“We present a compilation of historical documents, interviews, and critical analyses of STAR, a group of street queens in early 70s New York City who self-organized for survival and revolt. Contained within are pamphlets distributed by STAR, as well as interviews with and speeches by Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson. ”


From Reina Gosset.com:
I just noticed Untorelli Press’ sylvia/star book and am glad that its compiled it and being distributed.  but it also raised concerns that i’ve been thinking about for a while now. i’m glad everyone is sharing this material, it certainly does not belong to me and it needs to be shared as part of sylvia and star’s legacy.
But i’m saddened when an anti-authoritarian press with a wider distribution reach (because of how oppression works) takes material that i worked hard for years to make accessible to the world and doesn’t credit the labor that went into gathering it.
I unearthed this material thru hustling my way into spaces that are historically unaccessible to black trans women.  Most recently when  I went to the New York Public Library to try and find STAR’s statement I was accosted coming out the bathroom and scrutinized by security. This isn’t something new, just part of living for me.  But that’s also part of the story of how the statement landed on the internet.  
So when black trans women like myself do a lot of the unearthing work but then a press never cites that labor but just shares a “new book”I say time out. Especially when the people behind the book are trying to highlight the work of star and trans people of color as revolutionary precursors to themselves.  
I have to say something because this is racism, ableism, white supremacy and transphobia at work and enacted, within our movement space.  
This was labor and like the stories of marsha and sylvia, the labor i put into this isn’t even considered labor but something new exiting and revolutionary.  Why not just use your distro reach to link back to the people already doing that work?
Again, i’m more than thrilled that the voices of trans revolutionaries are amplified and elevated but in that process do not erase the work of trans people of color that helped make your knowledge of star, sylvia and marsha possible, specifically black and latina trans women who did this as ways to connect with their own legacies of relationship and resistance.
still here,
—i originally uploaded that sylvia 1973 video after going thru the archives to find it: https://vimeo.com/45479858
re-wrote and pasted the star statement (previously not on the internet) after going to the notoriously transphobic new york public library and dealing with their security guards:http://thespiritwas.tumblr.com/post/43780113854/nyu-occupation-street-transvestites-for-gay-power
edited and posted the sylvia radio show interview with officer pine during my ten year memorial post last year.http://thespiritwas.tumblr.com/post/19399849610/ten-posts-for-sylvia-riveras-ten-year-memorial

i knew something felt off about a text that has no citations but somehow wields “historical”documents :( 
this perpetuates the erasure of transwomen of color!!

thank you Autisticcoded for calling this out.

Power Rangers S.T.A.R

A space station is built in orbit opposite of Earth (on the other side of the sun) that puts Terra Venture to shame. The S.T.A.R (Space Technology And Research) Station is a marvel of science. The station is protected by a team of six rangers who form the  Power Rangers S.T.A.R and defend the station from all external threats.

Red- Rob- Rob was chosen due to his skills as a leader. He pilots the Star Ship 1.

Blue- Alex- Alex was chosen due to her intellect and quick thinking. She pilots the Star Ship 2.

Yellow- Emil- Emil was chosen due to his excellent marksmanship. He pilots the Star Ship 3.

Pink- Bella- Bella was chosen due to her skills as a scout. She pilots the Star Ship 4.

Black- Alvin- Alvin was chosen due to his physical strength. He pilots the Star Ship 5.

White- Gerald- Gerald was chosen due to his courage in battle. He pilots the Star Ship 6 and can form the Stellar Megazord.

The first five Star Ships form the Star Megazord:
B/B- Arms
Y/P- Legs

For half a year all is going well. Then the day comes. The station is attacked both from within and from beyond. To the shock and horror of everyone Gerald proclaims his loyalty to the United Alliance of Evil (which still survives no matter how often it is destroyed) In return for great power he was in league with the enemy the whole time. He helps the attacking legions damage the station before the five rangers manage to drive off the invaders and their former friend.

The damage is severe and endangers the whole station. Communications to Earth have been cut. The task of repairing the damage is constantly interrupted by attacking monsters. The five rangers fight on with honor and strength but they eventually reach the breaking point.

A young woman approaches them one day. She says that she is Gerald’s sister. The five obviously distrust her but she manages to convince them of her honesty. She becomes the Green ranger.

Green- Mina- Mina is Gerald’s sister and wants to atone for her brothers betrayal. She still hopes that she can reason with him but after a long battle she realizes that he is beyond her help. She pilots an UFO zord that forms the Planetary Megazord.

The two megazords can unite to form the Shooting Star Megazord. (The green ufo becomes armor and weapons for the other MZ)

Even with a new sixth ranger it still takes a long time to repair all the damage. In a final battle with the UAoE the six rangers manage to finally defeat them. However as victory is within reach a blast is fired at Mina. To the shock of everyone Gerald takes the hit saving his sister. This act of sibling love didn’t make up for all of his crimes but he still managed to preform one final act of heroism.

With all the enemies defeated and contact with Earth restored the S.T.A.R Station is back at 100%!

Morphers- Star Morphers (Wrist worn devices)
Morphing Call- STAR Power!
Morphing- Ranger colored stars fly around the rangers forming the suits.

Power Rangers AU

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