s.s borra


Has this been done before? No? OKAY :D For the Borrians!

Woot woot Borra <3 Also, leave a comment on my original video, on youtube ^^


So, I have a little gift for anyone with Illustrator (preferably CS5, it’s the version I use).

I’ve compiled the S.S. Borra ship logo and it’s variations into one file (about 1.3 MB).

It looks like this when you open it:

The file comes with flat colours, black and white versions and a shaded version as well as the no-text chevrons with the stars and chevrons separate. Each logo is grouped for ease of use.

If you have illustrator and would like the file hit me up at trio_priestess@hotmail.com

I’m probably going to make pngs of everything for those who don’t have illustrator as well, but those will come later.