1988. Sign Of The Wicked

it’s second album by speed/thrash band SDI. that came about during the height of the thrash scene. However, they went largely unnoticed, which is a shame considering that they put out some quality albums. Not the most original band in the world, SDI seemed to take a few cues from fellow Krauts Blind Guardian and Helloween, but in a more aggressive manner. 

The musicianship is very good, especially considering they are 3 piece. The riffs and solos are fast and catchy, some are quite impressive technically as well. The drums pound out and high speed. Vocalist Rainhard Kruse has a perfect voice for this. Not quite smooth, not quite rough, at times he sounds a little punk-ish, more NWOBHM maybe. He has good range, good control, never going too far over the top always balancing on the edge. All though he does struggle with the clean, soft vocals at the end of “Fight” which seem pretty out of place(that whole part seems very out of place.) The song writing is strong and consistent throughout.


Now that is how guitar should be played. Skip to 0:57 for the fun part, solo starts at 2:15