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How about the girls with an s/o who is cuddly, says i love you, ect in their sleep?

Need me a freak like that lol. Thank you for this cute request!! Enjoy!


  • When it happened for the first time, S/O feel asleep in Ann’s lap on the couch.
  • However, she thought that S/O was awake when they nuzzled her stomach and murmured, “I love you.”
  • “I love you too, S/O,” she replied, combing her fingers through their hair.
  • Then S/O’s snore shook the entire room and caused Ann to jump out of her skin.
  • She stifled her laughter, and once she calmed down she warily bent down to kiss S/O’s head.
  • Ann thinks their little ‘habit’ is adorable, and she’ll casually bring it up in conversations.
  • “So, you seemed to have sweet dreams during your nap,” she said playfully.
  • “Only when you’re in them,” S/O replied, pressing a kiss to her cheek.
  • She giggled. “You’re a lot smoother when you’re asleep.”
  • Nonetheless, Ann was glad that she could continue to keep S/O company in their dreams.


  • Makoto knew that S/O was asleep since her night light dimly illuminated the room, allowing her to observe their face.
  • What she didn’t expect was S/O to suddenly roll onto her and nuzzle her, whispering a soft, “I love you.”
  • Makoto’s face lit aflame; however, she remained unbothered by it.
  • S/O’s sleep-snuggling was actually rather endearing to her, and she’d always reciprocate and place a soft kiss on them.
  • She never addressed the subject; she wanted it to be her own little secret, and she worried that S/O would stop if she brought it up.
  • Sometimes she’ll wait for them to fall asleep first to see if they’ll do it.
  • Most of the time, they do. 
  • Makoto smiles and blushes every time.
  • “I love you too, S/O, whether you’re awake or asleep,” she sighs, and gently dozes off in the security of S/O’s arms.


  • “I love you.”
  • Futaba furrowed her brows and swiveled her chair around to face S/O, who was now asleep on her bed.
  • “Huh…” She approached the bed to get a closer look, and she yelped when S/O spontaneously snagged her waist and dragged her onto the bed with them.
  • Futaba was attempting to escape from their clutches until they mumbled, “Mine…”
  • She felt a blush creep on her cheeks and opted to join S/O for nap-time.
  • After the fact, she’s really smug about it and she’ll occasionally tease S/O.
  • “Did you know that you talk in your sleep?”
  • “Really? What do I say?” S/O implored.
  • “Nothing much. It’s mostly about how great I am or how much you love me.”
  • They snicker in response. “Well, both of those are true. You really are the ‘girl of my dreams’.”
  • Futaba’s cheeks flushed and she glanced down at her feet.
  • Now, every time S/O does it her heartbeat accelerates, and she’ll close her eyes and listen to their hushed murmurs as she embraces them, peacefully succumbing to slumber.


  • S/O fell asleep on the couch while resting their head on Haru’s shoulder.
  • She was just about to reach for her tea when S/O roped their arms around her waist and nudge her neck.
  • “Stay here forever,” they mumbled.
  • “S/O?” When they didn’t answer, Haru realized that they were asleep, which provoked a giggle to slip past her lips.
  • “S/O, you’re so silly.” She brought her hand to their head to stroke their hair, and she pivoted her head to kiss them. “You already have my heart, even in the dream world,” she breathed.
  • Needless to say, Haru absolutely adores S/O’s quirk, and she refuses to bring it up because she wants them all to herself.
  • Now, whenever they say “I love you” in their sleep she’ll cuddle them and whisper sweet nothings in their ear because it makes them smile.

One of the most famous dresses worn by Diana, Princess of Wales, almost didn’t get its public outing - because she thought that it was too risqué. The design in question - dubbed the “revenge dress” - was worn by Diana to the Serpentine Gallery summer party in June 1994, on the same night that a controversial television programme aired detailing Prince Charles’ adulterous relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles, now the Duchess of Cornwall.

The figure-hugging black silk dress, by Greek designer Christina Stambolian, featured a low-cut, off-the-shoulder neckline - which she wore with a pearl choker, black heels and scarlet nails. According to a documentary about the late princess due to air next week, the decision to wear the dress was a last-minute one.

“She thought it was too daring,” said Stambolian, revealing that she’d actually designed the piece some three-years earlier for Diana - but that she’d been too nervous to wear it. The Princess had originally been set to wear Valentino that evening, reports The Telegraph, but was put off when the fashion house sent out an early press release saying so - and decided on the Stambolian dress instead. "She wanted to look a million dollars,“ said her former stylist Anna Harvey. ”And she did.“

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Ah Jiminnie! You precious thing, I hope that everything works out and all good things come your way. Good things like whoever you like will like you back!! /hugs/ -🍓anon

Jimin: Yeah… easier said than done.. but thank you……

((warning: angst and maybe eye sore idk also the words behind jimin will be like below the more angsty pic i guess))

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Lol man that Katsuki scenario was the best💯👍 can you do a continuation of that? Like the class is still in awe and follows Explodokills around with his s/o??

