Designation SHARKY BOY.

Piloted by Natsya Zolnerowich, Sharky Boy is almost perfectly suited to his pilots “Follow my orders to the LETTER” attitude. 

Originally a part of the S.A.V.I.O.R.S naval defense force, Sharky Boy and Natsya were inducted into the recently formed elite strike team known as RAIDER squad. 

Based off both a shark and a battleship, Sharky Boy possesses more artillery shells than the next leading competitor. Armed with several spreadshot helix shell cannons (designed to emanate a sort of Battleship turret look) as well as three double-barrel high-end type 23A ‘Boom mic’ cannons, two mounted in special piledriver gauntlets to puncture Grey units up close, and one inside the Sharkhead portion of the chassis.

The sharkhead is mainly decorative, however if you were to eject the cannon unit it could be used to clamp down on a grey that got a wee bit too close. 

While Sharky Boy boasts impressive combat capability with it’s current armament, Sharky Boy's processor includes a special hot-patch program that can allow it to commandeer various weapons and attach them to the arm units, be they made by Human or Grey.




Member of the rough-and-tumble Rough Riders squad, Longhorn functions as the teams heavy-duty sniper unit, which is made obvious by his massive railgun. Unlike most S.A.V.I.O.R.S. units, Longhorn was actually incorporated and meshed with a pre-existing prototype artillery unit, hence why it has treads and only one fully-functional arm. But that only serves to make it a more stable platform for sniping Grey power units. His armor plating is thick, and his chassis has quite a few storage units filled with ammo so Rotary (Who, being a unit with multiple arms all equipped with SOME kind of rapid-fire weapon) can reload when the need arises. He also has a mid to short range scatter cannon lodged in his chest to keep baddies far away from him; just how he likes it.

He’s really quiet and tends not to talk much, except when conversing with Rotary, despite their pilots hating each other.



It, unlike other S.A.V.I.O.R.S. Units, is piloted by an A.I. who’s called itself “Splitter” as it managed a Particle accelerator complex before the Greys took over the city it was hosted in.

Eventually Splitter and Axeman go on this big killing spree and decapitates someone but hey at least it took out a lot of Greys while it was still on our side.


It’s incredibly lightweight, allowing it to get in your face with it’s signature mantis-esque blades. If a target happens to be too fast or close range starts to get a bit dicey, it’ll start using it’s light, armor-piercing Machine guns, (dubbed “Pepper Shakers” by the weapon specialists due to the guns notably spastic accuracy and ineffectiveness at even medium ranges). However, instead of relying on it’s guns, it often ends up using it’s boosters to unleash bursts of extreme speeds to close the gap between the enemy/evade would-be fatal blows.


AND HERE WE HAVE MY CONCEPT of the Greys infantry battle pod. Essentially only the lower ranks of Grey society operate these things. The process to becoming one is rather unpleasant, seeing as in order to ensure a soldier is able to fight at all times, they essentially scoop the brain out and integrate it with the neural network of the machine, which is located right behind it’s rather large optical sensor. It’s boasts some rather glaring design flaws in it’s fragile legs and it strikingly bright eyeball. However, they are easy to mass-produce, and it’s high-powered plasma-cluster cannon is nothing to laugh at either. Average SAVIORS units stand about a third taller, but mainly because the neural integration systems are much more compact and basic in battle pods.

The neural integration technology was recovered and reverse-engineered by humans and incorporated into the new SAVIORS units you see today. Of course, SAVIORS can take down pods with relative ease, provided that they aren’t in large groups.

On a side note, I really like the way the hand looks.