Mightyト Tokiya
Aura瑛二 Eiji
Justice翔 Syo
Impulse大 Yamato
Lasting真 Masato
Oneness綺 Kira
Visibleセ Cecil
Elfsシ Shion
Lovelyレ Ren
Eyesヴ Van
Grown那 Natsuki
Empathyナ Nagi
Next音 Otoya
Door瑛一 Eiichi
Spirit嶺 Reiji
Trust蘭 Ranmaru
Active藍 Ai
Risingカ Camus

Initial of each song name spelling out “Maji Love Legend Star” and connecting to their characters 

The Thing You’ve Said That’s Hurt Them The Most - S.T.A.R. Labs Imagines

Barry Allen

“I guess you didn’t care enough,” you snap. Barry was late. Again. And this time it had been important.
“Wait, no,” Barry said, shaking his head slightly. “I did care- I do care!”
“I know you do. I know you had a reason, Barry. I know you’re important. I just wanted to be important to you too.”

Caitlin Snow

“You’re all alone? What’d you do, scare everyone off?”

They had been your first words to Caitlin, and as her past unfolded in the months to come, you learned just how deeply they must have cut.

Cisco Ramone

“You can’t be serious for one freaking second, can you?” You smacked the table for emphasis, some device he’d been tinkering with clattering at the movement.

He looked at you like a kicked puppy. You knew what you said wasn’t true. You knew Cisco could be very serious. You regretted the words almost immediately.

Eddie Thawne

“No. It’s just… it’s not worth it.” You left.

The fight hadn’t lasted long–Eddie was worth it to you in the end. But he’d struggled with self-worth for so long that those words affected him badly.

Eobard Thawne

“You only care about yourself,” you snarled, staring at him coldly. Once those words were true. Eobard lived by them, lived for them.

But he’d changed that, just for you. Or so he’d thought. So you’d thought.

Harrison Wells

“You really can’t feel past these equations, can you?”

You and Wells don'y fight much. You’re pretty darn amiable. But even you need a little more affection than a week’s worth of half-grunted thank-you’s when you pass him some food. Wells was devastated–he loved you more than any of his equations could prove.

Henry Allen

“You’re doing about as much good out of Iron Heights as you did in it!” you said. “Get in the car, Henry.”

“But Barry doesn’t wa-”

“What Barry needs is a father. Go to his little get-together. Be with your son.”

Henry was so worried he’d screw up Barry’s life even more that you practically had to drag him into it. It took harsh words some days, but Henry forgave easily. And he needed it. Both of the Allen’s did.

Hunter Zolomon

“You’re a monster.” Tears welled up in your eyes, betraying the steely calm you usually wore around Zoom’s heinous crimes.

Hunter flinched. You knew what he was thinking, what he was remembering. You could only hope he would also remember how to be human.

Iris West

“Do you even think about someone other than yourself?” you asked coldly. Iris blinked, taken aback.

“Excuse me?”

“You’re excused. Come see me when you can even see past your own life, Iris.” You knew the words were mean, but being put second hurt too much.

Joe West

“Out of coffee.”

Really, when does Joe do anything wrong to make him feel bad about? When is he not too much of a teddy bear to hurt even if he did? The precious man must be protected at all costs.

Wally West

“You know what? You’re just like your mom, Wally. Running from your problems and making other people pay the prices.”

Those words weren’t easily forgiven. Wally’s mother had done difficult things to live with, but how dare you use her as an insult? You berate yourself long since for what you said to him in one moment of anger.

These can’t all be happy and fluffy, I’m afraid. And while I’m on an author’s note, I’d just like to say that I’m working on a Jesse Wells catchup, and possibly a Leonard Snart catchup. If you’re enjoying these, please feel free to drop a request or just leave a comment!

A Typical Day With Them - S.T.A.R. Labs Imagines

Barry Allen
You’re in a groggy morning mood while Barry is crackling with energy. Literally. He showers you in morning sunshine, breakfast and coffee, which gives you the get-up-n-go to get up and go.
He likes to check in on you at random points in the day. You’ll be working, and suddenly he’s there acting casual. Or being on fire, if he forwent the suit. He’ll bring you some lunch, and even take you home. You certainly don’t miss the public transportation.
That evening, you’ll hang out alone, with the West’s, or with Barry’s friends at S.T.A.R. Labs. You never have to be alone with Barry by your side.

Caitlin Snow
Every day follows the exact same routine. Until you intervene, of course.
Caitlin picks you up at seven every morning and drives you to work. You eat the lunch she made, then go home with her while discussing your day.
But some mornings you throw off all her plans by announcing that you’ve scheduled a surprise trip, or you’ll go to S.T.A.R. Labs to take her out for the day. It might upset her at first, but Caitlin always has fun with you in the end.

