Here it is! I’m not 100% sure if I like how it came out… it almost seems a bit too cutesy for the subject. Maybe I just like drawing cute clothes and bright colours too much! 

This is for a contest with the Canadian Human Rights Agencies for their conference in May. All the Advanced Illustration students and Design students had to enter as part of their final. Kinda pissed that they required us to print it off at 24 x 36…. which I think is way too big and expensive ($50!!) for most students and their budget. We don’t even get to keep the posters. And the top prize is only $200. I feel kinda ripped off. :/

EDIT: A couple of people have sent me notes saying that “Transgendered” is incorrect terminology. I apologize, I kind of added the text last minute, and should have known better. I’ve uploaded a fixed version. :)

Illustration I’ve been working on for a contest at my school. Not quite done yet, still needs some tweaking before I submit… I’m going to try to color calibrate it later. I’ve been on a fairytale / fantasy kick. Photoshop, pencil and paper.

Finally done! Now to reward myself with food…

The story is about an older brother who turns a witch against him by accident. She curses his family and they slowly transform into crows, one by one. Here the older brother is holding his youngest brother as he also transforms. All the rest of his family has already turned, and he soon going to be completely alone. 

I need to draw less depressing stuff, I know. 


Been working on this girl/boy on and off for about two weeks now… kinda love it/hate it, but its done now. It started out as Sav, but I’m not sure now? I must say I love androgyny. Enjoy!

Back from New York City! It was amazing, and I wish I had more time to explore. Travelling with a group was a little frustrating though, and the food I had was not as good as I expected it to be (maybe I suck at picking out food). I think I’ll be definitely going back soon. 

Also, here is my last fashion girl, who I completed in a mad rush before I left for New York. I like the anatomy and design, but I wish I had more time to hammer out the colours.