s.e cupp

Gloria Steinam once famously said, “A liberated women is one who has had sex before marriage and a job after,” a slam against both the woman with religious or moral convictions and the woman who chooses to work outside the home. Who could blame anyone, liberal or conservative, for rejecting this imagining of a woman’s identity as shaped merely by her apathy toward God, men and family?

What would liberal feminists like Steinem prefer that women do with their lives? Chase a paycheck? Fawn over this season’s must-have ballerina flat? Seek out the destruction of all mankind to leave women atop the food chain? When one really looks at the so-called women’s interest factions, it becomes clear that the “war” being waged here isn’t against women. It’s against freedom. The feminist today, much like the liberal, is enslaved by a need to fulfill a laundry list of dogmatic criteria that locates her squarely and resolutely in a single camp, whether she actually aligns with all of those criteria or not.

—  S.E Cupp - Why You’re Wrong About The Right