Cisco Ramone
Breakfast is usually chock-full of sugar, followed by Cisco’s own energy drink for the Hard Working Millenial. You work your butts off, then spend the evening (and probably most of the night) watching movies or playing games.

Eddie Thawne
Eddie loves a traditional life. Breakfast, work, lunch, taking out the metahumans that are wreaking havoc on Central City, paper work, coming home to supper. A nice, quiet existence with his favorite person in the world.

Eobard Thawne
A typical day with Eobard is filled with plenty of cryptic statements and patiently carrying out plans. Not exactly normal, but close enough for you two.

Harrison Wells
The routine hardly alters. You both work at S.T.A.R. Labs, keeping Barry on his feet and threats in CC minimal.
Harrison lives in S.T.A.R. Labs, so he’s always waiting when you how up with the first round of coffee. The two of you spend the morning keeping an eye on Barry, usually working in the Cortex. You keep fueled with Big Belly Burger until you work your way down the labs to build devices and puzzle over theories together. When the coffee runs out and neither of you are thinking straight, Wells calls it a night.

Henry Allen
A day with Henry is never the same as the last. The man is full of life, and ready for another adventure every day after being trapped in Iron Heights for so long.
One day he might be cooking, the next he’ll take a pottery class, and then he might be serenading you with a guitar.

Hunter Zolomon
A typical day with Hunter is spent mostly without him as he carries out multiple lives. He’s always certain to keep you cared for, however. He shows up like a clockwork to bring food, a random gift, or simply to be there. And you make sure every moment counts.

Iris West
A day isn’t typical if Iris isn’t getting into some sort of trouble. Whether she’s following a dangerous lead or ticking off important people, you can guarantee to have some issue to discuss by nightfall.
Iris is pretty independent. She loves spending time with you, but the day is her own and does she ever own it.

Joe West
Joe’s days are pretty set in routine, but built to be flexible enough for whatever craziness CC has in store.
He starts with the morning coffee–a staple for anyone associated with S.T.A.R. Labs, really–and goes to work. A few cases and Metas later, he’s back home with you. He hasn’t died yet, so it seems to work well.

Wally West
I’m going to refrain from doing this one till I’ve seen Season 3, since he takes on quite a few life changes. So has everyone, really, but that’s when Wally gets the most character development. Sorry, Flashlings!

Perfect Moment (Barry Allen x reader)

HeroesOfOlympus: Heyyy y'all! I’m back with another Barry Allen fanfic. This is from the prompt list I reblogged. Shoutout to creativeheartgemini for requesting this! I absolutely loved writing it and I’m sorry it’s so short.

Description: You come home after a long trip, only to find Barry crying in your shared apartment. So you do the most logical thing, comfort him.

Reader’s Gender: Female

Reader’s Power: Levitation 

Characters/Ships: Barry Allenxreader, mention of Iris, mention of Zoom, mention of Henry Allen

Rating: PG

Warnings: Kissing, mentioned death, fluffity fluff

Written For: @creativeheartgemini


#1 “You’re the only thing left that is important to me now.”

#10 “There was this perfect moment. This perfect moment where everything that I wanted was clearly in front of me… And I understood.”

Opening the door of yours and Barry’s apartment, you stepped inside, closing the door behind you. You raised your eyebrows, surprised that your best friend hadn’t turned on the air conditioner, considering the blazing hot weather outside.

“Bar! I’m home!” You exclaimed, levitating your luggage bag to the corner of the living room, settling it down gently. You had just come back from your trip to Starling City where you had helped Oliver with capturing a metahuman since Barry had his own metahuman case in Central City.

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Leonard Snart Catchup - S.T.A.R. Labs Imagines

How They Fell In Love With You

You kept mysteriously showing up around each of his heists. He didn’t know that you worked for S.T.A.R. Labs at the time; it was your job to make sure he didn’t go back on his agreement with Barry and kill anyone.

But with you showing up all the time, you were bound to start talking. At first, it was sarcastic banter. Then it bled over to serious things, real life, daily “how you doing"s. And before you knew it, you were in love with Barry’s arch enemy.

The Proposal

Leonard threw it out so casually that you almost missed it. He was in the middle of a heist, and you were half-helping half-keeping an eye on his morality.

"So what’s after this?” you asked as he froze the back of a truck to the breaking point. You were about to suggest pizza when he spoke up.

“We’ll stop by the judge for the certificate,” he said.

“…the what?”

“Oh, should I have gotten down on one knee?” he drawled, hopping into the back of the truck. There was the sound of shattering glass, followed by him jumping out with an extremely old and extremely valuable ring in hand. You just grinned.

