s.m.u.(special make up)

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For the Ship thing, can u du Hercules and Lafayette (I don't know the ship name???)

*is suddenly a waiter* ONE STEAMIN HOT MULLETTE COMIN RIGHT UP– *trips*

*from the floor* IM OKAY

who accidentally pushes/pulls a door instead of doing the other: boi you better believe it’s lafayette

who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them: lafayette and herc just kinda rolls his eyes by really he just loves them so much???

who starts tickle fights: lafayette, but ultimately end up losing ^_^;

who starts pillow fights: hercules

who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile: l a f a y e t t e (who also takes pictures from time to time shshshshSHSH)

who mistakes salt for sugar: mulligan boiii

who lets the microwave play the loud beeping noise at 1am: i mean they’re both kinda heavy sleepers so usually it never happens (but when it does it’s usually lafayette)

who comes up with cheesy pick up lines: lafayette ^_^

who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order: neither do, really..

who licks the spoon when they’re making brownies: both, actually

who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion: ok so laf has this mango scented one–

who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen: h E R C U L E S M U L L I G A N - -

who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on a vacation: hercules, usually

who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines: lafayette, for the most part ^_^

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can u do some hcs of how jared and his daughter would interact on social media (twitter, snapchat, IG). p.s. i loved the fic you just wrote it was so sweet and it reassured me that jared is ok

I’m so glad thank you!

She always comes up with the best memes and sarcastic one liners about him to tweet and all the echelon likes/retweets.

Jared really takes advantage of throw back thursdays and always posts a picture of the two of them.

She tries to make fathers day special for him since it’s a sensitive topic and post something cute.

She has to text him to remove his embarassing comments off her posts when hes acting too sappy or making dad jokes.

His trolls are constantly trying to talk to her so shes blocking them left and right.

Jared is always trying to maintain it or prevent his life and career from affecting her.

Shes more open and liberal in what she posts and doesnt like to hide vs his extremely privae and vague way of posting.

She always jumps to his defense when people are being nasty but he has to remind her theyre not important and thats the way of the internet.

Inside jokes back and forth that everyone is trying to understand but no one besides them does.

Request: Block B (All members) reaction to seeing their best female friend making them their birthday cake.

Taeil: You were at his house since you slept over at his house for his special day. “What are you doing down here making food?” Taeil’s happy voice called. 

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B-Bomb: You woke him up with the birthday song. He didn’t know that you had a spare key. “Wake up you little poop head.” B had woken up with a smile on his face.

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Jaehyo: You were trying to be quiet in the kitchen when his little footsteps came down from his dorm room. He caught you and you didn’t notice him til seconds later. “Since I’m in here, I’ll help you.” 

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U-Kwon: Since it was his ultra big day, you decided to be a good friend and make Kwon a cake. You had his cake with a dog frosted onto the cake and he adored it. “Awe, Y/N, I love it!”

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Kyung: He was helping you bake the cake for his birthday. You kept telling Kyung to stop but he wanted to do everything he could to help you for his special day.

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Zico: He would make the cake for himself?? Then he’d wake you up and surprise you for his final opinion on his birthday cake.

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P.O/Jihoon: “Y/N! I love this cake! It looks amazing!” He cheered after you showed him his birthday cake. Jihoon gave you a big hug and a small kiss on the cheek.

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Hi everyone! Send in your requests! 

I also have an idea. Ask me questions about myself and I’ll even show a small picture of myself. Ask anything! Much love :)

cr. to the owners of the gifs.

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(I'm lactose intolerant and I love ice cream sooo) Bucky sitting there eating ice cream while you watch him, sad. "What's wrong, doll?" *sigh* "I'm lactose intolerant but I LOVE ICE CREAM. And lactose intolerant ice cream sucks" So Bucky goes and scours the shops for lactose intolerant icecream, he tastes them all & finally he finds a yummy tasting 1 When u wake up in the mornin hes sitting there w an icecream w a red heart Every wknd he makes u a sundae & 1 wknd he takes u 2 the "special place"

oh man or he’d go as far as making you icecream himself!

Fluffy Friday™ 

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why did ong let jaehwan and dongho borrow his cushion???????????? these boys love sharing bacterias

i screaming @ them like that’s fucking YUCK ong what are you doing????????????? and then fuckin dongho asked for a retouch like dude how long have u been in the industry has no one lectured u on how unsanitary that is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and jaehwan went back to patting his cheeks immediately after fixing dongho’s oily nose like jkdcsjkJKDJKJK bye whAT R U GUYS DOINGgGGGgGGGgG……i’m…..i don’t trust any of them to do my make up except like maybe jisung..

