s.s. tokka



My Avatar-Verse Armada

Here is a list of all my ships in both ATLA and LOK:


  • Tokka
  • Kataang
  • Maiko
  • Yukka
  • Smellershot (Smellerbee and Longshot)
  • Haru/ Ty Lee
  • Pakku/Kanna


  • Makorra
  • Bosami
  • Pemzin
  • Chief Beifong/Captain Saikhan

Now, Let’s see how many of my ships are still in top undamaged condition.

  • Tokka- Had sustained heavy damage as of the finale of ATLA season 3. Sunk, as of episode six. DAMMIT BRYKE! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO SHOOT HOLES AND DROP BOMBS IN THE CROWN JEWEL OF MY ARMADA??? WHY????
  • Kataang= Sailed smoothly, has reached Its final destination without a hitch. Not a single scratch can be found. Further confirmed with the fact that Aang and Katara’s son, Tenzin, is teaching Korra airbending, along with the fact that he and Pema (See below), have a fourth child on the way.
  • Pemzin= Currently safe, as of now. However, with the information that the “Other” Woman was Lin BeiFong, it sustained the final blow to the SS Tokka.
  • Yukka- Has Technically sunk, as of the end of season one, However, its run, although brief, was glorious while it lasted. However, unlike being shot down by figurative bombs and bullets like the previous, this one simply ran its course and ran out of fuel, thus sinking in the middle of the ocean.
  • Smellershot= A small and relatively unnoticeable ship, it has slipped under the radar countless times, and until further notice is given, it has safely reached its final destination without sustaining any blows.
  • Makorra= Has sustained heavy damage as of late. No word yet on whether or not it will sink.
  • Bosami= Hasn’t even taken its maiden voyage. Still resides on the docks of Fanon, however, has potential to be launched soon.
  • Haru/Ty Lee- A small and relatively more fandom pairing boat, it can be seen making rounds around the harbor in which the Fanon Docks reside.
  • Maiko- Confirmed as of the end of the Third season of ATLA. It can be safe to assume that Mai is the reported mother of Zuko’s daughter. Thus, Maiko has probably likely reached its targed destination safely. It may have reached its target destination with some scratches though, considering how the leaks from the “Promise” part 2 showed that whole thing with Suki.
  • Pakku/Kanna- A relatively small ship, it quietly reached its target destination unscathed.
  • Chief Beifong/ Captain Saikhan- a relatively small ship as of yet. However, it has massive potential for bombardment and sinking in the future.