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A Blind Path Home, part 4

Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: I obviously took some liberties with the storyline, but I tried keeping it as true as possible to the canon history. No beta used this time around, so excuse my mistakes.

Summary: It started with a blind date. A date you had skipped out on, but fate had led you right to the man you stood up. Steve Rogers, a man small in stature but big in heart. A chance meeting set everything in motion, but decades later when he is unfrozen, he has been told you have died. But when a mission to retrieve Hydra plans turned up some interesting information, Steve’s left to wonder whether you are still alive. Or is this all just false hope?


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Like Father, Like Son

From this request: can you do one where the reader is Tony’s son but he’s a genius and is constantly hacking into shield and gets caught and gets in trouble with fury and he basically spends the whole day trying to get the other avengers to hide him cause fury is scary af



Fury had been upping the security in S.H.I.E.L.D.’s file system—made you work half an hour longer than usual. But you’d still managed to break through.

It’s not like you were looking for anything in particular. You weren’t wanting to steal information. Hell, this time, you weren’t even wanting to add information (like the program that made All I Want For Christmas Is You play every time someone flushed the toilet). No, today you were simply testing your skills, trying to keep yourself from getting rusty.

It was hard to get rusty when your dad was Tony Stark. You’d been raised on computer programs and tech intel since you were three. You were nowhere near as smart as your dad (yet), but you still had a knack for things like he did.


Apparently, Fury wasn’t only increasing security—he was increasing the amount of time he spent watching carefully to make sure it wasn’t breached.

“Where is he?! Where is Stark jr?!”

You quickly grabbed your phone from the desk and scurried down the hall.


“What are you doing?”

You looked up, finding Clint standing next to you. “Um… admiring the view?”

“Hiding from Fury? Again?”


Clint nodded. He dropped to the floor, sliding his legs over the edge of the catwalk, resting his arms on the railing, mimicking you. “Thought I was the only one who knew about this spot.”

“You were. Until about two weeks ago.”

“What happened two weeks ago?”

“I found you hiding up here on the security cameras.”

Clint looked up, noting the small red blinking happening across the room. “Is that the day you hacked in and redirected all the cameras so they were facing walls instead of hallways and rooms?”

“No, that was the day I added little animated birds to all the feeds. Anytime anyone was on screen, birds flew around them.”

“Is that some sort of joke?”

You laughed. “Only if you want it to be, birdbrain.”

At that moment, Clint’s phone rang. He answered on the second ring.

“Yeah? What? No, I haven’t seen Y/N today. Why?” Clint looked over at you, raising an eyebrow. You quickly got to your feet and fled the scene.


You crept down the hall, hoping that Fury was nowhere near.

Your heart nearly stopped when an arm grabbed you, pulling you into an empty room.

“What did you do this time?”

You looked at Natasha. “Nothing. I swear.”

“If you didn’t do anything, Fury wouldn’t be looking for you.”

“Okay, so maybe I hacked through his firewalls. But honestly, it’s his fault. If he didn’t make them so weak…”


“Hey, he should be looking at it that I’m helping him. Now that he knows they’re breachable, he should take better precautions.”

Natasha sighed. “You truly are your father’s son.”

You flashed her a smile, one that many people had told you was a winning one, just like your father’s. “Does that mean you’ll help me out, just like you help my dad out?”

Natasha stared at you for a few moments. “Go,” she finally said, nodding to the hall. “Fury will be here in two minutes. If you’re lucky, I’ll tell him you went the other way.”

“Thanks, Nat!”


You found your way to the lab where your dad and Bruce spent most of their time. True to form, they were in there, tinkering with different things. They both looked up when you entered.

“Y/N? What are you doing?” Bruce asked.

“Hiding from Fury,” JARVIS’ voice said over the speaker.

“Hush,” you said, looking up as if to find a person to scold.

“What’d you do this time?” your father asked, barely glancing up from his latest suit.

“Hacked the firewalls.”


“Can’t help it.”

“How long?”

“Forty-five minutes.”

Your father finally looked up, a slight smirk on his face. “Sounds like you’re getting rusty, champ.”

“Fury’s getting better.”

“Really?” Your father was truly surprised.

You shrugged. “Better. Not impenetrable. But it’s about damn time.”

“Couldn’t’ve said it better myself.”

“You shouldn’t encourage him so much, Tony,” Bruce said.

“How can I say ‘no’ to that face?”


Happy Birthday Lucy Lawless!!!

Lucille Frances “Lucy” Lawless, MNZM (née Ryan; born 29 March 1968)

I am waiting for a sign that will indicate to me what meaning I must give to my life, but right now my existence is satisfactory.