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I dont have anything to offer you but emotional support tbh out of all the hetagames on your channel, the ones you've made have to be my favourite like they always give me these moments of HOLY SHIT IM SCREAMING AHCHC bc the way you build them up and portray the characters is just gorgeous. You have some talent, I think, and I'm glad you're using it on making these games for the community even if it's difficult. Keep up the good work !! ✨✨

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emotional support is also super accepted, cuz its nice to know ppl do appreciate it and still like it going, gives us morale to keep going

me n lubo got some real good shit lined up

here, for u special, a sneak peek pic i did

shoutout to my ex i was just outta therapy when i got a dog and met him at this point i might just go check into treatment for ptsd
i still hear his demons screaming in empty hallways it feels like
and now i dunno what to do, it’s been 6 months i didnt forget yet if he was around people wouldnt dare talk to me especially not in the ways they are, making fun or poking the situation i don’t want him talking to me he would only lie, i thought nobody is as messed up as i am but i found someone similar and gentle to open up to and go outside with, my entire life nobody really had spent that much of a year with me, i didn’t sleep at home for a year i was silly enogh to think hey i’m special then u end up not being it all ends up being shit and youre in shit up to your ears beyond your baby hairs
so much manipulation in my head, what made you wanna do the same? you fucked up if you kept me without wanting me i’m fucked up for liking you then too i still wanna raise my dog thought i’m not you, i’m nothing like you
i’m not brave but i’m not weak


☆ zenith awards 2017 ☆

dropped in among the star-studded nominee list tonight is miss helena covey, relative unknown on the moviemaking scene and credited with the standout special effects on the recent season of criminal minds: mind over matter.  r u m o r s   a r e  helena is showing up alone; and to add insult to injury the covey family couldn’t make it to the event - ms. covey’s diplomatic duties apparently taking precedent over her youngest child’s moment in the sun. our eyes on the ground tell us that said youngest doesn’t appear to be too shocked by this, and can be spotted breezing solo through the theatre in an apparently cheap but certainly cheerful selection in white and gold.

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i'm unfortunately looking at comments for pride posts on fb and where do aphobes get the idea that straight ppl love aces abt 75% of the comments are them either whining abt 2 many labels or saying some bullshit abt "u can't be asexual lol that's for plants" or straight up making asexuality out to be a mental illness or a hormone problem or one of those "fake special snowflake" orientations and i'm So Tired


Before Varchie and Bughead

okay but can you imagine young archiebetty,and they sit down in a field of flowers and he braids her hair with all these random flowers around them,and the wind keeps causing him to mess up,and Betty’s worried about the bugs eating up her hair,and Archie says that he’ll make sure “no bugs are gonna eat up your hair cause I’m making it beautiful,and bugs like beautiful things,that means that they like you” and then he picks a special flower just for her and sticks a lily behind her ear and giggles as he hops in front of her and tells her to style his hair like he styled hers,and it becomes this endless cycle of hair styling; AND can u imagine Betty painting Archie’s toes and “accidentally” spilling bright yellow nail polish all over his bed/body,and she offers to clean it up,and he’s all,‘don’t,it reminds me of your hair’ and she has a war flashback to that particular childhood memory and she clings a little hardy to the already fragile hope that they could be together

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God Danni realized how cute you are and how I love you sooo much. I'm going to pamper you and let you all during ax. Maybe ill even gift you a collar or a fucking cute wrist band or something you god damn actually gleam of sunshine and hope. I hope later today you pick up 10000 dollars on the floor so you could pamper yourself

YOU ARE SUCH A FRIGGIN NERD OH MY GOSH I READ THIS IN THE CAR A FEW HOURS AGO AND SMILED SO HARD. You’re totally stoned or somethin rn but that’s okay ; u ; I’ll just pretend like you mean all this and feel special for the time being but maybe once you’re sobered up you’ll feel differently ahah. I love you dude, if I pick up 10000 I’m coming over and giving you half of it wrapped up in girl’s panties. You’re such a cute nerd omg stop making me smile like this, this is ILLEGAL. I should not be this smiley

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TBH u deserve sm better then yuichiroswife. shes hurt me so maany times and ALWAYS writes stupid posts about how ive hruted her when it wasnt INNTENTIONAL she never says sorry, always abot herself... idk how u put up with it for 1 year. u deserve some1 who makes u feel speciall not some1 who makes u feel down abot urself everyday.. if only ppl knew the REAL truth

I’m honestly speechless right now…
I don’t think I deserve better than Speka, she’s amazing. Leave her alone, please.
I might not make posts about it because I do know how hurtful and embarrassing it is to have private information spread from only one side.
Yes, I am aware I have before. But I try not to make indirect callout posts. In my opinion, they are childish and immature. Why not work it out like mature people instead of telling the world about it in hopes of pity? I’m not saying Speka is doing that or anything, I’m talking about people in general. 

My Forever Follows :)

So I’ve had this blog for about a year now and I have followed some truly amazing people that I want to meet and hug and fangirl with in real life.
and so it begins:


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