit they do where they draw TPose’s nose as perfectly straight… 
    • Fetishistic comments regarding the characters/actors
      • The “animalistic alpha Scott” trope
    • Desexualization/hypersexualitization of characters of color 
      • Scott “only thinks with his dick”
      • Kira “isn’t sexy enough”
      • Braeden & The Strong Independent Black Woman trope
    • Dehumanization/animalization
    • Alan Deaton & anti-blackness
      • “Deaton is Shady” (and Braeden too)
      • The “Magical Black Man" trope
    • Erasure, sidelining and fridging
      • Scott, Stiles and timescreen, fandom attention and empathy
      • Boyd’s death
      • Danny’s treatment and disappareance
    • Using PoC interchangeably
      • The Yukimuras and the McCall’s castings
      • Alpha Kali
      • Recasts/fancasts with actors of other ethnicities playing characters of color/those characters’ families
    • #BlueJeepsMatter & #JusticeForRoscoe
    • “Reverse racism” and “I don’t see race”
      • Those “Scott is a white savior” and “Scott is racist against werewolves” posts
      • The “this is not a race issue because there is no racism in Europe” derailers
      • The “you’re being racist by insisting this is about race” ones
  • Misogyny
    • Canon and fanon’s treatment of literally every female character
      • Lydia Martin
        • Stiles and the #friendzone
        • Jackson and both canon and fanon’s complete refusal to discuss the inherent abusive dynamics in their relationship
        • Peter, assault and agency
        • Season 3 and fandom’s constant slut shaming
      • Allison Argent
        • Allison is useless/weak/annoying/whiny
        • The scene with Jackson in the lockers –”it wasn’t assault because Jackson was possessed!”
        • Allison’s “dark arc” and fandom’s complete refusal to empathize with a traumatized teenage girl 
        • #KillAllison
        • Fandom’s posthumous idolization of Allison
      • Kate Argent & Julia Baccari/Jennifer Blake
        • The way different leniency given to male villains 
        • The absolute refusal to recognize they were both abuse victims/heavily traumatized people when analyzing their actions –while Derek, Matt, Peter, Chris Argent and even Peter Hale got fandom’s empathy and sympathy.
      • Braeden
        • “Braeden is an abuser” (I still can’t believe???)
        • The “Strong Independent Black Woman” (again)
      • Malia Tate (where do I even begin?)
        • Malia is a rapist/Malia is an abuser
        • “Mentally 9 years old”
        • Malia is a bitch (but Stiles is funny and sarcastic)
        • “Malia is nothing but a love interest”
        • The “Maleo” shippers
      • Kira Yukimura
        • Kira is boring
        • Kira is just a love interest
        • Kira is just replacing Allison
        • “I never trusted her”
        • Dark!Kira is an evil bitch (but Void!Stiles was so hot)
      • Hayden Romero
        • Fandom (especially young fandom) hating on her and the actress for getting with Liam
        • The numerous “bitch” remarks she got for defending herself back in the 6th grade anecdote
    • Fandom’s insistence on pitting women against each other
    • Canon’s lousy treatment and constant victimization of its female characters
    • Justifying harassment and/or assault, romanticizing creepy behaviors and/or abusive behaviors, victim blaming
    • Treating women as possessions/rewards for the male characters
      • The Nice Guy ™ 
      • The Friendzone
  • Ableism
    • Within canon
      • Eichen House and the conflating of actual proper mental health institutions and horror movie tropes
      • Villains and disability 
        • Villain faking a disability (Peter)
        • Cure = redemption (Deucalion)
        • All evil stems from disability (Jennifer)
        • Mentally ill villain (Meredith)
      • 5 seasons of hand-waving away the characters’ traumas
      • Panic attacks and that godawful Stiles/Lydia scene 
      • Stiles’ ADHD as a joke 
      • Characters coded as disabled but never acknowledged as such
      • Stiles and Lydia’s ableist remarks (never called out)
      • Scott’s self-harm and suicide attempt, and using depression for shock factor
    • Within fandom
      • Trauma only matters when it’s a white man suffering it
        • “I don’t like the way character X is dealing with their trauma”
        • “This traumatic event isn’t traumatic enough to justify this character showing signs of trauma”
      • Scott’s intelligence (and perceived lack thereof)
      • Fanfiction and love as the cure of all mental illness
      • Malia & the whole “mental age” thing
      • Malia/Stiles and the idea that mentally ill people have no agency
      • Stiles’ ableist remarks towards Lydia, Liam, Isaac and Malia
        (“they’re just jokes!!! stop taking it so seriously!!!”)
      • The idea that mentally ill people owe something to their friends for choosing to support them through their struggles
  • Classism
    • That time fandom tried to invent Stiles some bullshit money problems (S01/S02?) instead of acknowledging Scott’s actual money problems
    • S4′s whole “Benefactor” line and how canon handled Lydia, Stiles and Scott’s money issues differently (like shit, I mean, like shit)
    • “Scott can’t have financial issues because he has a big house”
  • Other fandom jewels
    • #darksiders being harassed out of fandom by Sterek BFNs
    • The Shitty Ass Meta Brigade
      (Minerva, Andartha, Pol, Cole, whoever else is in that clique)
      • “Scott is a white savior” & “Scott is racist against werewolves”
      • “Scott is Anakyn Skywalker” & “Stiles is secretly the main character”
      • “Braeden/derek is abusive” & “Malia/Stiles is abusive”
      • Scott is an abusive friend to Stiles” & “Scott is selfish”
      • “Spark!Stiles” & “Stiles is something” 
        • Well, about everything I listed here and here, and these gems here, lmao.
    • Poseygate
    • The Scerek Anon
    • TPose talking about his struggles with depression
      (and fandom backlash)
    • “Darkside” & Agenda Shipping
    • The Sterek Campaign
    • Fandom harassing the cast
      • Tyler Posey
      • Crystal Reed
      • Arden Cho
      • Meagan Tandy
      • Shelley Hennig
      • Haley Webb
  • Jeff Davis’ bullshit
  • Other writers’ bullshit
  • The social media crew’s bullshit
    • #BlueJeepsMatter & #JusticeForRoscoe
    • How they throw AAVE around
    • How Sterek and Stydia are the only non-canon pairings they ever reblog
    • They don’t talk about Scott (or anyone) half as much as Stiles
    • When the fandom was harassing him over ‘Poseygate’ they didn’t say a word in his defense, didn’t post or reblog anything pro-Posey/Scott, but they DID happen to reblog a huge pro-Sterek post from one of the Sterek BFNs
  • The cast’s bullshit
    • Holland Roden and Ian Bohen’s rape jokes
    • Holland’s transmisogyny, slut-shaming and casual racism
    • Colton Haynes’ racism
    • Eaddie May’s entire existence (but particularly that time she tried to come for @otherbully1)

