A trip from Barcelona to Stuttgart in the E-Class Coupé

[Mercedes-Benz E 400 4MATIC | Fuel consumption combined 8.4-8.1 l/100km | CO2 emissions combined 189-193 g/km | http://benz.me/efficiency_statement]

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I didn't know you had a tattoo! May I ask what it is? I can't really tell in the photo. Also, you don't need makeup, you're too beautiful without it. Pull off that Alicia-Keys-no-makeup

aH thank you! That’s very kind of you!

This was taken right after it got done so that’s why my arm are so red haha

*causally looking through my tumblr page* 

Holly crap I just hit 400 followers on my page

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 I know that’s not as huge as say 15 million people but for a person who doesn’t really talk that much and find her voice here that is pretty awesome! 

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Thank you all so much! You are all the best :) @starlightcrystalgem @septicuniverse @sam-septic-girl @thedarkshadowwolf @thebluepikachu135 @idratherlivefreetofail @imaginative-pastel-kid @itsjustkp007 @allybear1246 @caldrasena @callmeanyale @callmeallie @jacksepticeyegifs @reneefournierxoxo @rainbowcookie666 @nathanmcraye @novirp13 @obi-nwachukwu17 @sarabruni79 @jacksepticeyebossatronio @gabis2r @ladyyasme @wtfbre18 @thatonegirrl16 @sarcasm-gurl @septiceyespeed @septicworld @therealjacksepticeye If I didn’t tag you I appreciate every single one of you :) 

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"I am not jealous, I'm territorial. Jealous is when you what something you can't have, territorial is protecting what is yours." with Jaybird please

Excuse me while I let out a very loud “AWWWW” I love this starter.

“I am not jealous, I’m territorial. Jealous is when you what something you can’t have, territorial is protecting what is yours.” Jason exclaimed.

You were taken aback at the outburst. You had been teasing him that he was jealous because the bartender at the bar you were just at was flirting with you.

Basically Jason cursed the poor guy out before moving you both away from the bar. “Jay” you breathed.

He was rather worked up about it. “I-” he sighed, running a hand through his hair before standing in front of you. “You’re mine and I’m your always remember that” he pulled you into a hug.

You wrapped your arms around his waist, “I do know that. I’m yours 100% no matter what.”

He kissed your forehead, “I love you [F/n]”

You smiled against his chest, “I love you too Jaybird, Red Hood and all”


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"are you jerking off or did you just find another book?"

There were so many choices with this one lol.

“Are you jerking off or did you just find another book?”

Oliver stared at you after walking out of the bathroom. “Excuse me?” He laughed.

“You were in there for a while so that meant one of two things, those things being the prior statement”

“Or I was just using the bathroom” he justified crossing his arms.

“I won’t judge if you were doing the first one, it’s funny to think of the Star City Mayor and Superhero doing that” you giggled making him roll his eyes.

“[F/n] I was using the bathroom, nothing more nothing less” he said sternly but smile never fading.

“Fine, I’ll leave it alone. But just one question”

“Why am I scared all of a sudden?” He pinched his nose.

“Did I cause it or was it the new bow I got you?” You smirked.

“Oh my god I’m done here!” He yelled walking off.

“Ollie answer the question!” You laughed but he already made his escape.



Untitled by Tess Smith-Roberts

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I loved the sentence starter you did with Barry 😭❤️ could you maybe do "everyone can tell you lover her, it's obvious" with an extremely shy &' awkward Barry, thanks 💗

Aww awkward Barry ❤️

“Everyone can tell you lover her, it’s obvious” Cisco looked at Barry. Of whom was talking about what to get you for your birthday.

“What?” Barry looked at him before seeing the others on the room begin to nod. “Pfft I don’t love [F/n]”

“Oh really then why do you talk about her nonstop?” Wally questioned.

“Or worry about her constantly?” Joe followed his son.

“Or always scrolling through her instagram?” Iris pointed at the phone in his hand, which in the moment he tucked away.

“Okay guys I get it! I like her okay!” Barry huffed"

“Like who?” You questioned entering the room. Eyebrows raised curiously.

“Uh, I just um, you see I” Barry sputtered out. You stared at him, brows furrowed in confusion. “Is that the meta human app? Well gotta run” he sped off.

“The app didn’t go off” Caitlin looked at the screen over Cisco’s shoulder.

“He didn’t take his suit” you pointed to the fully dressed mannequin.

“Smooth Barry” Cisco shook his head.


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I know the next part of Perfect just came out but I NEED the next part!!!! I live for angst!!!!!!!

I was planning on posting it soon. I’m completely overwhelmed by the amount of feedback/screaming you guys have given me. It has me tempted to post the next part tonight… but i’m not sure if y’all are ready. Glad you like the angst ;)

Perfect Part 8

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"Not to point out the elephant in the room, but is that a literal elephant in the room?"

🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘… that is all

“Not to point out the elephant in the room, but is that a literal elephant in the room?” You pointed toward the entrance of the batcave. Having just walked into down there due to the sound of an argument.

“Yes it is a fucking elephant that DAMIAN ISN’T KEEPING” Jason yelled, shooting a glare at the boy.

“Tt, you don’t get to make that decision Todd” he defended.

“No I do, and you’re not keeping it” Bruce interjected, still in his suit. The cowl pulled down.

“But father..!”

“Damian it’s an elephant, not a dog or cat, an ELEPHANT!” Tim chimed in this time.

Everyone seemed to be against the elephant until you realized something. “Uh guys, where’s Dick?”

Everyone exchanged a look before hearing footsteps barreling toward the room. “Guys I got peanuts!” Dick yelled with the widest smile.

You sighed turning your head back to the others, “I should’ve known.” They all nodded as Dick full on sprinted over to the elephant.