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Is S Darko any good? I want to watch it but I heard it's not that good but I don't know what's your opinion?

If you go into it thinking of it as ‘a sequel to Donnie Darko’, then it’ll suck. I get why people think so poorly of it, I really do. But if you think of it as an independant movie, or maybe just as a continuation of the Donnie Darko saga, then it’s more enjoyable.
Personally though I adore it, it’s one of my favorite movies. For one thing, the main character (Sam) is basically me. Which is maybe a little sad but it’s true, she is an extremely relatable character for me which made the movie rather interesting for me. There are quite a few parallels with Donnie Darko, which some people didn’t like but I loved spotting the subtle connections. The soundtrack is absolutely incredible, I was not disappointment music-wise. It’s one of those movies that you may have to watch a couple of times to understand it, and even then you are free to interpret things in your own way. 
Perhaps I am biased, because this film meant a lot to me at a very bad time in my life, and I know that there have been some scornful reviews about it, but I would strongly recommend that you watch S.Darko and decide for yourself. It’s not for everyone, I know, but I do think that it is judged a little too harshly.