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okie, so, it's way after 15 minutes, but maybe one day you will consider that prompt: "I tried to say fuck off and fight me at the same time and I said fuck me" This is such a Tony thing to do :D

This is a million years old but oh man, this prompt really made me laugh a lot - that is absolutely something that Tony would do!

“We can’t go barreling in half-cocked, Tony. We need a plan, and no, making it up as you go along doesn’t count.” Steve gave Tony his best Serious Look over the top of the S.H.I.E.L.D. file which documented the latest threat to world peace in the form of AI-equipped robotic spiders which had been spotted scurrying through corn fields in Kansas.

“Sure, great, let’s make sure that everything we do gets okayed by you first. I just love having to get your permission before scratching my ass.” Tony glared daggers, his shoulders hunched as he radiated displeasure in a manner somewhat comparable to an angry cat in a bathtub.

“I know you can handle yourself in a fight, but for the sake of everyone, we need to know each other’s tactics and movements. It’s safer that way.” Steve tried to lay a conciliatory hand on Tony’s shoulder, but Tony batted his arm away and leaned forward onto the balls of his feet in an attempt to make up the height difference between them.

“Oh, it’s for the good of the team, is it? Not because you love being bossy, huh, Captain?” Tony spat, his eyes narrowed as he got up in Steve’s face.

Steve took a deep breath, grit his teeth, and willed himself to stay still and stay calm. “I’m not being bossy, Stark. But we need to find a way to work as a team,” Steve’s chin jutted up as he spoke, because god damn it, this was his job and it wasn’t his fault that Tony couldn’t see that. “And in case you didn’t notice yet, I’m actually the one in charge here.”

“Oh, FUCK ME, ROGERS!” Tony yelled.

Steve gawped for a second, open-mouthed.

“God damn it. I meant fuck YOU, Rogers. Or fight me. Or both, I don’t know, don’t give me that look.” Tony’s attempt at casually dismissive was rather undermined by the furious blush which was spreading across his face.

It was probably for the best that Tony had very little in the way of visible shame, because he really was one ugly blusher. Red blotches broke out across his cheeks, and the tips of his ears turned an unhealthy shade of puce. If he was being totally honest with himself, Steve found it rather endearing.

Tony’s scowl deepened as he caught sight of the amused twinkle in Steve’s eye. “It’s not what you think! I know you think my mind is always in the gutter but… it’s just… You’re distracting, okay?! The way you’re always ordering me around and giving me grief and the way you stand there with your stupid perfect hair and your stupid sculpted abs and that stupid charming smile.” Tony reached out to poke Steve in the chest for emphasis, realized what he was doing, blushed some more, and awkwardly shoved his hands into his pockets.

A switch flicked as Steve frantically reviewed his interactions with Tony and conceded, just a little bit late, that their arguments did seem to involve rather more touching each other and pushing each other into walls and staring at each other’s lips than was typical. Ahh. Well, that explained it then.

“Fuck you, huh?” Steve said with a mischievous grin, leaning forward until his hot breath brushed past Tony’s ear, “If that’s what you wanted, Tony, all you had to do was ask.”

Hey, Cupid.


Request: hey i saw a thing of official elemental abilities and i saw crystallokinesis on there. (create and manipulate crystals) i thought you could come up with a good fic. maybe a bucky or clint one? Maybe former hydra agent?

A/N: This has taken way too long. I’m sorry. Whoever requested this, if you still read my writings, I hope you like this one. Decided to go with Clint since I hadn’t written a Clint x reader before. It’s pretty long. Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading it. I also wanted to have a little comic references and decided to add Madam Hydra in it (apparently she’ll be in AoS) she’s mentioned just a few times. Also, Hawkeye’s former suit from the comics is also in this story for… Well, comical reasons.

Pairing: Clint Barton x reader

Words: 5,766

Warning: cursing, fighting

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Goodnight-- Wanda Maximoff

I love wanda so much.

Words: 229

Prompt: 1. Pick a line from your favorite book/movie/poem/show/song. This line is now the first line of your story.


“You need to sleep.” Wanda warned you. It was usual for you to stay up obsessing over cases, but this was ridiculous.

“I’ll sleep when I die.” You grunted, and tiredly flipped the S.H.I.E.L.D case files.

“The way you’re going that will be soon.” Wanda took the file from you, flipping it onto the tale in front of you. “Y/n, this isn’t healthy.”

“I know.” You sighed and leaned back in your chair looking over the many files and folders splayed across the table. “But I can’t stop now. I’m missing something, and I know what it is, but I just can’t see it. It’s like it’s right in front of me.”

“Dragă, maybe the reason for that is because your brain is running on two hours of sleep. Now, either you go to sleep or I make you.” She held her hand up, displaying her powers coursing between her fingertips.

