And there are three sisters who must watch the sky, all the day, all the night. 

Martha Kelly as Zorya Utrennyaya, Cloris Leachman as Zorya Vechernyaya, and Erika Kaar as Zorya Polunochnaya, American Gods – The Secret of Spoons and Head Full of Snow (S01 E02 & E03)

S01.E03 - Be Mine

Written by Madellaine Paxson. Cover by Galou.

This episode was the third created, and it was mostly thought as our “Valentine” episode. You know, as part of the combo Christmas-Halloween-Valentine that you get in every show (even though we are missing a “Christmas” episode in LoliRock…).

We learned a few things from “Flower Power” (episode 2), and “Be Mine” was the first to benefit from this experience. From here we introduce the Black Crystal monster, starting with “The Archer”.

The design of this monster would define the main features for all monsters to come :

  • Massive (compared to the princesses, and it was only the beginning !)
  • Mix of black, red, and green crystal, colors of Mephisto & Praxina’s crystals. (Note : the Archer doesn’t have green crystal, but next monsters will)
  • And one signature yellow eye.

The episode itself is mostly “classic” otherwise… except for the little twist at the end : Nathaniel and Iris kiss (although accidentaly) ! We were quite sure very few of the audience would expect it that early in the show, and were hoping to break (a little) the usual codes here.

Our main issue was Mephisto. We weren’t sure how he would be received, since he’s really goofy in this episode… We wanted to avoid a “Team Rocket” feeling, with a bossy Praxina/Jesse and a stupid Mephisto/James, but, well, the producers wanted them this way, so… :)

Hopefully, most of the reactions were really positive and didn’t care about that. And even though most of the audience called Mephisto & Praxina the “Team LoliRocket”, it didn’t prevent everyone to love them anyway. :)

Facts from Episode 3

While The Knick is a work of fiction, it is based on exhaustive historical research. Below, the show’s writers share some of the true facts of the era that are depicted in this episode.

Abigail’s contraption is a real piece of equipment worn by people who had lost their nose to syphilis.

The skin flap restoration procedure was invented during the Renaissance in Italy and used for centuries afterwards.

“The Busy Flea” was a real service provided by prostitutes.

Algernon’s 3 Layer Hernia Repair technique is based on a real medical breakthrough credited to Italian doctor Edoardo Bassini.

Turpentine was really used to treat perforated bowels