If Trump is so patriotic, why did Melania (an immigrant) have to nudge him to place his hand over his heart during the Nation Anthem. In one case, he didn’t do it at all. So who’s the real S.O.B.?

#FirstAmendment #PeacefulProtest  #TakeAKnee #SocialJustice #RacistTrump

Video is better than ‘tapes’ #unpresidential


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170815 The War Fansign: Kyungsoo fanaccounts

Me: When did you start to raise Meokmul and Huchu?
KS: Ah, because I’ve always liked dogs~
Me: Ah…. I meant the opportunity to!!
KS: The opportunity to! (eyes get big) My parents used to dislike dogs! But I was determined and kept pushing until they said yes.
Me: Ah~ so they’re at your parents’ home??
KS: Yes~~

@LOVELYRIM0408: I forgot everything as soon as I made eye contact with Kyungsoo… I told him my wedding was in December and his eyes got even bigger as he congratulated me extremely earnestly haha. [On my request] his suggested nuptial song was For Life and when I asked if he could come sing it personally for us, he said “I’d like to….” haha. Kyungsoo, thank you sincerely for your suggestion and blessing

Me: You know how Mr. Jo Jungseok calls you a s..son of a bitch in Brother?
KS: Ah, yes !
Me: I have these dog-bird figures.. [t/n: s.o.b. and dog-bird are both spelled ‘gaesae’]
KS: Ah? They’re really called gaesae?
Me: Yes!
KS: There’s really something called gaesae??
Me: Ah n..no there’s not actually something called gaesae, these are just figures !
KS: (looks at boxes laughing) Ah so I have a chance of getting one of these four?
Me: Yes ! Please open it later~
KS: (was already opening it) Pfthahahaha

The dog-bird Kyungsoo got was the pug-bird ! When he asked me if “there was really something called gaesae..???” he was really serious about the question…

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Press: BTS comeback is on Sep 18!

ARMY: 😊🤤😎

Big Hit: RUMORS! Where did they get that info when we haven’t even decided yet.

ARMY:  ☹️🙁😞😔

Few days later….

Big Hit: LOL YOU THOUGHT… Yes the album will be released on Sep 18 and oh, preorder starts in two days but we’re not giving you any info on what it is you’re buying because y’all will buy everything anyway, right? Mwuhahaha!

ARMY:  😋😛…….😶…….😐😯😲😔😞 You’re right.

Roman Reigns is, if not the best, one of the best performers in the world, hands down. I don’t care what anybody says. He does it night after night, and it doesn’t matter who he’s with, they tear the place down. Lately, it has been me and him blowing the roof off the arena on every place we walk into on God’s green earth. That’s the thing that people just don’t get and that’s the work ethic behind Roman Reigns. He’s just a tough S.O.B. I’ve spent so much time in this program, just nailing him and nailing him, and whether it’s stubbornness, stupidity or heart, he just keeps getting back up, which just keeps giving me a reason to knock him back down.
—  Braun Strowman on Roman Reigns 

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Gosh I've had an awful week. If it's not too much could you write fluffy Rick?

[ I hope you like this! I’ve been sick so my mind has been pretty cloudy but I hope you like the small fluff! I hope this week has been kinder to you!!!]

Hugging your knees you sat curled up in the corner of the couch as Rick mindlessly flipped through the channels your relationship with Rick was still pretty secretive among the family as you knew they would try to tell you how wrong it was, not to mention you would probably be judged very harshly by Beth. Tonight was supposed to be your guys’ date night but it was ruined when Summer decided to skip out on going to her friend’s place for the weekend.

You don’t know why but there was something about keeping your relationship a secret that really made you want Rick even more if possible. It was sort of fun hiding it from everyone although you knew Morty had some suspicions and he was 100% right. He probably wouldn’t have any suspicions had it not been for the fact that Morty barged into the garage to ask Rick a science question and witnessed you and Rick on either side of the room, Rick looked a little surprised and you, on the other hand, were panting and blushing like mad.  You smiled to yourself as you rested your head on your knee as you thought about that time in the garage.

“What are you smiling about?” Rick asked, never taking his eyes off the tv.

“Hm..O-Oh. Nothing…” you blushed darkly.

“uh huh..sure. You know you’re a bad liar right?” Rick smirked to himself.

Rick decided to stop channel surfing when he landed on a horror movie. You looked over to Rick and gave him a look that said. “Please no..” But he just grinned back at you, knowing full well how you get when you watch horror movies with him.

It was half way through the movie by now and you were biting your thumbnail, trying so hard not to scoot closer to Rick. Your body tensed when the main character was being chased by the killer and you held your breath. Trying to think of other things while you watched the movie on the television.

At that moment Morty’s voice cracked through the suspension.

“W-What are you g-guys watching?”

