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I already posted this in a thread but I also wanted to share my thoughts here. (Added in a few thinks as well)

I’ve seen 3 different way people have described Touka’s color page:

To get everyone’s first reaction out of the way and I can understand why they thought this after how the chapter ended:

-1st Death: Mutsuki wanting her dead because Kaneki, well Haise should I say, would admire her from afar which got Mutsuki HELLA jealous. There is also the threat of Furuta and Oggai. Furuta and Kaneki are playing a game of chess. Furuta and Kaneki are the kings and Rize (for Furuta) and Touka (for Kaneki) are the queens. I never played chess and I have just about almost 0 idea how to play, but I know that if you corner or attack the Queen, it’s pretty much game over (especially in Furuta’s case though I honestly think Rize is going to be the cause of his downfall and she will be the one to kill him in the end)

-2nd Loss of Virginity: “Bloom me a flower of my own” In old poems and literature, flowers were used as a symbol of a young woman’s virginity. An act of a woman giving someone her flower means losing the V card. This chapter, Touka offers Kaneki sex with her when he’s ready, (still not 100% sure if Kaneki actually caught on to that, but with his expression at the end right before Tsukiyama interrupted seem like he did understand) but she was also considered using sex as a way to get him to stay. The look she is drawn with could be seen as subduction *cough* especially since her breasts are rather pronounce and Ishida doesn’t usually draw her in such a sexy way.

-Lastly (and I think this one is a bit stretching, but I think I can see why they can think this) Pregnancy: Flowers are also seen as new life. The red color could represent blood loss from childbirth. As a stated a moment ago, Touka considered sex as a way to get him to stay or if he is ready she will sleep with him. Touka is the exact opposite of clueless, she knows there’s a chance she might end up pregnant with the One Eye Prince/Princess. There is the whole deal with with Ghoul/Human pregnancy. Does Kaneki count as human or ghoul? Can half ghouls have children? If they can, is it easier to conceive with a human or a ghoul or are they the same? This can go an forever but hopefully I got my point across. I think this is the more unlikely of the 3, but Ishida is a troll and one sneaky S.O.B. so who knows what he is thinking or has up his sleeve.

Problem Child Pt 1 Winchesters X Daughter! Reader

A/N: This is the first part of a Winchester X Daughter! Reader I’m making. It might eventually contain some Cas x reader in future chapters. This first chapter is mostly a set up for the story. Next chapter will have more of the back story of the reader. Stick with it, I promise it will get more interesting. 

Word Count: 2994 sorry

Warnings: Language

Problem Child Pt 1

Dean stumbled into the bunker kitchen.

The world around him was a blur as he struggled to regain his balance. Feeling the result of last nights binge drinking, he swore that he would never drink again. Which was a lie. The pounding in his head intensified as he reached for the steaming pot of coffee. The bitter smell of the coffee beans seemed to clear his mind a tiny bit. Dean silently thanked his baby brother for making the coffee extra strong. Running a hand through his messy bed head, he turned and nearly bumped into Sam’s hulking figure. Dean jerked backwards. His coffee was now dripping down his bare chest. He let out a hiss as he hot black liquid hit his skin. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Sam failing to hide a smile.

“Find something funny, Sammy?” He asked his gruff morning voice.

“No nothing at all,” Sam chuckled, “Get cleaned off. I found us a case and it’s a 12 hour drive from here.”

“You found us a case? Dude, it’s like six in the morning!” Dean threw his hands up.

Sam rolled his eyes and pursed his lips together,“ Dean it’s three in the afternoon.”

Dean rubbed his eyes,“ Well, shit!”

Sam grabbed a towel off of the table and tossed it to Dean, who used it to wipe the rest of the coffee off himself.

“Now come on, Dean. This case isn’t going to solve itself.” Sam’s voice faded as he disappeared from the kitchen.

With a sigh and an unintelligible grumble, Dean started after his brother.  

