s.i.r. graphics


♥ L o v e  i s  a  P r o m i s e - for @armorwars​ ♥

spn + graphics:   F R I E N D S                                                                 (insp)                  

You don’t know him. He’s a friend.                                                  

               A friend? Dean, you don’t have any – all your friends are dead.

the paper version of this bingo card was originally supposed to be mailed to @cassammydean​ but I haven’t sent it yet, and I figured the rest of you cockles dumpster children could do with one of these right now because jibcon is upon us


yalitmeme: eight otps [2/8] ♡ aggie + teddy // the school for good and evil

“’AND I LIKE seeing you wear it. because as long as you do, i know you still love me. and given our history of miscommunication, physical cues are helpful.’
agatha snorted.”