You know, Mr. Matthews, many fifteenth century explorers believed that geography meant taking their little boat as far as it could go before it fell off the earth. You have pushed yourself to your farthest latitudes, and not only did you not topple over the edge, but I believe together we have charted new territory. That is this week’s geography exam. Yes, that’s an A. Congratulations, Mr. Matthews. We won.
—  George Feeny

Fantasy Football

Increasingly frustrated with work, Egg loses his sex drive. Miles frets about the possibility that he may be HIV positive and along with Warren tracks Delilah down in order for her to take a test. Anna, worried about her lack of assignments, attempts to network at a party to little success. Delilah’s results prove negative, while after some soul searching, Egg quits his job at the firm.

Guest Cast: Charlotte Bicknell (Delilah), Christopher Bramwell (Mr. Webb), Keith-Lee Castle (Truelove), Clare Clifford (Sarah Newley), Michael Elwyn (Montgomery), Maria McErlane (Mrs. Webb)

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The Addams Family Tree (by MGMDigitalMedia)

Season 1, Episode 5

Original air date: 16 Oct 1964