not to ruin anyone’s already screwed mood, but i have the feeling that apart from sistar and t-ara, we’ll have to go thru some bad news about miss a and after school this year too. like, it’s even more obvious what their fate is gonna be, even more expected than sistar imo.

WE’RE ALL FAMILIAR WITH THE TALE OF ROBIN HOOD ——– stole from the rich, gave to the poor, blah blah blah. but what about a thief that’s sort of like robin hood IF robin hood stole precious, priceless technology and sold it to the highest, villainous bidders? which is just a long way to say —- NOTHING like robin hood. move over, goody goody green-tights, there’s a new prolific thief in town; the illustrious RED X of the hit cartoon TEEN TITANS 2003. originally established in march of 2017, he’s BACK and ready to ROB YOU BLIND ! just hit that like and/or reblog if you’re interested in this somewhat lovable sticky-fingered shithead. 

by now this is old news, but shipperblocklist has been created by starryklance specifically to name out ‘problematic’ shippers for the stated purpose of blocking them.

shippers are leaping to be added to this list in the sweet-hearted hope that if their name is on the Shame Wall, antis will actually block them and not use this as a handy-dandy list of people that deserve harassment whenever an anti is feeling low.

(They start with the above note about how shippers have ‘made their bed’ and they can lie in them, because their ships are toxic and she just wants a safe space away from all the bad shippers, darn it! and I don’t know if it occurred to her that if she actually blocks the people on the list, they can’t exactly reach out to her to ask for corrections …)

I’ll give starryklance credit: I think she genuinely believes in her cause here and genuinely wants shippers to stay out of her space. And I fully respect and encourage the practice of blocking people that create or reblog content you don’t like. But there’s a lot of little, skeevy things going on here that I can’t help cringing over:

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sirprizethief  asked:

((CUTIE CUTIE CUTIE AAAAA 📷 📷 📷 📷 📷 📷 📷 ))

Send 📷 to have a picture of the Mun !

「    my hair’s kinda terrible okay, since it’s so late ––    」

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i M lauGhing so hard anon thANk YOU