“Okay, okay.” You gave up, and stood. “Last time you put me to sleep, I didn’t wake up for a whole ‘nother day, and I somehow ended up in the Netherlands.”

“Hey, Tony needed you for the mission. Don’t blame me.” Wanda held up her hands in surrender.

You laughed softly, and headed towards your room. She walked with you, until you made it to your room, “Goodnight, Wanda.”

“Goodnight, Y/n.”


A New Beginning

Chapter Eight

Warnings: more fighting, angst, sad backstory

(Prologue) (Chapter One) (Chapter Two) (Chapter Three) (Chapter Four) (Chapter Five) (Chapter Six) (Chapter Seven

“No! Please, stop! I’m begging you!” You thrashed around on the operating table. “It hurts, it hurts so much!”

Strangers dressed in scrubs bustled about, ignoring your pleas. Some approached you, dropping down to draw some blood or slice your skin open with a sharp blade. Others refilled the flesh burning acid that dripped its way into your I.V.

“You’re going to be a gift to the United States, you know that?” A sinister sounding voice contrasted with your screams. “All those years alive, adamantly denying scientists and doctors access to your genetics…can you imagine how many lives could’ve been saved with your genetic code?” 

“You bastard!” You spat in her direction. “You’re going to use it to create the super soldiers, aren’t you?” You writhed around, tugging on your restraints. “Shield, Hydra, United States Government…all three of you have the same ideology- absolute power and intimidation. You don’t care about the people, you only care about yourselves!”

“Draw as much blood as possible and obtain skin graphs then dump her in her cell.” She grazed her fingertips over your tear stained cheeks. “Maybe run a few more shock therapy tests first.”

The multitude of heads in the room nodded as she left, going about to collect the needed materials and setting up the shock therapy machine. You whimpered as a nurse hooked up the gel dipped metal prongs to your temples, tightening them to a special cap used to hold them in place. They stepped back and motioned to another nurse in front of the controls. They stated the voltage before flipping the switch.

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Old Flame - Eight

Summary: Tony Stark has finally gotten over Pepper Potts. He finds himself on the receiving end of the same treatment he subjected his lovers to over the years when he is smitten with a mysterious 19 year old college student. Tony is determined to find out her secrets but will he be able to handle it when he does?

Characters: Female Reader, Tony Stark, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers

Word Count: 1,345

Warning: Almost smut.

A/N: This is a lot longer than my usual updates but I haven’t posted this story in a while because I have been in so much pain; my wisdom teeth are coming in and they hurt like hell and because I’m working on another Tony oneshot and a Bucky series? maybe. Thank you for all your kind words and support. Anyway… let me know what you think!

Old Flame Masterlist

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Originally posted by noonaomo

Tony fastened his cufflinks and ran a comb through his hair. He checked his appearance in the mirror nervously; he didn’t want to mess things up again. The door to his bedroom cracked open and Steve poked his head through the door.

“Tony, you got a minute?” Steve didn’t wait for his answer and stepped into the room, cradling an iPad in his left hand. Tony looked at Steve in the mirror,

“Make it quick, Cap, I’ve got a date.” Steve’s jaw tightened as he recalled finding Tony just a few hours earlier passed out in the living room.

“That’s what this is about.” Tony turned around and raised an eyebrow at Steve. “How much do you know about your girl?” Steve tapped on the screen of the iPad and held it out to Tony. “I think you might wanna look at this before you go on this date.”

Tony snorted in disbelief and grabbed the iPad from Steve. He looked at the screen at the heavily redacted document. None of it made any sense to him.

“I don’t get it, what am I looking at here?” He didn’t have time for whatever mission Steve wanted to go on. Tony adjusted his sport coat and grabbed his car keys. Steve followed him out of the room.

“This is a S.H.I.E.L.D. file…” This wasn’t enough to get Tony’s attention. “…on your girlfriend.” Tony stopped in his tracks and grabbed the iPad from Steve again. “I’m sorry Tony, but I don’t think Y/N is who she says she is.” He scanned the document, trying to decipher anything he could from it.

“Where’s the original file?” Tony demanded and Steve shrugged,

“Her entire file was redacted this morning by someone very high up in the government.”

It was that moment that Tony realized just how little he knew about you. He didn’t know where you were from, anything about your parents, your childhood or your life in general.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y.?” Tony called out to his virtual assistant and she responded in a thick Irish accent. “See if you can get me the original S.H.I.E.L.D documents about Y/N and whatever else you can find.” The AI didn’t hesitate and immediately began scouring the web. “Oh, and get John Delucie on the phone.”

