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but yeah thanks you two I don’t get complimented on my art that much as I used to so it’s nice knowing you guys still like it. <3

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OMG I know we asked for it but that was intense, poor Sid just attracts the worst kind of attention, please tell me everyone is going to visit him in the hospital and leave dozens of flowers and stuffed animals and offer endless hours of babysitting. On another note I would looooove a scene where Hilary just lays into the old man you mentioned completely uncaring of his increasingly frantic shrieks of 'its witchcraft that has a hold on you, we're here to save you!'

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What happens when they get to the hospital? Are the kids and Geno okay? Is Sid able to heal himself or do the doctors have to save his life first?? What is the town’s reaction, are they all super worried and protective???? Everytime I think ur done with this story u come back and write something awesome that makes me want more, it’s so terrible : )



That is such a tease! Please, I need to know what happens next.

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Oooooohhh my god that was amazing. Please write us the aftermath so we know what happens to Sid and how the town reacts!!

(ref: this FW ficlet)  additional warnings for (uh, don’t read if you don’t want spoiled?) mentions of miscarriage

A year from now, Sid is going to wake up covered in cold sweat, feeling his skin burning and smoke in his lungs and he’s just going to make it to the trashcan they’ve started keeping beside the bed before he’s sick.

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Shawn and I just got back from getting caught in a rainstorm. Everything on us was completely soaked and the entire time we were staggering our way home we were laughing and just embracing the storm. By the time we got to the porch, we almosted wanted to just stand there, arms open, letting the rain claim us, smiles wide.
I’m pretty sure we just had a cliche romance movie moment and I’m totally okay with this.