s01e04 love

Today we watched Hustle s01e04 (hhhhh, I love this show SO MUCH!!!!!!!!) and then What Ever Happened To Baby Jane (I don’t remember it being that fucked up???????? Maybe I was a very different person 5-6 years ago) and the first two episodes of Feud. Had a marvellous day :)))

rose-of-pollux replied to your post “Today we watched Hustle s01e04 (hhhhh, I love this show SO…”

Hustle 1x4 is definitely my favorite so far. …Of course I’m still in series 2; I need to get back to watching more, oops…

OH MY YOU HAVE SO MANY EXCELLENT STORIES WITH ALBERT TO WATCH! Because it took them some time to see his full potential :))) Boy, I need to rewatch the whole show again :) With Julie we watch it in order, but not too often :)

Tbh, Victor Maher gives me too much creeps, so, I can’t say that I love rewatching this episode, but it is a good one :))


You know what my heart says now? It says that I should forget about politics and be with you. No matter what. You’re a true Queen. A Queen that any King would kill for.
But your head says differently. I understand. Your instincts were right. They’ll make you a great King someday.