“What do you mean ‘there’s been a change of plans’? Why can’t we go to the restaurant?” You asked, keeping your voice as calm as possible. “Well, can’t we go to another restaurant? You’re Tony Stark! I’m sure any restaurant would give you a reservation in a heartbeat.” Tony explained his situation but you were only half-listening. You examined your fresh coat of nail polish. Under the soft hue of your apartment, it looked more blue than black. “Fine, I’ll see you at the tower in twenty minutes. This isn’t winning you any brownie points, Stark.” With a heavy sigh, you finally conceded and hung up.

You arrived at Stark Tower to find it – as Tony had promised – empty. It was just going to be you and him.

“Mr. Stark is waiting for you on the balcony.” F.R.I.D.A.Y. announced as you stepped into the elevator. You thanked the AI and waited as the elevator zipped up to the top floor. Navigating your way expertly through the top floor, you found Tony waiting for you on the balcony with a bouquet of red roses in his hand. You couldn’t hide your smile.

“Very impressive, Stark.” Tony handed you the roses and escorted you to the candlelit dinner table. He pulled out your chair and helped you into your seat as the glass doors parted and a waiter wheeled in a table of delicacies. Your eyes widened in surprise. “Lobster potpies? Cheesecake in a jar?” Tony smirked as you cooed at the spread. “John Delucie!” You were at a loss for words when the renowned restaurateur followed behind and shook Tony’s hand.

“Mr. Stark wanted everything to be perfect.” Delucie explained and you had to admit: it was! “Enjoy your meal.” He bowed politely and left. You turned back to Tony.

“Does this win me any brownie points?” He teased and you climbed on his lap and kissed him. “Was that a ‘yes’? I just have to make sure.” You laughed and nodded before kissing him again. The kisses grew hungrier and you gripped Tony’s hair at the back of his neck. Tony ran his hands up your smooth legs and patted your thigh. He pulled away from you and helped you back to your seat. “Champagne?” Tony offered before the waiter came over to uncork the bottle and filled up your glass.

While you ate, Tony apologized for showing up at your apartment unannounced and you assured him it was all water under the bridge especially after the amazing evening he just planned. “So, tell me, how does a nineteen-year-old afford an apartment in Manhattan, an Audi and college tuition at an Ivy?” He sawed at his steak but watched you closely. You set your fork down and wiped the side of your mouth with a napkin.

“Well… my dad was a secretary for the government; he earned pretty well. Then, two years ago, when he died I got a pretty good pay-out.” It was kind of the truth…

“So, you grew up here in New York?” You furrowed your brows and took a sip of your champagne.

“Nah, we moved around a lot… but I’d say I spent most of my life in D.C.” Tony continued to probe you with questions about your past. You explained that you were home-schooled – which also was kind of the truth – that you never knew your mother and that you were an only child.

“Okay, another question…” Before Tony could continue you stood up and grabbed his hands, leading him towards the railing.

“I’ve got a question…” you asked in a low, sultry voice. “…do you think the people in the street will be enjoying the view as much as I am?” You unzipped your dress and let it fall around your ankles. Tony stared at your body, starry-eyed as you sauntered towards him and pulled off his jacket. He gulped as you moved your mouth to his neck and nipped at the sweet spot behind his ear. This was unexpected. “It’s a good thing we’re so high up… they won’t be able to hear me scream your name over and over again…” You purred seductively in his ear and you could feel his arousal growing in his pants.

Tony grabbed your arm and pressed it into the small of your back when he bent you over the railing. He trailed his mouth over your shoulder, biting the soft skin while his aching cock poked against your ass.

“The things I wanna do to you…” He growled in your ear and ghosted his fingers down your spine. It gave you chills.

“Tony, we need you downstairs!” Steve spoke suddenly and Tony cursed as he turned around. He had forgotten all about his previous plan. Tony shielded you from view as you grabbed your dress from the floor. He could almost feel Steve’s judgement. “We’ll wait for you in the living room.” Steve stated coolly before walking away and you sighed in relief.          

“I can blow them off, we can finish this!” Tony implored as you grabbed your purse from the table. Somehow, the two of you always ended up at this moment; but you couldn’t think about that. “We’ll do this another time. Thanks for dinner.” You pecked his cheek and stalked away. Tony knew better than to press you into staying. All you wanted was to get out of there and fast. Then, there was a loud shatter…

“Y/N?” A familiar voice called out just as you passed the living room. You and Tony both turned to the speaker who was staring at you in shock. Pieces of glass lay strewn across the floor as you glanced over your shoulder. “It is you!” Tony was confused. You cursed under your breath before answering,

“It’s nice to see you again, Bucky.”

Part 9

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Something Unexpected

The request: You’re Clint’s younger sister who is first introduced to the Avengers when they battle Ultron and they need to stay at the safe house. You are soon sucked into the world full of heroes and villains when Steve takes an interest in you. [Reader has powers]

Pairing: Steve / Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count:1,483

Originally posted by buckydancing

A/N: So this could be turned into a multiple part fic. I wrote more than this and if you’re interested I can add a part 2 and so on if you want. But either way, I hope y’all enjoy! And sorry if it’s a slow beginning.

