“Fuck you Jackson Teller!” You screamed above the noise of the clubhouse. In that moment everything went silent. Everybody stopped what they were doing to watch your interaction with the Sons of Anarchy VP.

    Jax’s jaw clenched with rage, his fists balled at his sides. You knew this was dangerous territory, but you were itching for a fight. Your inner voice screamed at him to hit you so that you could lay out a can of whoop ass.

   “Can we not do this here?” Jax said through gritted teeth. You let out a bitter chuckle. You looked around at the sons that surrounded you. The newbies were in awe of you, a woman, talking to the VP like he was some bitch. The older Sons watched with a weary eye, they didn’t tolerate disrespect, but they were gauging the situation.

   “What you don’t like airing out dirty laundry in public?” You bit your lip a devious look on your face.

   “Hey Tara why don’t you come join us?” From around the corner came the bane of your existence, clad in nothing but one of your Old Man’s t-shirts that just barely reached her thighs. You heard a few gasps ripple through the crowd and saw a few eyes go wide. Tara smiled a sweet wicked smile at you as she wrapped her arms around Jax’s waist. The fact that he didn’t push her away didn’t go unnoticed as the clarity spread through the crowd. Somewhere in the back you could have swore you heard Gemma cuss.

   “You called Y/N?” Her voice dripping with fake innocence. You chuckled and looked at Jax.

    “You might want to keep a leash on your bitch if you like they way her face looks.” Jax’s face hardened at your words, but before he could say anything Tara stopped him.

   “You know there are such things as gracious defeats Y/N. You could have at least walked out of here with some dignity and respect for Jax. But no you had to be a drama queen and gather a crowd. You’d make the croweaters proud.” A red haze clouded your vision. That bitch did not just call you a croweater. You walked over to the bar. The tension was heavy in the air and you could feel the hostility rising. To the club Tara was still an outsider, while you had been Jax’s Old Lady for the past three years.

    Every pair of eyes was on you as you waved over a prospect for a shot of Tequila. Throwing back the shot you grabbed an empty beer bottle that was next to you and before anyone could move you threw it towards Tara. You were a good aim so it smashed mere inches from her head into a thousand little pieces. In shock you were able to charge her. Taking a running start you ripped her away from Jax and slammed her into the wall, her head colliding with the wood with a sickening crunch. Wrapping your hands around her neck you brought her down to the floor. You could hear cheers all around you but all you were focused on was Tara. You got in a few good punches before the bitch started blocking but it was useless, you trained with Happy you were a fighter.

   Suddenly you were lifted into the air. Two meaty arms had formed a vice around your waist and pried you off a bleeding and crying Tara. Tig was struggling to keep you contained at one point you had broken his grasp, you ran over to Tara and yanked her off the floor.

   “Don’t ever call an Old Lady a Croweater. We bite harder than those bitches.” You whispered in her ear then Chibs, Tig, and Opie were pulling you outside. Your eyes connected with Jax’s just before you were out the door. His eyes were filled with anger and pain. Good let the asshole hurt for his fucking Tara.

The minute you were outside the boys let you go. Not listening to a word they had to say you headed for the garage’s office for the first aid kit. You made your way through the garage only earning a few looks. Reaching the office you yanked it open and tried to slam it shut but it didn’t budge. Turning around your eyes connect with a vibrant blue. Shit.

   “Tig I am not in the mood for your shit.” The adrenaline from kicking Tara’s ass was wearing off and you could feel the tears forming in your eyes. There was no way in fuck you were going to be caught crying, especially by Tig Trager.

   “Well doll face I don’t really give a fuck what you want right now.” Your head snapped up and your hand flew out to slap him but he caught it and used to momentum to pin you against the door closing it. You tried using your other hand to get at his face but it was no use. He now had both your bloody hand pinned above your head.

   “You done with your temper tantrum?” You answered him with a knee to the groin but he was fast and pressed his body against yours hard. You groaned in frustration and tried thrashing about this only making his grip tighter. Finally you screamed, not a pissed off scream but a scream that sounded foreign to you. It must have scared Tig because he let you go, but to be honest it kind of scared you too. You fell to the floor, your body heaving with sobs, you couldn’t breath and your chest was on fire. Fat, hot tears rolled down your face the salt burning your bloody hands. Tig once again picked you up, but it was gentle this time. He carried you bridal style to the small couch that was in the office and cradled you against his body. One of his hands smoothed your hair while he whispered that it was going to be ok. His other hand held on tight to your thigh as if it was the only thing keeping him grounded. When your tears seemed to run out and your sobs turned into hiccups you looked up at Tig.

    There was something about the old marine’s eyes. Something you had never noticed before, there was a softness in them as his thumb wiped away a stray tear from your cheek. This was not the badass Sergant At Arms you had grown to respect and fear, this was someone completely different. Without thinking you crashed your lips against his and was surprised when he pushed you away, shaking his head slightly. You scoffed at him, having had enough rejection for the day you jumped from his lap as if the devil himself was on your heels. You could vaguely hear him calling your name but you didn’t care. Hopping onto your bike you took off like a bat out of hell. You needed to get away from the Sons of Anarchy especially Tig Trager.


