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I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you call Camilla the Princess of Wales. Because yes that is her title and it should be. I am not hating on Diana or anything, but people should move on! The Princess of Wales is the title reserved ONLY for the wife of The POW, and until now I cannot get over the fact that Diana has it. That is not her title and should be given to Camilla. Gosh.. people please move on.

Yep. Well, I mean, I usually stick to DoC because that’s the title she wants to be used, but I can’t resist to call her by her real title while she’s in Wales ;) Because yes, that freaking IS her title, because- surprise- she’s married to the PoW…

I’m so glad to read that you’re supporting me! It’s always good to know that there are more of us :)


Glamping Wales in Pop-Up Cabins

The Epic Retreats project is a partnership between Best of Wales, Cambria Tours and George + Tomos Architects and is part funded by the Welsh Government’s Tourism Product Innovation Fund. Epic Retreats is a completely unique hotel offer that will celebrate Wales’s Year of Legends 2017 by allowing people to experience the best landscapes and experiences Wales has to offer while staying in one of eight bespoke cabins, designed specifically for the project.

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Dinas Dinlle by Stuart Madden

BTS's Reaction To First Meeting You

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Namjoon (Rap Monster): He would see you from the other side of the music store whilst he was buying new equipment. He would study you for a second, trying to simultaneously work up the courage to talk to you, and figure out what exactly to say. When he saw Wale’s newest album in your hands some of his tension released, he breathed a little easier.

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Jin: You would meet Jin somewhere extremely random, like at a grocery store. You’d be rushing to get everything you needed, and in this rush you end up dropping an armful of food. Jin was see this and rush over, helping you pick everything up and put it in your cart. And, of course, he would make a lame dad joke in an attempt to get your number.

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Yoongi (Suga): He would be having a very busy day, going from place to place at a seemingly impossible pace. Whilst rushing out of the studio he accidentally ran into you, sending you to the ground. Of course you were fine, but Yoongi felt extremely bad for what happened. He would ask you for your number to check up on you later.  

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Hoseok (J-Hope): Your friend worked as a choreographer, and she had enlisted your help with a dance for her next class. Hobi was eager to get in some practice, so he hightailed off to a studio. He mistakenly walked into the room you and your friend were in, and was instantly captivated with you, just by the way you moved. He would strike up a conversation with you after you came out, asking if you’d be interested in practicing with him.

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Jimin: You were out sightseeing with your friends, as atypical of tourists on vacation. You were on the beach, taking loads of pictures. Jimin saw you, laughing and smiling, and something about your aura attracted him to go over and introduce himself, leaving Jin behind. Even though he approached you, he would still act all shy and cute, making you smile even brighter than before.

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Taehyung (V): Taehyung was wrapped up in all the art that stood before him, taking his time to truly admire the delicate beauty of the paintings. Almost nothing could pull him out of this trance. The one thing that could was the woman who stood next to him suddenly. He would ask you your opinions on the piece, and even offer to walk around with you, taking time to admire more beauty beyond the art.

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Jungkook: You were scouring the rows of games, looking for something new to play. You didn’t have anything particular in mind, so you turned to the person next to you and asked if he had any recommendations. Jungkook was a bit flustered at first, as you two had been standing in the same aisle for some time, and he really wanted to start a conversation, but he wasn’t sure what to lead with. When he finally got his mind straight, he helped you pick out a couple new games.

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I highly doubt that even 98% of tweets from that chain is true like if that was the case Wale would have used Change on his album but he didnt it was created and produced by BigHit not to mention the fact that Wale is all ready successful in his own right hell he's been nominated for a Grammy himself ANNNND it was never clear that BTS's official sound cloud ever followed Wale in the first place so all of this stuff is more rumors rather than actual realistic facts

Wale himself was even linked by someone to the thread and he was shocked about it too saying and I quote “That’s really messed up..wow” Plus the person who started the thread originally kept saying “I think this or I think that” which is an obvious point that they may not even know what they’re talking about and that makes their theory more drinkable because they have no solid facts

Also its one thing to talk about the collab but dragging BTS as a whole and Wale’s SHINE album (which he’s been working on for two years which is WAYYY before he even caught wind of BTS) is just further showing how little evidence you have to prove your claims and how you over thought to the point where its easy to tell this was another careless theory thread This isn’t directed toward you at all rather these are my opinions based on what ive seen in the thread and the responses it has gotten

Hopefully I didn’t annoy you lol Sorry I just wanted to clear it up a bit and give my opinion on it because most people on that thread was so quick to jump the gun without going back to fully grasp what the thread was really about and play along with someone else’s views blindedly rather than voicing their own

you didn’t annoy me at all and of course all your points are right but tbh I wouldn’t be surprised if this comes out as the truth you know? it’s nothing to do with wale himself, its just this is the oldest trick in the book for celebrities to use whatever’s new and happening to gain attention to themselves. even youtube stars do it lol. 

anonymous said: Wale doesn’t need to use BTS to get his name circulating or to promote his album.. you do realize that hes a worldwide artist already, and either way it really doesn’t matter the motive behind it because it still helped rapmon or bts to be more known among americans that had no idea about them

i realize he’s a worldwide artist but again, it doesnt hurt to gain attention from the new generation who are fans of bts, guaranteed it benefited bts and namjoon too. 

anonymous said: Everyone that interacts with bts is not out to use them or even needs to… armys are really only going to hurt them with this mindset. No one is going to want to collab with them because as soon as they do someone makes up theories about how they’re just trying to use them to be relevant and attacks them (again this is wale we’re talking about he doesn’t need to use anyone to be relevant)

you’ve convinced me, the last thing i want is to hurt bts by making them think that all American celebrities are using them, let’s end this right here. 


Ceredigion, Wales, UK