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My top 5 Elizabeth&Henry McCord (Madam Secretary S02)
Madam Secretary Fan Video. No copyright infringement intended. This is made purely for entertainment. Music belongs to Ludovico Einaudi . Madam Secretary bel...

Here’s the complete video. Hallelujah.

S02 E23: Unthinkable

This is the compilation of all Olicity fics written in response to S02E23 of Arrow. The list do not include speculation stories of future episodes or plot development, just post-episode reactions and missing scenes. Keep this in mind when you sent a suggestion to add to this list. 


What You Don’t See Coming by bushlaboo [T - part of a collection]

Madman at her back, sword at her throat. Felicity’s POV during 2.23 (Unthinkable).

I’ll Take Care of You by smoakenarrow [T - 1027]

based on a post by tumblr user yespleasehawkeye

Fic Amnesty: 2x23 - Diggle has a conversation with Oliver on that tiny rust bucket of a plane by MachaSWicket [T - part of a collection]

2x23 is well-worn, much-beloved territory, and this isn’t saying much that’s particularly new, but I like some of the interaction, so… ;)

you’re like a house in a storm by hope27 [T - 1489]

Oliver’s thoughts when he hears that Slade has Felicity in 2x23.

find me in the aftermath by @hopedreamlovepray [T - 759]

I just needed a scene after the battle because Felicity was still there and close and well…I just needed it.

find me in the aftermath (part 2) by @hopedreamlovepray [T - 796]

So I ended up writing a second little drabble after the episode and so there is now a part 2 to find me in the aftermath.  I hope you enjoy this little look at Felicity’s thoughts after they talk on the island.

Unthinkable by apinknightmare [G - 779]

He wants so badly to be the man she thinks he is: a hero. He just never realized he’d have to do the unthinkable to become one. **Oliver’s POV after he leaves the mansion**

The Rubble Or Our Sins by anthfan [T - 2103]

On the return trip from Lian Yu, Felicity and Oliver deal with some things that have been left unsaid.

Confess your love by sugangel7 [G - 1353]

Felicity and Oliver have a little discussion before entering the mansion.

When he had me in his arms (My feet never touched the ground) by Mimozka [NR - 1251]

“We need to go back.” she told her. “We need to help him!”

“Felicity we can’t,” Sara explained, approaching Felicity.

“Slade took my comm link, I don’t know what’s happening! I need to know what’s happening! I need to know he’s ok!” Felicity’s voice got wavered with each statement.

A Second Promise by Civilliany [NR - 1089]

A different take on the conversation between Oliver and Slade at the end of 2x23.

Unthinkable by SophieRosina [M - 845]

“We can do this. He will not win.”
He could, though. All he would have to do was threaten her, and Oliver knew it would be checkmate.

unspeakable by minachandler [G - 1042]

Oliver realises the way he can outthink Slade Wilson.

The Wrong Woman by jedichick04 [T - 2258]

She was a part of Oliver’s plan. She was the Trojan horse. And she knew in her heart, no matter the nature of Oliver’s true feelings for her, he would always come for her.

No Going Back by alanna_the_lionheart [T - 2931]

Slade Wilson has always been good at finding ways to rattle Oliver Queen. Even now, despite the fact that he’s been tied and beaten, Slade manages to worm his way into Oliver’s head. Even now, with Slade bound for Purgatory, the decision Oliver made to involve Felicity in his ruse weighs heavily on his mind. As Oliver drives Felicity home, he finds himself having to face the risk he took…and the thought of what could have happened if his plan had failed.

Collateral Damage by newbie93 [G - 528]

Quick drabble regarding THE Olicity scene from Unthinkable.

Make Me Feel Alive (And Shatter Me) by EnlacedMelody [T - 651]

Oliver knew he had just committed an act so selfish it could almost be a sin.

2x23 post by anthfan [T - part of a collection]

I’ve got about eleventy hundred fic ideas for after the finale. This is just one of them.


If you know or wrote a fic related to S02E23 and it’s not here, please send it to us so we can add here.