That did it. your eyes snapped wide open and you let out a shriek, moving over to Rick faster than anyone could blink as you straddled his lap and buried your face into the crook of his neck. Rick, of course, grinning like an s.o.b as he wrapped his arm around you.

“W-What are you doing!!?” Morty screeched and in that moment you realised who was in the room with you. Your face turned a dark crimson as you peaked over Rick’s shoulder to see Morty standing there looking horrified.

“T-The movie was scary! I clung to the first person I saw!” You puffed your cheek out, trying to defend yourself.

“That and we’re- we’re – urrp dating.” Rick chuckled lowly and your eyes widened. You were pretty sure if your eyes widened anymore they would look the size of tennis balls.

“I KNEW IT! I CALLED IT! RICK! IF- IF-IF- IF MOM FINDS OUT!” Morty started to ramble anxiously and Rick rolled his eyes.

“Just don’t tell her, I’m sure as hell ain’t. Now if you don’t mind you’re interrupting our date night.”

Morty’s eye twitches as he turned on his heel and walked slowly back upstairs.

“you know Rick.. we’re sort of playing with fire here..” you said as you sat up on him, your arms resting on either side of his shoulders.

“So then move” Rick huffed in what was an attempt at annoyance but you could clearly tell that he was amused by the whole situation.

You pouted and side glanced at the empty seat on the sofa. Just as you looked over though you felt Rick move, he brought you closer to himself and leaned in to kiss your bottom lip. You smiled sweetly and leaned into him kissing him again softly.

Even though you both got caught by Morty, this was the perfect date night.  

I already posted this in a thread but I also wanted to share my thoughts here. (Added in a few thinks as well)

I’ve seen 3 different way people have described Touka’s color page:

To get everyone’s first reaction out of the way and I can understand why they thought this after how the chapter ended:

-1st Death: Mutsuki wanting her dead because Kaneki, well Haise should I say, would admire her from afar which got Mutsuki HELLA jealous. There is also the threat of Furuta and Oggai. Furuta and Kaneki are playing a game of chess. Furuta and Kaneki are the kings and Rize (for Furuta) and Touka (for Kaneki) are the queens. I never played chess and I have just about almost 0 idea how to play, but I know that if you corner or attack the Queen, it’s pretty much game over (especially in Furuta’s case though I honestly think Rize is going to be the cause of his downfall and she will be the one to kill him in the end)

-2nd Loss of Virginity: “Bloom me a flower of my own” In old poems and literature, flowers were used as a symbol of a young woman’s virginity. An act of a woman giving someone her flower means losing the V card. This chapter, Touka offers Kaneki sex with her when he’s ready, (still not 100% sure if Kaneki actually caught on to that, but with his expression at the end right before Tsukiyama interrupted seem like he did understand) but she was also considered using sex as a way to get him to stay. The look she is drawn with could be seen as subduction *cough* especially since her breasts are rather pronounce and Ishida doesn’t usually draw her in such a sexy way.

-Lastly (and I think this one is a bit stretching, but I think I can see why they can think this) Pregnancy: Flowers are also seen as new life. The red color could represent blood loss from childbirth. As a stated a moment ago, Touka considered sex as a way to get him to stay or if he is ready she will sleep with him. Touka is the exact opposite of clueless, she knows there’s a chance she might end up pregnant with the One Eye Prince/Princess. There is the whole deal with with Ghoul/Human pregnancy. Does Kaneki count as human or ghoul? Can half ghouls have children? If they can, is it easier to conceive with a human or a ghoul or are they the same? This can go an forever but hopefully I got my point across. I think this is the more unlikely of the 3, but Ishida is a troll and one sneaky S.O.B. so who knows what he is thinking or has up his sleeve.

Son of a Bitch

Pairing: Dean x Reader, kind of

Word Count: 2,774

Warnings: angst, major character death, drinking, drunk!Dean, blood, mildly graphic description of death and dead bodies

A/N: Written for @babypieandwhiskey‘s Cam’s Creative Birthday Challenge. My song was S.O.B. by Daniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats. I did not plan on this getting so angsty but apparently that’s all I can do. Please don’t hate me *runs and hides*

Beta: @torn-and-frayed

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“Son of a bitch…” Dean grumbled, rolling over in the creaky motel bed. Sam chuckled from across the room where he was sipping his Gatorade, post-run. “What’s so damn funny?”

“Uh… you.” Sam grinned. “Get in a fight last night or somethin’?”

“Fuck off.” Dean peeled himself off the mattress and headed for the bathroom. Splashing water on his face, he looked into the mirror. Dark circles fell under his reddened eyes as he squinted against the harsh florescent light. Scanning over the rest of his face, he noticed little red speckles and a line of brown, dried blood running down his neck and disappearing under the collar of his shirt. Rubbing his temples and letting his eyelids fall closed, Dean’s mind flashed back to the night before.

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