Ehehe I’m glad you liked my writing^^

And of course!!XD I always have time for Explodokacchan!!XD

WARNING: angry Kacchan cursing



The running female exclaimed excitedly as she spotted her boyfriend awaiting her appearance, his back slouched against the surface of the wall behind him. Catching sight of his lover he removed his leaning figure from the support, straightening his posture as she ran up to his side.

“Tch, you’re late.”

He scowled, though he wasn’t genuinely cross, on the contrary inwardly delighted that he would be spending some much needed quality time with his partner for the entire day.

“Sorry Katsuki.”

Grinning sheepishly she apologised, entangling her fingers in his affectionately, a gesture that he did not reject.

“Come on, let’s go.”

Clicking his tongue again he scratched his head, looking away from her in an attempt to hide the faint blush coating his cheeks. It wasn’t like he could help how cute she was being, and this was just a natural reaction anyone would have when they were being beamed at so brightly.

Just as the pair was about to head off into their intended destination, his sharp ears caught wind of a muffled squeal, promptly turning in the direction of the source, pulling his lover behind him defensively. Squinting his eyes aggressively he aimed a death glare to a certain bush nearby, his gut feeling perceiving more trouble than it looked.

“Aww man, he found us.”

A defeated sigh sounded, the voice familiar and recognisable. His lips dropped into a glower as he identified the silhouettes emerging into his viewpoint.

“What the FUCK are you asscracks doing here.”

“A-ahaha, we just wanted to….observe!! Umm….ya know, human interaction…”

“That’s the shittiest excuse I have ever heard in my entire life.”

“Come on Bakugo!! We know you just wanna hog (s/o/n)-Chan~~~”

“So what if I want to?”


“Uwahhhh, how shameless~~”

“Get a room!!”

“W-wait, everyone, please calm down…”

“How could you practice PDA so outrageously in broad daylight? How bold~~~”

The knuckles of his fists cracked loudly, an angry grin filling his face, accompanied with knitted brows, his body shaking from all the pent-up emotions within.


Regrettably, their quality time would have to be postponed to another day.

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Could we get an awkward meeting the parents dinner with 76, Gabe, and maybe reinhardt in which theyre older than their s/os parents?

Soldier: 76 

  • is a little too military 
  • salutes (Jackie no)
  • the s/o’s dad loves him but their mom is just rolling her eyes 
  • she asks the s/o if it had to be a military guy (she doesn’t mean to be rude it’s just so unusal for the s/o to chose a man like Jack)
  • Jack brought flowers for the s/o’s mom 


  • Gabe is, as always, not very talkative and gives the dad a firm handshake
  • they nodd at each other silently
  • why won’t they say anything??!
  • s/o’s mom tries to start a conversation but Gabe gives only short answers so she gives up eventually 
  • Gabe is so silent because he’s very nervous


  • very loud greetings and handshakes with the s/o’s dad
  • their mom is a little surprised Reinhardt so… old
  • “Darling he’s at least twice your age are you sure about this!!”, she whisperes in their ear but the s/o laughs it off
  • Reinhardt is very polite towards the mom and kisses her on the hand (she gets all red and flustered and all her doubts are gone)
  • “He’s such a nice man! We should invite him to Thanksgiving!” <- the s/o’s mom after the dinner

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Ooh, new blog! Welcome and I hope you have a good time running it ♡♡♡ so, uhh, headcanons of yusuke, akira and ryuji with an S/O that is quiet or a recluse but the types that goes with "actions speaks louder than words" guy? Like they'd pull them to a hug when they are feeling stressed or massage them when they are tired, such and such. (I hope this isn't too long/detailed ;7;) )

Hello, Anon! Thank you for the warm welcome, I hope for that as well!

And I hope people are enjoying my content so far!

Here you go nonnie, I hope you enjoy it. - Talal.


  • When he first met S/O, he never thought they’d be this caring.
  • They were always quiet and isolated, but that didn’t stop Akira from seeing right through them.
  • He knew that they were the type to show their love through their actions, they weren’t very good with wording.
  • Akira’s not dense, he already took notice of S/O’s actions, and how they only do these things for him.
  • S/O’s not dense either. they may not be very good with wording, but they know from a single look if something’s up with Akira or not.
  • Akira’s surprised when S/O offers their ear to him, they listen to what he says intently and prompt him to never keep a secret from them. they’ll always be there to listen.
  • He likes how they pay extra attention to their body language, they maintain eye contact and copy his posture, which subconsciously makes him feel a lot more comfortable near them.
  • They’ll help Sojiro with Leblanc if Akira’s not feeling particularly well, giving him the rest he deserves.
  • They’ll give Akira sideways hugs, reassuring him by pressing on his shoulder gently with a smile on their face.
  • Akira likes how much positive energy emanates from S/O, whenever they’re around he feels warmth and love.
  • They’ll try to be extremely supportive for Akira, cheering him from behind all the way through to the finish line.
  • Akira would be more than happy to be there for them, he learned that actions can mean a lot more than words from them.
  • And he knows they understand and appreciate actions more than sweet talk, so he’ll pull them into a hug suddenly and kiss them softly on lips.
  • Showing his love in a way they’ll understand.