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anonymous asked:

Got any HC's for an alpha that may or may not have anger issues/gets angry easily? Add their omega in it if ya want/don't mind

  • An alpha with anger issues is a lot more tolerated than a beta or even an omega with anger issues, because alphas are supposed to be naturally aggressive
  • When they’re young and they’re allowed and even encouraged to wrestle and play-fight with the other alphas, it barely manifests itself
  • However, one day, an omega takes the toy car they’re playing with, and the alpha gets mad and shoves them down. This is when their parents and teachers start noticing
  • As they grow older, they become gradually more efficient at controlling their anger, however their are still instances when they can’t keep a lid on it and they end up yelling at someone or getting into a fight
  • Unfortunately, the fact that they’re so easy to anger makes other alphas around them uneasy and on edge, especially during teenagehood, because one alpha who’s ready to fight will set the rest off
  • They manage to keep their anger under control for years, until one day when they’re a sophomore in high school, they see a group of betas picking on an omega. This really sets the alpha off
  • They charge over and roar at the betas, and shove one of them to the ground. Angry and aggressive pheromones fill the air, and the betas back off pretty sharpish
  • Unfortunately, the pheromones freak the omega out too, because as soon as the alpha turns around the check the omega is ok, they sprint away, sobbing
  • Almost overnight, the alpha seems to develop a reputation as ‘that one really aggressive alpha’
  • Slowly the reputation fades, but it still lingers, and the alpha is glad to escape to college
  • On the first day, they go to the dorm where they had put all their stuff, only to find all of their stuff has been chucked out and there are two omegas in there, getting comfortable
  • The alpha feels the familiar burn of anger in their chest, and they slam the door open, ready to yell at the S.O.B who chucked their shit out, when they see that the omega responsible also happens to be the cutest, sweetest, kindest looking omega they’ve ever seen
  • The alphas voice dies in their throat, and they just stare, open mouthed, torn between asking the omega out and yelling at them
  • The omega explains that the alpha must have gotten the wrong floor, because this floor is omega-only for the sake of making the dynamics comfortable, and the alpha must be on the floor above
  • The omega then laughs and says “but hey, at least you’re directly above us! Maybe we can talk through the ceiling, it seems stupidly thin!”
  • And the alpha just has to back out, blushing and cursing themselves for almost yelling at a literal angel
  • Their relationship develops, and they begin dating. The omega gets the first hints of the alphas anger issues when a beta accidentally walks into the omega and makes them drop their stuff, and the alpha almost rips their head off
  • The one time the alpha yells at the omega, they’re shocked to find that instead of cowering and apologising, they scream right back, and even shove the alpha away, looking furious
  • After they reconcile and apologise to each other, the alpha admits they’ve struggled with anger issues from a very young age, and they don’t want to snap and yell at the omega
  • The omega just rolls their eyes and puts their arm around the despondent alpha and says “oh shush. You know that if you yell at me, I’ll just yell back, and then we’ll both get kicked out of student residence” and then, despite having made the alpha laugh, they see that they still look very worried, so the omega adds “I’ll help you, you know. I’ll make sure you don’t get angry and stuff”
  • And the alpha just falls in love a little more

BEHOLD! My most lewdest stallion of all my OCs, Colonel Jester.

Name: Colonel Jester

Age: 37


Offspring(s): Daughter (15yrs old)

This s.o.b is a major bottom. He loves to be the sub. But he also loves to be in control. And he loooves making his stallions call him “Daddy.” He wasn’t usually this provocative. When his wife was still alive, he and his wife and child went out places. He loved his wife very dearly. But after losing her in a house fire, he became very depressed and lonely. So lonely that he would stay out late nights and get drunk. He got so drunk he woke up in bed with a stallion. Of course he was freaked a bit, but he eventually didn’t mind it. He began to hook up with various stallions and enjoyed being submissive. But after one horrible experience, he prefers to be the dominant one. He doesn’t let any stallion take advantage of him. That’s why he prefers to take the lead role. And if you disobey Daddy, the Daddy “punishes” you. 

Ideal Type: Largely built, not too muscular, strong features

Also Likes: Tall and a little chub

ages ago @saintapathis tagged me in a rec-songs-for-moods meme and. it. got out of hand. so uh. some overly specific moods. some songs.

emotionally exhausted and in need of comfort:
- cobwebs, martha tilston and the woods
- born, over the rhine
- hold on, tom waits
- wild sage, the mountain goats
- drown out, the swell season
- his eye is on the sparrow, abigail washburn
- the party, regina spektor

