• Gaius:"You do realise your wife is a troll, sire."
  • Uther:"I beg your pardon?"
  • Gaius:"At least, that's the way she looks to us. What with the....warts....and the nose.."
  • Sir Leon:"And the smell."
  • Uther:"Smell!? What?"
  • Gaius:"She also has what appears to be.... a set of fangs."
  • Sir Leon:"I wouldn't really say they were fangs - more like tusks."
  • Gaius:"Yes, they are more like tusks. Not that we are saying that that's a necessarily a bad thing. I just thought I ought to point it out to you, in case it had passed you by."
  • Uther:"The next person to insult the Lady Catrina.... will be charged with treason, and beheaded, according to the laws of the land."