s.s. dolphin

Things That Actually Happen in Pikmin
  • Olimar gets scammed on several, unrelated occasions
  • Western astrology appears to still be in use despite humans having been extinct for millions of years
  • Charlie gets vored by a bat monster and survives in its stomach for an unrealistic amount of time
  • It’s implied Olimar was vored by the same bat monster
  • Olimar finds a baby bottle top and is disgusted
  • Charlie, a member of a species that is threatened by mass starvation simply because they are gluttons who can’t plan, complains about the enemies in the game for being gluttonous
  • Luigi steals your food (ok it’s not actually Luigi but a character heavily based on him)
  • Olimar makes a call out post for Luigi
  • Two decorative lamps with no practical use given to Olimar by his children are needed for the S.S. Dolphin to successfully take off
  • Olimar finds a rubber duck to be hideous but thinks the head of a rubber duck is a work of art
Day 3

I didn’t spend as much time as I could have on the project today, but I’m happy with what I have. Olimar looks great, I’ve figured out the fire animation for the S.S. Dolphin, I have all S.S. Dolphins drawn (front/side, destroyed), and I drew both the meteor and the planet Hocotate. I’m starting to gather small things that I plan to fix later. I have catch-up days planned, but I don’t want to push too much work into them. I should keep a list of the small things too so I don’t forget about them.

Time Spent: 2.5 hours

kit-crossing’s 200 follower ACNL giveaway!
(also known as the ‘i wasn’t expecting to get this many followers so have a bunch of free stuff’ giveaway)

there will be 2 winners for this giveaway, each getting a bunch of cool stuff!

1st place gets:
- 1 million bells
- mushroom, spooky and harvest furniture sets

2nd place gets:
- 500,000 bells
- spooky and harvest furniture sets

on top of this, both winners will get:
- full set of 12 Chinese zodiac animals
- DLCs (cat tower and cherry-blossom clock)
- other items (triforce, S.S Dolphin, virtual boy, chocolate cake and a blue glow wand)

- likes and reblogs count
- you do not have to follow me! (but you can if you want, this is an animal crossing only blog with villagers often up for adoption)
- you need to have an open ask box so i can contact you!
- must be happy to exchange friend codes and let me visit your town to drop off your prizes!

giveaway ends on october 1st! good luck everybody :)

Giveaway! FREE STUFF

Hello fellow ACNL folks.

My storage is completely full and I need to get rid of some of the things.

I’ll be giving away all of it, so if you’re interested: reblog and like to double your chances!

first winner can choose five things they like, then the second one and so on until all of the things are gone.

Here is a list of all of the items:

  • Fountain Firework (x2)
  • Bulb Bopper
  • Heart Bopper
  • Star Bopper
  • Roman Candle (x2)
  • Sparkler (x2)
  • Miniature Car
  • Lovely Phone (x2)
  • Ten Billion Barrel (x2)
  • Ultra Hand (x2)
  • Ultra Scope (x2)
  • Ultra Machine (x2)
  • Love Tester (x2)
  • Boxed Figurine (x2)
  • Princess Sofa
  • Princess Cage
  • Gorgeous Closet
  • White Azalea Shoot
  • Candy
  • Chocolate Coin
  • Raglan Tee
  • Fertilizer (x26)
  • Fortune #26
  • Hero’s Pants
  • Hero’s Boots
  • S.S. Dolphin
  • Mushroom Mural
  • Bill Blaster
  • Kart (x2)
  • Festivale Accessory
  • Festivale Tank Dress
  • Fortune #31
  • Festivale Pants
  • Festivale Tank
  • Fortune #19

Have Fun everyone! I’ll DM the lucky winners

(I’m gonna edit this post or post something new near the end of the giveaway so you’ll know) bye