“Honey? I’m home.” You knew that voice anywhere. You looked up from where you were playing with the kids to see they had already snapped their attention to you, their eyes widening as if asking you if you heard it too.

“I think your dad’s home.” Your said a smile already forming on your face as you watched both of their faces brighten up. “Lets go say ‘Hi,’ hmm?” You hummed and they immediately jumped to their feet and disappeared through the open door before you could even say anything else. You let out a soft laugh as you got up, they were so excited. But a frown quickly replaced your smile as you began to think things over. Clint wasn’t supposed to be home yet.

But your smile reappeared when Clint’s voice rang out again. “Hi, sweetheart!” You could hear the happiness in his voice as he probably greeted his daughter. You could tell he was glad to be home. “Hey, buddy.” You quietly made you way down the staircase when he spoke again. “How are you guys doing?”

“These are smaller agents.” Now, this was not your brother’s voice. You faltered in your step, did he bring company? Was this why he was home early?

“Did you bring Auntie Nat?” Lila’s small voice brought you back from reality and your smile grew as you thought of Nat. You loved Nat, she was one of your best friends. You had known her since her time started in S.H.I.E.L.D. You could still remember the day Clint called you saying he saved someone who he was ordered to kill. He always was a good judge of character and somehow convinced you to let Natasha stay in your apartment as they got her recruited into S.H.I.E.L.D. You shook your head at the memory and continued down the steps more quickly.

“Why don’t you hug her and find out?” You had just turned around the corner when Nat’s voice registered in your ears. You watched as Lila flung herself into Nat’s open arms. Clint still had his arm wrapped around his boy but it wasn’t just the two of them standing in the living room with Laura. And your eyes widen when you realized who everyone was.

“Sorry for barging in on you.” Captain America addressed Laura formally. They all seemed out of the place and you couldn’t help your eyes drift over Cap’s form slowly.

“Yeah, we would have called ahead, but we were busy having no idea you existed.” Your attention turned to Tony who had folded his arms and looked over at Laura.

“Yeah, well, Clint likes to have secrets.” You said stepping further into the living room so that people could see you. Everyone’s attention turned to you and you sent Clint a cheeky smile. “He likes to try and be mysterious,” you teased and Clint chuckled. Rolling his eyes, he left his wife and son’s side to give you a bear hug.

“Y/N,” He greeted and you smiled squeezing him in the hug.

“Glad you’re still alive,” you mused and he laughed as you both stepped back from the hug.

“Just barely.” You rolled your eyes at his comment and gave a head nod to Natasha from over Clint’s shoulder. She gave you a soft smile in return.

Your attention turned back to the boys standing in a line to see they still had some confusion floating around in their eyes.

“Fury helped Clint set this up when he joined.” You informed gesturing around the house for further emphasis. “He kept it off S.H.I.E.L.D.’s files at Clint’s request.”

“And I’d like to keep it that way.” Clint butted in, already back by his wife’s side wrapping his arms around her again and his son. “I figured this would be a good place to lay low.”

“And this is another agent.” Tony spoke and you couldn’t stop yourself from letting out a little huff of a laugh and shaking your head at Tony. But then you were distracted again when Laura spoke just as a crunch was heard. You moved your eyes from Natasha, Laura, and Clint and found yourself looking at Cap and Thor. Thor seemed to have stepped on a Lego house and quickly shuffled it underneath the footstool before looking at Steve who stared back at him. You bit your lip to try and hold back your smile. This was going to be fun.

* * * * *

You met up with Laura right as she stepped out onto the porch. Both of you looked from Clint to Steve and Tony who were cutting up wood and talking. “You going over there?” You questioned your hands tightening around the tray you held as your eyes never left the boys. You realized when Steve ripped a piece of wood with his bare hands, that they weren’t just talking but fighting.

“I’m guessing you’re coming with me?” Laura retorted back and you met her gaze as she looked from you to your tray that held some water bottles and cookies. Your cheeks darkened and you shyly looked over to the red barn before meeting her gaze again.

“I’m guessing we have more company?” You fired back when you saw movement behind the barn. She shared a smile with you before grabbing one water bottle.

You arrived to the two boys right when Steve spoke. “Every time someone tries to win a war before it starts, innocent people die. Every time.” You couldn’t stop the shiver that ran down your spine when you heard him speak and it seemed Tony felt the same way when he looked up at Steve.

