“2 months after the fight at LGP, Vendetta was drying dishes in the kitchen and dropped one. It’s not like it was his fault. There were tens of thousands of identical plates in the mansion, but instead of the simple apology Mahogany expected, Vendetta flat out panicked. Within seconds, he was in front of her, shaking like a leaf and promising not to eat or sleep until he had worked enough to pay it off, getting more and more hysterical with every promise he made. 

Mahogany finally had no choice but to cover his mouth and force him to look at her after he digressed into repeating “please” over and over again. Upon letting him go, Ven just looked at her with the most heartbroken expression on his face, before quietly whispering “please don’t replace me too” and crumbling into tears.″ - by luckymasie

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So, this may not count, but I joined a social network to make friends and share life experiences, and had a lot of guys instantly message me. No way a dating site. So I ignore it. Then I get a welcome message from one guy, and I say hi and tell him thanks, and "Why are there so many guys trying to pick up on here? Is this normal? It's not a dating site, it's a bit desperate, it's not OKCupid." To which he replied: "Oh. Never mind. Bye." He was working up to cracking on to me, I didn't know! HAH!

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Krysten Ritter has lovely words to say about working with David Tennant on Marvel's Jessica Jones

Krysten Ritter was interviewed in the Marvel podcast this week about Jessica Jones and she spoke fondly about working with David Tennant in the 13 part series which will be released exclusively on Netflix worldwide later this year.

The whole interview can be heard at this link and the relevant part starts at 53 minutes.

After talking about co-star Mike Coulter, interviewer Marc Strom started the section by asking about, as he described him, “one of the other big characters of the show - David Tennant.” Marc asked if, after a scene was finished filming, whether David Tennant stayed in character as Kilgrave or became “crazy, super goofy?”

Krysten replied “No, I would never describe him as crazy, super goofy. He is a total pro, he is a joy to be around. He is a very kind person and a very supportive scene partner, one of the best scene partners I’ve ever had in my whole career and I’ve had a few great ones. David Tennant blew my mind day in and day out with not only his acting ability but his professionalism and his general attitude - just like a good guy, such a great person.”

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