A Stakeout

Stakeouts with Leonard were all business. Except filled with a lot more sarcasm, witty-one liners, and the usual banter the two of you put off.

A Typical Phone Call

“Lenny,” you say. “I’m dyin’ here.”

“What’s the matter now, sweetheart?” Leonard drawls.

“You haven’t pulled a heist in weeks. I’m no criminal, mind, but things have never been more boring at S.T.A.R. Labs.”

“There’s no one here to rob,” Leonard reminds you. “Not until next month.”

You drop your forehead on the desk in front of you. “I can’t take it. These doldrums are gonna have me six feet under, Lenny.”

“Well if it’s any consolation,” he says. “I could take you out on a date, if not a robbery.”

“Thank goodness.”

“I’ll pick you up at six,” he says. You can hear the smile in his voice.

Their Favorite Part of Christmas

Doi. The snow. But not just any snow. Leonard has a suppressed love of paper snowflakes. By the time the 25th of December has actually arrived, your house is drowning in them, because no self-respecting criminal can have paper snowflakes around his house. He goes through at least three pairs of scissors and more paper packages than you care to add up.

Finding Out You’re a Metahuman

Leonard’s first question is “What can you do?” closely followed by “How can I use it?” You know the man means well.

A Typical Day With Them

There are two sorts of days. One is where you stay at S.T.A.R. Labs wishing you were with Leonard as you do Good People Stuff, and the other is where you’re with Leonard doing Slightly Less Good People Stuff. But you don’t mind walking the thin line of morality; you have too much fun to overthink it.

They Fall In Love With You A Little Bit More Each Time You…

Randomly show up. Leonard has come to think that you might have a tracker on him. You might show up mid-robbery, you might show up at his house in the middle of the night… it would almost be creepy, really. He just gives a grin, shakes his head slightly, then gives you a kiss if he’s not too busy.

The Thing You’ve Said That Hurt Them Most

“She would be better off without you, Lenny. We all would.”

You knew how badly those words would hurt. Leonard had taken care of Lisa for years, ever since their father had been too much. Leonard had tried his best, and you still didn’t think it was enough.


Barry always knew where to find you, you didn’t know how he knew, maybe the two of you had just known each other for so long, whatever the case was you didn’t care. Sometimes it came in handy. Like right now you were in S.T.A.R. Labs, you weren’t supposed to be, but you’d stayed there late to work on some stuff and you’d crashed out on your desk atop your lab notes. 

“(y/n), (y/n), wake up.” Barry gently shook you awake. You opened your eyes to see your best friend with bags under his eyes and a S.T.A.R. Labs t-shirt, presumably the one he used to sleep. “What are you doing here?” You asked as you rubbed the sleep from your eyes. 

“I can’t sleep. I keep having the same nightmare.” Barry said bringing you out of your sleepy state instantly. “Alright, come on, talk to me, maybe it’ll help you a bit.” You said as you grabbed his arm and led him over to the couches. 

You grabbed two cups of coffee on your way there and figured if he couldn’t sleep then you’d stay awake with him. 

Requested by Anon

They Fall A Little Bit More In Love With You Each Time That You... - S.T.A.R. Labs Imagines

Barry Allen

Laugh. Barry loves watching you throw back your head, crinkle up your nose, or cover your face each time good feelings get the better of you.

Caitlin Snow

Make plans. Getting dragged into your hijinks seems to be her second job, and she loves watching you get childishly excited about your plans with her.

Cisco Ramon

Yell at inanimate objects. Whether it’s a thing that refuses to stay upright or characters in a video game, he gets cracked up over your determination to talk the world into cooperating.

Eddie Thawne

Look into his eyes. Which is often. Because… have you seen his eyes?

Eobard Thawne

Try to act stern. Eobard is as patronizing as they come, and he loves to patronize your attempts to boss him about. They always fail, and he seems to love you more each time.

Harrison Wells

Simply exist. Harrison is always falling more and more in love with you with each passing day. You don’t have to do anything special to make it happen.

Henry Allen

Embrace him. After years of being alone at Iron Heights, there’s few things Henry loves more than some loving physical touch.

Hunter Zolomon

Sees you. Laying eyes on you is all it takes for Hunter to fall in love just a little bit more.

Iris West

Treat her. A small gift, taking her out to dinner, even sending a text. They all make Iris both feel loved and feel love for you even more.

Joe West

Are there for him. Some days it’s because you come bearing java, some days it’s having the squad car already running heat, some days it’s just being there to crash on the couch with.

Wally West

Flirt with him. Wally loves it when you keep him on his toes, and you love doing it.