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Has this been done before? No? OKAY :D For the Borrians!

Woot woot Borra <3 Also, leave a comment on my original video, on youtube ^^

Today’s Special on the S.S. Borra: Narook’s famous Water Tribe Noodles! A favourite of Bolin, Korra, and our patrons on the S.S. Borra, these seaweed noodles are always a treat. Made with stewed sea prunes, and topped with fish cakes and blubbered seal jerky, Narook’s seaweed noodles are served piping hot. Whether you come alone, or with a special someone, the price will not matter. Dinner for two, and you get the second bowl free!

I have decided that these noodles hate me. This is the second time I had to make them and not only did the bowls give me tons of trouble, but now it is cloudy outside so the picture probably came out terrible. I sorry! ;__;

Unfortunately in episode 5, all we see of the noodles Bolin and Korra are eating is the bowl they’re in and that the noodles are green (presumably seaweed as all water tribe noodles are). But that would be pretty boring by itself, so I took come creative liberties. Since I thought that the noodles might be like the ramen of the Avatar world, I decided to add ingredients that the water tribe has actually used in the series. So, hence the stewed sea prunes, seal jerky, and the (ramen style) fish cakes.

Anyways, made with Sculpey clay, and some TLS. All my clay is white, so the bowl was painted with acrylics, but all of the rest was colored with pastels. I used my clay glaze (a lot of it) mixed with printer ink for the “soup” effect.

I hope you guys like it even if the quality is crappy….

Anyone who likes Borra

I need inspiration for something S.S. Borra related that I can make. I made a Medal of Honor, crew uniform, Bolin’s rose and cupcake, and (not yet uploaded) a bowl of Narook’s finest noodles. NOW WHAT?

If ANYONE has any ideas for Borra related things to make, please feel free to fill up my ask box. It can be as crazy as you want! I will not overlook anything! Though I can’t guarantee I’ll do it, I could really use the inspiration.

So please, ask away! Any ideas?

Also if you are new, just figured i would mention: I CAN’T DRAW. So no drawing suggestions.. sorry. :S

EDIT: Sorry I should have mentioned, I’m sticking to tangible art, so no videos or things regarding music. XD Yeah, I’m not that talented…

Drinks in the Feels Lounge (haaaalp)

I want to whip out Illustrator and InDesign and (following the branding of Borra) make a pdf menu of drinks (alcoholic and non alcoholic) that would be available aboard the S.S. Borra. Sadly, the most creative I am in the drinks department is adding blue food colouring to orange juice and vodka to make a cheap ‘Sonic Screwdriver’.

So, I’m seeking the assistance of people much more creative/knowledgeable than I am.

What I’m looking for are drinks inspired by/that could be related to Borra/Korra/Bolin or their elements in anyway (of course you can include any of he elements for Korra, so this is pretty freakin’ open). They can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic, should come with a list of ingredients (and measurements if possible) and any other important/hilarious details. So if you have any great ideas, shoot them into my inbox. And yes, if the drink is pre-existing and you think it would be appropriate that is totally acceptable.

I’m not planning on make it a super long drink menu, just short and impactful.

El. Oh. El. I find it amusing that this fandom is prompting me to practise my design skills. I may even attempt to use nested styles on this thing (Yes Tara, nested styles. The bane of my existence).

Whoop whoop, party up in here y'all.