I was expected
On a hot day of July
Arrived earlier
In June.
She always tells me
At the first glance,
She saw a girl
With the darkest eyebrows
With skin white as snow
And lips red as a cherry.
Soon learned
I cannot hide
From her,
Who had known that
I have been
Eating sugar
And talking to her
With by mouth covered in,
White powder.

In kindergarten,
A girl
Told me
I was a thief
Who stole her candy.
The truth is
She was just angry
She had lost her own
And wanted mine.

I arrived
In the most unusual place.
Strange looking people
Surrounded me,
Speaking unusual language.
But now I live
In this unusual place
And speak this unusual language.

I saw a ferry sink
In my own country,
With only 100 students rescued
300 still missing.
When I heard the news,
They were
Only age of my own.

— s.y


kiss me up a way go crystal cracking

Never Again

Never again I will be able to see your face.
Never again I will be able to hold you in my arms.
Never again I will be able to tell you how precious you are.

Never again.

Never again you will be able to joke with me.
Never again you will be able to tell me all about school.
Never again you will be able to tell me about your love life.

Never again.

Never again we will be mad at each other.
Never again we will be able to go on dates.
Never again we will able to watch movies together.

Never again.

Oh, how much I miss you being in my arms.

Every evening, it feels like you’re gonna come running home saying
“I’m home!”

But never again I will hear your voice again.

I just miss you so much my sweet darling.
Please come back home, everyone’s waiting.

I’ll do anything to get you back into my life.
But even that chance seems to be taken away from me.

The only thing I can do is wait, wait, and wait…

But never again you will come running to me…

— s.y

plaka on numara özel almak istesem böyle denk gelmez =)) 

34 (istanbul-aşkistan) SY (baş harflerim) sonu önemli değil =D

bu arabayı bana satııııııııııın noluuuuuuuuuuur ^_^

anonymous asked:

I ever told someone about my feeling, she is someone that feel the same with me. But she gave up 4years ago (I lost her) , since then i never tell anyone. Right now everything seems to be worse, it's harder to hold on day by day. I tried to talk to my parents but they said that I just complaining and they forgot it. 7years ago I can easily tell myself that I can do it, 4years ago I tried to believe that i still can do it n nothing gonna be worse, but now i realize that I was wrong - S.Y.

Hello S.Y.,

I’m so sorry for your loss. Losing anyone is a very hard thing to cope with, and losing the person closest to you is even harder. I’m also sorry that your parents aren’t understanding that pain that you’re currently in.

I know that things are very hard for you right now, but I promise you that there are people who want to help you through this, and that getting through this is completely possible. Do you have anyone else that you’re close to that you feel as though you could open up to? If you do, I really encourage you to let them in, and talk about what you’re feeling. It can really help to just let all your feelings out to someone who cares and will listen.

Another thing that I’d really urge you to do is to speak to your doctor about these feelings. I am not sure where you live, but each country has an age at which you can start seeing the doctor without your parents. I recommend taking a look online and seeing if you can find that age requirement in your country. If you are at, or above, that age, I really urge you to see your doctor. You can talk to them about all of these feelings that you’re experiencing, and look at options to help you through them. I think it would be a really good step in getting support through this.

There are also Helplines and Web Counsellors that you can talk to. They can offer advice and support to help you through what you’re feeling. From previous asks, I know that you’re not from a country that speaks English as the first language. If you let us know where you’re from, we can take a look for some more options for helplines and web counsellors if that is something that may help you.

Do reach out for help, you deserve support through this.

Take care,