vocaloid OC, this is so embarrassing but i need to get this out of my brain ;_;

okay, his name is S03A, the code does mean something but im not giving details XD, the S stands for the company name, 03 is his number, and A is the first letter of his first name.

He is made to sing mostly rap and is pretty versatile. he has a large range but mostly sings in a fairly high voice though not shota

His character colour is green and he doesn’t have an item like the others from company “S”

character-wise: he’s light hearted and immature being the baby of the company his older brother and sister ( S02E and S01H) looked after him a lot, he was especially spoilt by his sister who actually chooses most of his clothes for him >u>. he also still needs to be told to eat his greens and brush his teeth, but he’s learning slowly UvU The strange thing about him is that he has an extremely weak immune system so has to take spacial tablets to help him out, it’s also strange because of the fact he’s an Android but they cant find any bugs in him.

“Stiles is always right”

His list of people who could be the Alpha (S01) included:

  • Alan Deaton
  • Derek Hale

His list of people who could be the Kanima (S02) included Lydia Martin.

His list of people who could be the Alpha (S03a) didn’t include Jennifer/Julia, but it did include:

  • Alan Deaton (again)
  • Professor Harris
  • Derek Hale (again)
  • Lydia Martin (assuming she was possessed, but still)


  • Was sure that Allison had 100% gone “evil” and they couldn’t trust her ever again. (S03)
  • Literally spent three seasons wanting to kill Derek or let him die. (S01/03)
  • Didn’t trust Isaac, even after Scott decided he did. (S03)
  • Didn’t trust Cora. (S03)
  • Thought Liam was a werewolf before he was bitten because “he was good at lacrosse”. (S04)
  • Thought they should kill Liam because he was “a time bomb” (S04)
  • Thought Kira was the nogitsune. (S03b)
  • Insisted that Theo had been the one to attack the police van –though it was Tracy. (S05)
  • Never distrusted Parrish –until the night Parrish attacked him. (S04/05)
  • Ended up trusting Theo too! And look where that got him. (S05)

@ me in whatever other instances of “Stiles being right” y'all remember.