The impulse to touch a sleeping child never fades, no matter that the child is a good deal larger than her mother, and a woman—if a young one—in her own right. I smoothed the hair back from her face and stroked the crown of her head. She smiled in her sleep, a brief reflex of contentment, gone as soon as it appeared. My own smile lingered as I watched her, and whispered to her sleep-deaf ears, as I had so many times before, “God, you are so like him.
- Ch.1  Mustering The Roll, Dragonfly in Amber


Amy Raudenfeld: s02e09

“It is like that. I was selfish. I couldn’t face what I did.
It was horrible. It was the worst thing I’ve ever done. The worst thing I could ever do. But you can’t blame Liam and not me. Either you forgive us both, or you hate us both.”


Amy Raudenfeld: s02e10

“My point is, you were always fantasizing about meeting your prince charming. I was happy just to share a cardboard castle with you, and it wasn’t until we kissed in the gym that I realized why. I’ve been in love with you since the day we met, and suddenly we were pretending to be a couple, and there was hand-holding and kissing and threesomes. I started to have hope, hope that you were realizing your prince charming was princess sarcasm..”