s.t valentin

i want to say, this is not rational.
i want to say, i know my emotions.
i know my desires, and you don’t

i’ve been told that love defies logic,
but i can’t take these variables, honey.
my need for you is a razor in my gut
that i can’t tear out, and

i dream of holding you,
of touching you, and i know i can’t
have that. you don’t work inside the lines
of what i want.

i’ll break every bone in my body
to make you smile, darling, and i’ll
scream until my throat is raw
and bleeding, i’ll scream that
i love you, that i hate you, that
i can’t make sense of the way i feel for you -

you’re something i never thought
to account for. you terrify me.
—  i don’t want you. // s.t

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