“I’m sorry. Mr. Stark…” Laura broke the silence and both of them turned to you. Steve looked from you to the water bottle you were holding and tray of cookies. Silently, he rose a brow at you as Tony’s attention turned to Laura. Your cheeks heated again but before you could say anything Laura spoke again. “Clint said you wouldn’t mind,” Laura pointed her thumb over her shoulder at Clint who was working on the porch fence. “But our tractor doesn’t seem to want to start at all.”  “I thought maybe you might…”

“Yeah, I’ll give her a kick.” Tony interrupted and turned back to Steve. He nodded his head and let out a sigh before fully facing Laura again.  He took two steps before pointing at the small pile of wood he had to the side, “Don’t take from my pile.”

Once they were far enough away you moved yourself closer and Steve rose both of his eyebrows. Even though he was just standing there, you could see he was still tense and there seem to be an endless battle behind his eyes. “I brought cookies,” you blurted before your eyes widen at how lame that sounded. “I mean, you two have been working in the sun for a few hours now, I thought maybe you’d want a snack and some water?”

Steve’s smile had your heart racing just a bit faster as he looked at his shoes for a second. “Thank you ma’am.” His eyes met yours and you mutely nodded. You never were like this! Never a stuttering mess when talking to someone. His feet carried him closer to you and he went for the water first, his fingers brushing over yours as he did so. “This is really sweet of you.”

You shrugged then, still holding the tray. “Well, it’s not a big deal, you seemed like you need a break anyway.” Steve seemed to consider your words as he grabbed a cookie from the plate.

“So you’re Clint’s sister?” He changed the subject before biting into the cookie. His eyes seems to widen and your smile grew as he grabbed another cookie.

“Sadly yes, I’m related to Clint.” You shook your head looking off in the distance with a sad look but that quickly changed back into a smile when Steve let out a laugh. “But don’t worry I’m way better than him.” Steve gave you another smile and it seemed your joking around relaxed him a little bit. You could even see his eyes slowly have a glimmer of amusement in them.

“Oh really?” He asked finishing his second cookie and going for the the third. “Is that so, and how are you better than Hawkeye?” He teased right back and your smile grew.

“Well, we all have our secrets, Cap.” You retorted with a wink and gestured with your hand to his water bottle. The wind picked up, lifting the bottle from his hand and back to yours. You let out a little laugh when you saw Steve’s confusion turn into shock. But before he could speak you twirled around and waved over your shoulder. “It was nice talking to you Cap, but I’m going to see if anyone else wants some cookies.”

[Part 2]

Another A/N: I mean, technically, I could leave it at that. I sort of really did the whole request and could just leave like: how you met Steve if you were related to Clint. And I might just keep it that way, if no one wants to see more into this. So yeah, I hope you liked it.

Also, I’m just casually tagging you all because I want to? So if you don’t want me to just say so or if you want to be tagged just say so lol

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First impressions (2/?)

Part 1

Warnings: Language mostly

NOTES: Part 2 of this soulmate AU thing. Im really excited to start posting the meat of this thing soon. let me know what you think. Requests are always open 

This was really the last thing you needed to worry about. Fury had been on your case about recruitment for two weeks and honestly Scott needed actual training. You were hoping that you were passed the point of ever running in to your soulmate. Sure there was always some small part of you that worried about it being one of the kids they brought in to train but you had refused early on to get close enough to any of them to have this be an issue. If they never spoke directly to you, their words didn’t matter.

I guess this batch of recruits were going to be different. Your Email alert went off and you nearly jumped out of your  skin.

Agent L/N,

Your new group of agents will be arriving later this week. Keep in mind that these agents have not seen combat and will need refreshed on several fighting styles before you evaluate them.

Good luck,

M. Hill

Perfect. You thought to yourself. So not only were you going to meet your soulmate this week, you had to train 24 people from the ground up. You pinched the bridge of your nose and rested your elbow on the desk. This whole situation could not get any worse.

Just as the thought entered your brain Steve peeked his head into your office.

Hey, Y/N, Do you have a minute?”

You nodded and motioned for him to take the seat in front of you. “What’s up?”

I just got off the phone with T'Challa. It looks like they have found someone that might be able to help Buck.” He said. You could see the hope behind his calm demeanor.

“Yeah, that’s amazing!”

“His name is Steven Strange. He’s, well honestly, he’s something else. He claims he’ll be able to erase the programming in Bucky’s mind entirely. I don’t want to put too much stock in this magic stuff but if it could help him… I have to give it a shot, Right?”

You were used to this by now. Every time there was someone or thing that claimed it could help Bucky Steve would come to you or Natasha to ask advice. Several things were too outrageous for either of you to let Steve go through with. But a couple of them actually sounded like they might work. You didn’t know anything about this Vincent guy so you weren’t in a place to give advice.

