S01E01 - Cryptic Notes Are Cryptic.

“Underwater. The ocean. Someone in my ear. Sandy. Dr. Weiman. ‘Hold on’.”

“Driving with Daddy. open topped car (?). Pine trees on the side. Smell of the sea. He looked young. I touched his arm and he smiled at me.


Stella is a swimmer. She dreams of the sea and of her father. It amuses me that there is a strong sea/water symbolism around this character. Reminds you of anyone we know? Moby Dick on Stella’s bedside table would be ever so cool. :)


Many thanks to gorgonworld and geekmommy7 for helping me deciphering this. <3 gorgonworld pointed out that on the other page Stella also dreamt about drowning:

I’ve paused and read this a few times. You can also see she dreamt of drowning the pg before.

I think it’s, “Someone in my ear. Sandy? Dr. Weiman?” 

And on the second journal entry, something topped car. Maybe open topped? 

The short hand and fragmented writing reminds me of my old dream journals. It’s hard to remember and be coherent at once.