Prompt: “ Can you do a Jax imagine where you guys have been like best friends since you were really young and usually tell each other everything but he finds out your in an abusive relationship and keeping it from him. So he confronts you about it and admits his feelings for you and of course takes care of the guy…lol Thanx! I love your writing and I’m so glad your doing S.O.A now😊💓”

Word Count: 488

A/N: I’m glad I’m finally watching it! Thanks for the request!! 

P.S. I know that this is a touchy subject. So I want you readers to know, if you’ve ever been in an abusive relationship, or you’re still in one, you’re strong. And you deserve better. I love you.

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Tig Trager || Chibs Telford - This Life |3|

The next morning Clara woke up in one of the empty dorms. She was shaken awake by someone kicking the foot of her bed. Groaning she sighed deeply and rolled over expecting it to see Gemma standing there, but it was Tig.

“What do you want? I’ve got one hell of a hang over.”

She groaned pushing her face back into the pillow. Tig snorted and put his boot on the end of the bed and draped his arm across his knee as he leaned over and looked at her with a slight smirk.

“It’s time to get up sleeping beauty. Clay wants to talk to you.”

He told her in a slightly sweet tone trying to cotes her out of bed. His smirk dropped when he seen she wasn’t moving. Removing his foot from the end of her bed he gave a slight shift of his head and peered down at the end of the blankets.

Reaching down he snatched up the blanket and pulled it off quickly, his eyes widening as she jolted up in bed quickly covering her bra and panties with a pillow.

“God damn it Tig!!”

She yelled leaning up against the headboard of the bed and glared up at him. He hadn’t minded though. He got a nice look at her thick ass, curvy body, and large breasts before she covered them up with the pillow. The pink undies look delicious against her light skin too.

“I warned you, baby.”

He said with a smile coming to his face as he went back to his previous position against the bed. Clara felt like a mouse cornered by the cat. The way his eyes looked from her naked feet up to her legs and then over the pillow across her lips then falling upon her bright angry blue eyes.

“Don’t "baby” me, Tig.“

She spat back making the man smile more as he snorted and raised a hand up.

"Clay wants to see you now that you’re up.”

He told her removing his foot from her bed and giving her a once over before he turned to leave the room. Clara sighed deeply. This was not how she wanted her first official day back to start.

Getting dressed and on her way out she didn’t find Clay in the main room. Just hang around and crows. Half-Sac was behind the bar cleaning and Clara walked past them all knowing that he had to be here somewhere.

Walking outside she found Clay, Tig, Chibs and Bobby all at the picnic table.

When Clay seen Clara walking out of the club doors he smiled and looked at her from behind his sunglasses.

“There she is – afternoon sleeping beauty.”

Clay greeted his niece as she walked out slipping sunglasses over her eyes to help keep the sun out of her eyes and the hangover down best she could.

“Afternoon Uncle Clay.”

She greeted walking over to stand beside him. Tig walked around from the right side of Clay to the left and on Clara’s left side to stand there with his hands on his hips. Chibs watching Tig from behind his glasses keeping his eyes locked on the man from the picnic table beside Bobby.

“Tig said you needed to talk to me?”

She asked him. Clay placed his hands on his hips as he stood there looking down at her.

“I was curious about what you plan on doing for a job now that you’ve moved up here. What’s your living situation?”

He questioned. Clara took a minute and sighes deeply. She hadn’t really thought about it all that much. She didn’t graduate high school like everyone else in the family. She wasn’t a people person. She didn’t have any real set skill.

“I guess sign up for a couple of WBF around here and save up money that way. It’s what I did down in New Mexico for my rent.”


Bobby questioned taking a drag of his cigarette.

“Woman’s Boxing Fights.”

Clay told the clueless man. The three men raised a brow.

“You know Gemma will kill me when she finds out about you doing that shit up here.”

Clay warned knowing how Gemma reacted finding out the first time from Clay’s brother that his daughter was fighting for money. Clara just laughed a bit and shook her head.

“Not much else I’m good at doing. I don’t know jack shit about fixing cars or bikes. My temper is too bad to work with people – so I figure why not use it to beat the shit outta em instead?”

She told him with a slight shrug of her shoulders. Clay sighed knowing that his niece was right. He and Tig had been down south once or twice to see her work at it. She was good at using her anger and channel it into the poor girl that decided to step into the ring with her.

“Alright. And your living arrangements?”

Clay questioned next. She gave a shrug.

“You’ve got four open dorm rooms right? At least one of them I can dump my shit in and crash until I get a place of my own. Jax said the one he lived in for a while had a bathroom in the room. Figured I’d take that one – if that’s cool with you Prez?”

She asked him. He chuckled he couldn’t believe she had already thought everything through when it came to all of this she was certainly smarter than she seemed.

