DnD night gets wild. My saytr bae, Xix, unknowingly banged the werewolf that the group was trying to find and eliminate so they could get passage to their next destination. Our siren, Saphosre, was just a little pissed when she found out. To Xix’s credit, he lead the werewolf right to the group to be eliminated quickly. At least they didn’t have to hunt her down later. @linlupin ‘s half-elf, Arlal, doesn’t know what to do with this new found knowledge. Poor babs.   

I will be posting more DnD related comics periodically. There’s a couple more I really want to do, but they’ll probably be drawn after the two other projects I have started.

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All The Devil’s Men

XIX. Sanctuary

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Samuel knew Reyes was angry with him, for going to Safe Harbor first.

“Mrs. Carl will undoubtedly have a portrait from her only daughter’s wedding. Even if she doesn’t, she’ll be able to describe her new son-in-law.”

“This is a delay,” Reyes hissed, quiet so that Stark wouldn’t hear him. “You’re putting off the inevitable, and I’m the one who will catch hell for it.”

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ravisk  asked:

Perturabo to Horus "So you cooked up a story and dropped my legion to the meatgrinder." From Predator

Actually I’m pretty sure this is the exact canon reason why Corax doesn’t like either Horus or Perturabo - because they bundled the newbie primarch and his recently-rechristened XIX Legion into a killzone over his objections and the legion’s old hands got shot to pieces.

Ironically this would later save the Raven Guard from a potential vector of Chaos corruption as most of the guys who volunteered were the ones who’d worked closely with Horus and so maintained the XIX’s lodges - without them the lodges that would later be used to infuse a number of legions with Chaos sympathies broke up and died.

(Meanwhile the old legion master dissed Corax’s girlfriend so he sent him and the rest of the Terrans to go blow up space.)