- this year, the mountain goats
- the mary ellen carter, stan rogers
- firefly, over the rhine
- shake it out, florence + the machine
- morning comes, delta rae
- that one specific live version of “like a rolling stone” at the end of scorsese’s dylan documentary no direction home recorded right after dylan’s motorcycle accident where he starts it by yelling to the band “play it fuckin’ loud” and the organ is just searing

depressed but don’t want to be:
- firewood, regina spektor
- a better son/daughter, rilo kiley
- level up, vienna teng
- amy aka spent gladiator 1, the mountain goats
- redeemed, charlotte martin
- i wanna get better, bleachers

sad but in a nice way where i want to wallow for a bit:
- knocking on heaven’s door, antony and the johnsons
- annachie gordon, the unthanks
- my body is a cage, arcade fire
- top of the world, patty griffin (especially the live at the artists’ den version)
- ring them bells, sarah jarosz
- on a sea of fleur de lis, richard shindell
- florida, patty griffin

i wanna yell and/or feel some kind of complex emotion:
- s.o.b., nathaniel rateliff & the night sweats
- changes come, over the rhine
- harlem roulette, the mountain goats
- forgiveness, patty griffin
- it’s alright ma i’m only bleeding, the duhks
- after the bombs, the decemberists
- the next best western, richard shindell
- empty, ray lamontagne

- pay me my money down, bruce springsteen
- the magic position, patrick wolf
- we need medicine, the fratellis
- banjo pickin’ girl, abigail washburn & the sparrow quartet
- you ain’t goin’ nowhere, glen hansard and marketa irglova
- i don’t know, lisa hannigan
- the night that paddy murphy died, great big sea
- call me maybe, carly rae jepsen
- upside down, paloma faith
- orphan girl, crooked still
- tea with cinnamon, katzenjammer
- don’t carry it all, the decemberists
- california stars, billy bragg & wilco
- everything i saw, the weather station
- literally any cover of galway girl

it’s three am, there’s a thunderstorm, and i’m wearing a lot of velvet:
- girls that glitter love the dark, hannah fury
- when another midnight, sarah slean
- bells for her, tori amos
- mad girl’s love song, fisher
- the devil, pj harvey
- i will never die, delta rae
- #1 crush, garbage (SHUT. YER FACE.)
- black doe, mary epworth and the jubilee band
- devil of mine, moulettes
- bone mother, the ford theatre reunion
- horse and i, bat for lashes
- clap hands, tom waits
- tristan, patrick wolf
- black acres, elysian fields
- rest in the bed, laura marling
- bad ritual, timber timbre

having an emotion about the x-files:
- you were a kindness, the national
- goodbye (this is not goodbye), over the rhine
- recessional, vienna teng

boyfriendofthewild  asked:

i thought i might tell you a funny story, in high school my english teacher leant me his trade copy of watchmen. I mentioned how much I loved Rorschach and how I kinda didn’t like Dr Manhattan he made me uncomfortable. that s.o.b just smiled and was like “I’m glad you’re enjoying it I can’t wait for you to finish it” next day I slam the trade on his desk and say “all due respect you’re an asshole” and he started cackling and apologizing.

HA! Awesome! XD

Let's Try Something

Pairing: Barry Allen x reader (pre established relationship)

Requested by: @brooke0297

Warnings: smut, shower sex, unprotected sex (use condoms y'all), cursing, drinking, Barry being a gentleman, oral sex, mirror usage, slight Dom!barry

Prompt: “They always make shower sex so appealing, but honestly this is getting dangerous.”

A/n: First request! Happy to see people taking an interest in my imagines! Thanks! Hope you like it :)

You and Barry had just come back from a really nice dinner. He took you out as an apology for missing so many others because of Flash work. You told him it was alright as long as he’s saving people, otherwise you’d be pissed. Tonight, he didn’t get called away, interrupting your laugh at a cute joke he told you. Tonight he didn’t get sent away into a situation, that might not let him leave. Tonight, you had fun, with the one you love.

When you two got back, it was all giggles. Well, you wee all giggles. Barry was fine, thanks to his metabolism. You may have had one too many glasses of wine before coming back, and now you were tipsy to say the least.

Barry smiled at you giggles and sat you on the couch, walking away he stated he was going to hop in the shower but you grabbed his belt loops to anchor him in front of you. Suddenly your expression, and his, turned serious. You stood up and kissed him deeply, pulling him closer by his belt loops. You wanted him. He pulled away and tries to push you away. You show him a look of surprise and shame.

“No, Baby, it’s just– you’ve been drinking. I don’t want to take advantage of you like that.” You smile brightly at his statement.