“Have to put it through a quick vote, but I don’t see any of the guys throwing you out on the streets.”

Clara nodded figuring none of the guys would have had a problem with her staying here with all the dorms open. She figured they all had their own homes that was where they lived. After all, they were all grown men who made much more than the minimum wage each month.

“I do have to run to the store. Anything I should be aware of while I’m out on S.O.A covered bike?”

She asked knowing that if someone seen her on her father’s bike it could turn real ugly real quick for her. Clay took a minute to think knowing that you riding the bike out and about wouldn’t be a good idea.

“Have one of the guys go with you.”

He told his niece. He knew his little brother left his daughter his bike since it’d be a long while till he got out. And since they had been at it with the Mayans for a long while Clay didn’t need anything happening to his blood.

Chibs noticed Tig was quick to jump at the offer, so he decided to beat him to it.

“Aye, I’ll go.”

Chibs said tossing his cigarette from his hands and standing up from the table. Tig gave him a quick look but didn’t say anything further as he stood there with his hands on his hips still and his blue eyes darting from the Scot to Clara.

“Alright. Let’s go then.”

She said giving Chibs a large grin which he was more than happy to return.

This Superhero Life (Chibs x OC), a S.O.A. fanfiction

This was the first fanfiction I read and I blame (no, actually I thank it!) it for making me develop this deep passion for SOA fanfictions! 

It takes place after the very last episode of SOA; the only thing that is different is that JUICE NEVER DIED in prison. Callie has a bike crash and the club finds her and takes care of her. They all develop strong feelings for her, one Son in particular….

If you’re looking for something to read I really recommend you this one. 

This Superhero Life ( @thissuperherolife )

Chapters: 56

Charachters: Chibs x Callie, Tig x Venus, Happy, Ratboy x Brooke, Rane Queen, T.O., Montez, Juice

Mentioned/short appearance: Gemma, Tara, Jax, Wendy, Nero, Thomas, Abel

Author: sharpiewashere ( @ideclareflananigans

Read it on Fanfiction.net 


Empire of Anarchy 

Chapters: 15 (so far)

Read it on Fanfiction.net

I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING OF THIS FICTION, I’m just a huge fan who thinks you might enjoy it!

void-sterek  asked:

I love your blog, I check it everyday and I find everytime what I'm looking for. You are so awesome, thank you! Anyway I was wondering if you have any biker!derek AUs? :)

AH! Biker Derek | Biker Stiles  <– check those tags! They have more

Two Blondes and a Dude by april_zephyr (April_Zephyr) (1/1 | 3,640 | R)

It was a typical summers day, the sun was unbearably hot and Beacon Hills was going through one of it’s many heat waves. Stiles didn’t really care about being covered in grease as it was pretty much unavoidable. He rubbed his forehead with the back of his hand in hopes of getting rid of the sweat that was collecting and threatening to slide down his face. He grinned brightly as he finally repaired the broken parts of his bike.
“So I see the bike’s coming along.” Sheriff Stilinski stated, noticing the bright look on his son’s face.

“It’s finished, I’ve replaced all the old parts and now my baby’s ready to be ridden.” Stiles grinned. He knew that his father wasn’t exactly a fan of his motorbike and had a fear that Stiles would get into an awful accident one day.

“The amount of innuendos I could create with that.” Sheriff Stilinski snorted.

“It’s going to take a lot more than that to ruin the moment.”

“Stiles. Do I need to remind you that you’re not hispanic?”

“I am perfectly aware of my race vato.”

Ginger and The Whip by whyamIalwaysLoislane (Whyamialwaysloislane) (1/1 | 888 | R)

Erica was grinning at him, standing by a equally evil looking redhead who was mirroring her smirk. Derek was kind of scared, and considering Derek was a six foot wall of muscle in a lot of leather right now that was quite a feat.

It’s Lydia’s birthday, Derek wears a lot of leather and Stiles drags up. All in all, sex goes down.

A Wolf in My Bed by remain_nameless (1/1 | 1,222 | PG13)

After a night out Stiles wakes up to unexpected consequences. More precisely, a stranger in his bed. An extremely hot stranger.
He can’t remember anything, so he calls Lydia to get some answers.

Bats and Bikes by hazelNuts (1/1 | 1,430 | PG13)

anonymous asked:“Sooo i know your super busy with everything so i will just leave this prompt for you and hope you can write it when you have time thank you. What if Derek and his pack where bad boy bikers and Stiles was the normal quiet guy Derek wanted as his mate. So Derek set about trying to win Stiles while having him protected by his gang. Yes i have been watching a lot of S.O.A”

‘Nice ass,’ the guy leers.
Stiles ignores the comment. He’s an Omega who owns a biker bar, he’s heard worse. The comments had lessened after mating with Derek, most people having the decency not to hit on a claimed Omega.

For Teen Wolf Bingo prompt: a/b/o dynamics