  • Sad but true fact, this boy is so dense that even actions can’t speak to him.
  • He’ll be a little weirded out by how quiet S/O is, he knows they have a great personality that he damn appreciates hidden deep within.
  • But why don’t they try and show it to the people around them?
  • S/O usually gifts Ryuji protein drinks and free gym visits.
  • “H-hey.. you ain’t gotta do that!”
  • “We can always go for a jog around Shibuya y’kno-”
  • Ryuji’s answer is cut short by S/O, who now has grabbed his hand and is dragging him to the gym.
  • Meals after each gym training session is also a thing, and it’s all on S/O.
  • S/O usually surprises Ryuji by visiting him suddenly with a bunch of snacks and sodas. and if there’s a new game they want to play, S/O buys it for him.
  • But of course, S/O plays 75% of the time. Ryuji can’t help but stare at their face when they’re so focused on the game. he can feel a blush as well.
  • S/O knows the signs that pinpoint Ryuji’s mental state, whenever he’s stressed, he daydreams more than usual.
  • not to mention, he kicks the ground with his broken leg and shakes it a lot. leading S/O to offer a massage.
  • whether Ryuji says yes or no, S/O’s gonna do it.
  • They’ll gently caress his shin, going all the way up to his knees and landing their hands on his thighs.
  • after a bit of caressing, they start to gently press down on his muscles, releasing the tension building up. the pressure gets progressively stronger
  • they’ll take extra care of his knee, actually lifting Ryuji’s foot up and landing it on their lap. where they can sit and rub the Knee slowly but harshly.
  • Ryuji can’t help but feel flustered, his face turns to a bright shade of red and his body heats up.
  • once they’re completely done, S/O laughs at how Ryuji looks. completely flustered and sweating as if he just finished a marathon.
  • They know Ryuji gets easily awkward whenever someone gives him a hug, but S/O does it nonetheless.
  • They even hug him for an extended period of time.
  • When S/O’s reassuring him, they make sure he ends up with a stutter.
  • this means S/O got his train of thoughts on their track, and now he can’t help but think about what S/O just did for him. not thinking about what’s stressing him anymore.
  • Ryuji’s also the type to show his love through his actions, which is why they understand each other so much.
  • He wouldn’t hesitate in defending S/O, and he’ll try his best to outmatch their signs of love and affection with his own.


  • S/O grabbed Yusuke’s attention with how quiet, but creative they are with their actions.
  • He could very well be interested in knowing how a recluse person mindset works.
  • S/O gives inspirations to Yusuke whenever he’s lacking it, inviting him to places like museums, or just straight-up beautiful scenery.
  • They like sharing their Ideas with Yusuke, and they would offer to model for him in any pose he wishes.
  • Buying him new art supplies every month is a habit of S/O, and if he really wants a particular art supply, S/O won’t hesitate to get it for him.
  • He usually pays extra attention to his mannerism near S/O, offering them pieces of art he’s done specifically for them.
  • He can guarantee that every day, he at least gets 1 fulfilling meal from S/O.
  • occasionally lobsters because aesthetics.
  • He’ll keep asking questions about why S/O is so recluse, why are they hiding all this beauty behind closed doors?
  • “Say, I’d like to know the reasons behind this reclusiveness.”
  • “Such beauty mustn’t be hidden underneath skin and bones.”
  • S/O can’t help it but give him a tight hug whenever he makes these comments, they’re doing this only for him.
  • “Is this your way of saying I love you? intriguing..”
  • He’s always taking notes of S/O’s actions, sometimes even writing them down in front of their own eyes.
  • He smiles more than often near S/O.
  • S/O very well understands that Yusuke needs his own space, which is why he’s very fond of them.
  • He discovers S/O is trying to extend their vocabulary in hopes of being able to communicate with Yusuke better. they’re fascinated by his poetic way of speaking.
  • Yusuke will tell them he’s hoping to create an artistic piece that gives inspirations and warmth to others using them as a model. he wants to reflect the love in their actions onto a canvas and show it to the world.
  • Since Yusuke is more words than actions, he’ll try his very best to copy S/O’s ways. practicing them with the Phantom Thieves. it ends with a very eccentric Yusuke and a couple of laughs.

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Okay but Neil thinking of Andrew after his conversation about what love means to Nicky kills me cause he then dismisses his own feelings and its just so sad and he deserves all the love in the universe and I am glad he has Andrew now


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OML can you please do some headcanons for dating a big alien (similar to the Yautja from Predator)?

(I’ve never seen predator but I love this babe and they remind me of the goopy lava dude from dark souls)

Their skin is tough, but smooth and elastic.  Giving them massages feels good for both of you

A very supportive and encouraging partner!

They resent having their tentacles(?) being called hair and tease you for still having your “baby fluff”

If you like hunting, they love to watch your back while both of you look for prey (where every part of the animal is used, thanks)

If you wear makeup, their favorite part of the day is watching you get ready.  They say you’re “preparing for war”

They aren’t much of stay in bed and cuddle person, but they show casual affection (picking you up and spinning you, hand on the shoulder, little kisses with their biggest mouth, ect) all day every day