“I’m perfectly fine. It’s not like this is the first time we’ve been together. I want you.”

“But… What about my shower?” He said, pouting.

“I’ll join you.” That sparked a fire in his eyes. Even though you’ve had sex before, you’ve never done anything really… Adventuress? Playful? Kinky. And he was clearly excited about it. Kinky S.O.B.

He grabs your hand and leads you to the bathroom, fast walking while undoing his tie and throwing it somewhere. When he reaches the door he turns around and kisses you lightly, as sweet as it is, you deepen the kiss and pull him closer, undoing his shirt buttons and pushing off his jacket. He reaches behind him and opens the bathroom door, pulling you in, braking the kiss to turn on the water.

He unzips your dress slowly, making sure to have his fingers lightly dance against the newly exposed skin, which sends shivers throughout your body. He pushes down the straps of your dress to see you’re not wearing any underwear or a bra, which draws a growl from his throat. He unzips his pants and pulls them down along with his boxers, his erection springing free.

He takes your hand and pulls you into the warm shower. Once in, he pushes you against the wall which causes you to slip and let out a Yelp. Thankfully, Barry catches you before you fall in the ground.

“Oh my god! Are you okay?” He asks worriedly grabbing your face between his hands. As response you kiss his lips slowly. He returns the kiss and not much longer the mood returns. He attaches his mouth to your nipple, causing you to arch your back and moan in pleasure. You lace your fingers through his hair and tug lightly.

He returns to your face and you drop to your knees in front of him. You grab his length in your hand and lick off the precum forming at the tip, then lick a long stride along the bottom. He cries out as you lick the sensitive vein on his length and his knees start to buckle. He stumbles back into the wall, in the process almost falling.

“They always make shower sex so appealing, but honestly this is getting dangerous.” He laughs at your honesty.

“Yeah, I hate to be like this but, can we like not in here? It’s scary.” You giggle and take his hand, turning off the water.

You grab a towel and start to wipe him down, paying special attention to his lower regions. Once you’re done, he takes the towel and does the same to you, playing with your boobs in the process. When he’s done he looks at your face and bites his lip.

“Can we… Try something?” He asks worriedly. You furrow your brows in confusion. Has the sex really been that bad?

“Uhm, yeah, sure.” He smiles brightly and then picks you up. You let out a squeak in surprise. He places your knees on the counter in front of the mirror.

“I want you to see how beautiful and sexy you are when you come. I want you to see what I see.” He starts to rub your clit in circles which causes you to close your eyes in delight. Then, you feel his hand stop. He puts his head on your shoulder and your open your eyes in annoyance at the loss of contact. You look into his eyes silently asking why. “Keep your eyes open.” You quickly nod your head and he continues to rub circles.

He takes his fingers and inserts them into you which causes you to moan loudly. His thumb is still rubbing your clit as he starts to pump his fingers in and out. He kisses and nips at your shoulder lightly. You looked into your own reflection. Barry completely having his way with you turns you on, but watching it, makes you come. And you come hard. He works your through your climax then pulls out his fingers and let’s you down. You lean against the counter, trying to catch your breath.

“Did you like that, baby?” He asks, pushing the hair out of your face and kissing your forehead. You nod your head yes, because of your shortness of breath. “Mm, I did too.”

He picks you up again, but this time only sits your on the counter. He spreads your legs open and this time gets on his knees. He laps at your folds, cleaning you up in a way, but only making more of a mess. You grab his hair as he sucks on your sensitive clit. He continues to suck, then with one last lick, separates and stands back up. He grabs his own length and lines up with your entrance. He pushes into slowly, giving you time to adjust to his size.

“You feel so good, baby… All mine… God, yours so pretty…” He thrusts in and out, getting faster with each thrust until you’re coming again. Then, his thrusts get sloppier he comes too. You can feel his hot seed filling you as you come down from your climax.

He pulls out and pulls you off the counter. You wrap your arms around his torso and rest your head as you try to catch your breath again. He’s also breathing heavily but he treats you like you’re priority number one, which is correct to him. He picks you up bridal style and brings you to the bedroom where he lays you down, then lies beside you.

Once you both catch your breath, you snuggle closer to him and rest your head and hand on his bare chest (A/n his Barr chest haha).

“I love you, (Y/n).” You hear right before you drift into a blissful sleep.