“What do you know about the guy?” You asked as you turned to your computer to search S.H.I.E.L.D’s database.

“Not much. Which is why I came in here.” You looked up from the computer screen to give Steve your full attention. “I want to meet him before I let him anywhere near Bucky. I want to know what his intentions are before I let him tinker with my best  friend’s memory. T'Challa says he’s done it before but… I don’t know. I don’t want to get too excited before I know for sure that it’s safe. What I guess I’m trying to say is that I’ll be leaving in a few hours.”

Steve looked like he was being torn in two. You could see the fear masking the hope in his eyes and it made your heart sink.

“Steve, You know I fully support anything that will help Bucky. He deserves a chance to start over. I think meeting with Vincent is a good idea. It’s better to know if he’s actually able and here to help before you let him see Bucky.”

Steve gathered you up in to a giant bear hug before leaving your office to finalize the details with the rest of his team. Natasha would be out on her mission for a couple more days so it was up to you to fill her in when she returned. If everything went well you wouldn’t be expecting Steve back for a couple weeks while he helped Bucky recover from what ever treatment Vincent had in mind. If it didn’t go well, Steve and Natasha would be back around the same time.

You headed up to the living quarters a little after 8pm, stopping off in the kitchen to grab a couple beers and some left over pizza before settling yourself in for the night. The bulk of your day had consisted of writing the recruit’s reviews and suggestions for placement. It left you with no time to check out Steve’s new lead, so you turned on your lap top and and reheated your food.

S.H.I.E.L.D had a small file on Doctor Vincent Strange. He was a gifted surgeon before his car accident. After he suffered nerve damage in his hand he went on some kind spiritual journey to find someone to fix his hands. When he came back he could do things. The file failed to call it magic but that’s exactly what it sounded like to you. It did mention some kind of hypnotism that helped remove memories.

You didn’t find anything concrete but if he could change Bucky’s memories this just might work. You sent Steve a quick text with what you had learned. You fell asleep waiting on a reply.

When you woke up the next morning you had a text from Scott asking when you could train and   one from Steve explaining the situation. You answered Scott first, telling him you were available at anytime for the day and then replied to Steve. Apparently, Dr. Strange was more impressive than his file made him out to be and they were taking Bucky out of cryo freeze today. You passed on well wishes and ran down to the gym. You were in need of a good run. You put your head phones in and started to stretch. Halfway through the first song your Email alert went off. You pulled up the email app and quickly read through the list of recruits that would be arriving tomorrow afternoon.

You decided to keep from individual interactions with the recruits for at least the first couple  days to be able to judge their ability without the bias of the soulmate bond. The last thing you needed was to compromise someones training because of a few words on your skin. If you could hold off the official meeting… Maybe you could avoid it some how.

Scott showed up at 2:30 and you got to work kicking his ass. He was decent but street fighting wasn’t a style that would save your ass against a HYDRA agent. You could see the moves Hope had tried to teach him when he got really desperate but honestly, it wasn’t enough. You slowed down dramatically to show him where he was miss stepping and how he should guard for certain attacks. After two hours of training and instruction, you felt pretty good about what he had learned. Scott stood up from where you had knocked him on his back again. He pressed his hand to his lower back and hunched over.

“Jesus, Y/N, I need a break.  I’m going to be so sore tomorrow and I have a play date with Cassie.”

“Sorry, Scott. Go ahead and get out of here. We’ll go again in a couple days.”

“Alright recruits! Listen up! I am Agent L/N. Today we’re going to be sparring with each other so that I can evaluate the areas you each need to work on. This will start out one on one but before your final day you must be prepared to defend against several attackers at once. I suggest you keep a close eye on your peers, look for mistakes and strengths that you can remove or implement in your own technique. If you are pinned for longer than three seconds your time is up and you’ll head back to your seats. This is not a pass/fail exercise. Tomorrow, after I review my notes we will move on to making you stronger agents and hopefully move you on to the next phase of your training. However, if you have shown no improvement by the end of your three weeks with me, you will be sent back to S.H.I.E.L.D for placement in one of their open departments. So please take the next few weeks very seriously.”

You stepped away from the training mats and started calling out groups of two and watching them. The first set couldn’t land a single hit in the 10 minutes you gave them and the rest of the agents weren’t any better. Your notes consisted of tough criticism and curse words. You weren’t normally this hard on the agents S.H.I.E.L.D sent but the itching and burning sensation on your ankle started to get worse as the day went on. It seemed like you were reaching down to scratch it every ten minutes. You knew there was no way it meant good news.

“Alright guys. As we all could see you have plenty of work ahead of us. You are free to use the rest of the night as you see fit. Grab some dinner, train, do some research, but most importantly get some sleep. Training starts tomorrow.” You dismissed the group and headed to your room. You turned on the tv for background noise but quickly fell asleep.

