BTS Rap Line x Oldschool HipHop (1/3) → Min Yoongi x N.Y. State of Mind - Nas (x,x,x,x)

I never sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death
Beyond the walls of intelligence, life is defined
I think of crime when I’m in a New York state of mind.


“Pushing through the mortar
Emerges a small, lilac flower,
Full of positivity and hope.
Regardless of whether the weather
Be harsh or fair,
This small flower shall always
Remain there.
Bringing the only colour
This street has seen.

And what are you, my dear friend,
But a lilac flower,
Overcoming the adversities and
Pushing through the days of the
Week that make you weak.
And what you my friend bring to
This life of mine
Is positivity, hope and colour.”

- s.o.c

Sitting Here, I Think To Myself

Sitting here,
In a room of many lively faces,
I sit,
Within the depths of my conscience.

I see outstretched hands
And warm smiles;
They offer their support,
To which I naturally decline
With a simple “Trust me, I’m fine”.

Sitting here,
I stare oblivion and conceivable death in the face.
I am sitting here, stranded
On an island of broken aspirations
And lost hope.



“We may not see eye to eye on this,
But when I see you smile
Everything becomes glitter and gold   When I see you smile
I am filled with a reassurance that
In that instance you are happy,
Because to me you’re happiness is most important.

With my arm around your waist we countdown,
And although millions of others are doing the same
To me,  it is only you and I.
The first smile of the new year is certainly the best.

And we drive home.
With your head on my shoulder
Our hands holding the others
And you look up at me,  smiling,
And I am reassured that you, 
That we,
Will be ok.”

- s.o.c