How To Write A Fan Letter to a Broadway Actor


1) Be creepy. No “omg I want to have your babies” or “I have ksjdhsajh copies of your signature” or “omg ur so hot I wanna kiss you” or “lets go out”. or “Can we meet”…No. Bad. Don’t do that thing.

2) Expect them to reply right away (if ever). They are busy, they get a lot of fanmail. If you don’t send a S.A.S.E., you probably won’t get a response back, if ever.

3) Compare them to other actors/tell them they’re your “Second favorite _____”. Instead, say “you’re one of my favorites [character name]/actors!”


1) Be respectful.

2)  Give praise!

  • “I really like how you portray [character]”
  • “I like how you do [thing]”
  • “Your voice is amazing!”

3) Say you want to see them perform again!

4) Tell them how the show/their performance changed your life.

5) Keep it short. They don’t want to read an essay. They have stuff to do. Keep it under two pages double spaced, one page single spaces!

Sample Letter Under the Cut

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An AU where Ryuko and Satsuki grew up as sisters, and despite their horrible homelife with Ragyo, they managed to stay strong by relying on each other. When they were 8 they made a fort out of cardboard, made each other paper swords, and dubbed themselves S.A.S.S. (Sisters Against Scary Suckers). As soon as they were able to hold real weapons, they started sparring against each other. Sometimes things would get a bit rough, and they would often end up pretty bruised and bloody. Despite Ryuko’s stubborn protests, Satsuki would always patch her up afterwards, teasing her sloppy fighting style, but subtly making sure her little sis was alright. An AU where Ryuko and Satsuki were working together the entire time and have a really intense but caring sibling rivalry-PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME NOW

“What’s the name of your vessel, Captain?”
“Wha- NO I mean the ship! Sir!”
“The S.A.S.S Heartseeker, love! Semi-Automatic Star Ship.”
“Yes love, you can’t get a good job done without using your hands now can we?”

After much anticipation and a photoshop crash, I present to you Captain Altair Orion Lovewood of the Dominion ship, S.A.S.S Heartseeker!


OKAY SOOOOO we’re all sinners and that’s why the right n old pure one wouldn’t have fit for the malevolent blogs and a new one was produced by me today. If your blog is just not fit for purity and innocence you can use the Sin Approval Seal of Sorey (S.A.S.S.) on the left instead of the right one to show that ur sins ain’t a joke

they’re both transparent so knock yourself out with them on ya bloge and credit me maybe if u use them for some reason!
don’t let dumblr fool you, both approval seals are roughly the same size

(thanks to @animeisparadoxical for encouraging me to sin. the fandom world is a better place with u i’m sure. strike the malevolence, guys. strike it)