At six in the morning your alarm went off and you hurried to grab your notes and change into your training outfit before heading down to the gym. You hopped on the treadmill and started working on your pointers for each recruit. After an hour of running your leg started to burn so you decided it was time to stop. When you walked in to the locker room you rolled down the top of your sock to get a good look at the words for the first time since they first appeared. The letters had become tender and the skin around them inflamed. The tiniest amount of pressure sent a sharp sting up your entire leg. No one had said anything about this before.

You pulled your sock up as you heard two of the female recruits come through the door. They both spotted you and smiled before heading to their lockers. You quickly fastened the lock on yours before heading back out to the training area to wait for the rest to show up.

It was almost 8 AM before everyone had filed in. Most of them still had sleep in their eyes and were sporting serious cases of bed head. You sighed and walked out to the center of the room. You pulled the instructor voice out and addressed your audience.

“Alright, Does anyone remember why we train in so many different fighting styles?”

A hand shot up from the middle of the group. “Yes?”

“So that we can defend and incapacitate an attacker no matter the situation…” The blonde girl answered.

“Yes. Very good. Today I had a training session scheduled with one of our newest Avengers for this very reason. Scott?”

Scott slowly made his way from the locker room, giving the agents a small smile and wave.

“Scott here has agreed to help with today’s refresher. Are you ready?”

“Well, this is my first time with an audience so, be gentle.” He joked as he squared up.

You started with basic street fighting, which you knew Scott excelled at. You were trying to give the agents in their seats a taste of what real sparring felt like. After several minutes of both of you landing several good hits you stepped back and addressed everyone.

“That was basic street fighting. You will see this with most lower level thugs and those newest to fighting. Alright Scott, we are going to move on to some more difficult styles. We are going to go at a dramatically slowed down pace so that you can see exactly what we are doing.”

“Before you guys head off to get some lunch Scott and I are going to speed things back up.”

You turned to Scott and prepared for the next round. After couple of near pins from Scott you dropped to the floor and kicked his legs out from under him, throwing him to the ground before you pinned him firmly to the mat.

“Okay guys, go grab some food.” You said before helping Scott off the mat.

“That wasn’t so bad, you picked up quite a bit since the first time.” You said with a smile.

“Thanks.” He said rubbing his shoulder. “Hey, you seemed a little off the other day. Are you doing alright?”

“Yeah. I’ve just got a few things on my mind right now.”

“Okay. I just wanted to make sure. You seem a little better today.”

You pushed his shoulder playfully and told him to go get food before he passed out. On your way out the door you both heard someone faintly clapping from the other entrance. Your heads turned to see who it was when you got an eyeful of the Captain himself.

Oh no. You thought to yourself. This can’t mean good news. He should still be in Wakanda.

You waled over to him and he grabbed you up in a giant hug.

“How did it go?” You asked, a hint of disappointment coloring your tone. You were worried about Steve, you knew that this whole situation was taking a toll on him.

“It worked.” You looked at him in disbelief. “I know its crazy but he did it.”

“Oh my god! That’s amazing! When will he be here? I’d love to meet him!” You exclaimed. Steve was one of your closest friends here and you were excited that things were finally going his way. You were so excited that you almost didn’t notice your ankle flare.

“Any minute actually. He’s on his way up with Steven. He couldn’t to meet you. You really have been a life saver the last few months and he may have heard more than a few stories. Plus he could never resist a pretty girl.” Steve chuckle as the blood flowed to your cheeks.

You pulled your leg up to scratch  as you heard two voices making their way down the hall. The burning sensation got worse and you couldn’t stop scratching.

“Are you alright, Y/N?” Steve asked you as you leaned down to focus your attention on your ankle.

“Yeah, Just a mosquito bite.” You lied.

“Well, Y/N, This is Bucky.” When you stood back up you were met with the bluest eyes you’d ever seen. “Bucky, This is Y/N, the woman who should be crazy due to how much she’s had to deal with me in the last few months.”

Bucky’s eyes lit up and a smile broke across his face at Steve’s words.

“Lovely to meet you, Doll.”


Broken (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: This is the second part, you can find previous part here.

Warning: mention of torture

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Reader’s POV

It was a long night and I couldn’t sleep, my stomach hurt from pizza. I ate too many slices, how will I train with Steve in a few hours? I really ate too much.

˝I hate you Scott˝ I murmured in my pillow.

My alarm started beeping, it was already time to get up. After taking a long, cold shower I went to the kitchen where I could hear voices. Immediately recognizing them. While, entering the room, I heard Steve saying Bucky something about Iceland, which was strange because we never had a mission there.

Was he telling him about me? He wouldn’t do it, would he?

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