Ok, before I get into this, I’ll let you roll your eyes at the “A Ritual in Two Parts” title.

Did you get over it yet?

Alright, cool.

So a bad habit of mine (I think it’s a good habit, really) is that I end up writing noisy, dark ambient warbling madness for my project, Occlude, only to discard it a few days later after I listen to it and realize it’s derivative crap. My first release, “The Sun Speaks Ill of You”, is pretty close to being finished. I just need to fucking finish the damn thing.

But either way, I made this for some songs I was working on. You know, and then I killed them, so now they’ll never happen. The sad part is that I really like this artwork. I may end up still using this art for something somewhere down the road someday, just with better type (and a better god damn title, because seriously, what was I thinking).