Sometimes I hate being a skinhead.

Being accused of being far right or a racist, the bullshit politics, the misinterpretations and misunderstandings… Sometimes it all seems a little too much just because of the way we look to some people. Tomorrow I could decide to abandon the scene and give up, just like many have, just to avoid any further conflict.


I will wear my boots with pride.

Forever S.H.A.R.P

from the florida s.h.a.r.p. blog  

Their is nothing wrong with being proud of your ethnic background or the cultural roots that made you who you are today. (pride without prejudice)



It’s all the fence walking ignorant boneheads that believe in a supremacy of a race that are truly misguided in blindness of what it is to be a skinhead. Whats truly hilarious is even during the time of Nazism you would of been exterminated. Take a look in the mirror bonehead eugenics is your ashes.The words of hate you live your cockroach life’s in are nothing more then the stool in your head where your brain should be located causing your mouth to defecate foolish bullshit. YOUR NOTHING BUT A DOG CHASING HIS TAIL. That’s why traditional skinheads like us S.H.A.R.P.’s call you boneheads your not a skinhead jest a bonehead.

anonymous asked:

simply, don't wear red of white laces with your docs cause you could be mistaken for a neonazi as white stands for white supremacist and red for having committed hate crimes. Although racist skinheads misappropriated docs from the rude boy skinhead culture so if someone is wearing white laces and a s.h.a.r.p. or g.n.w.p. Patch its cause they are reclaiming it as anti-racist since the skinhead style was originally from Jamaican immigrants who were reclaiming their pride as Brits not Nationalists.