me: i cant beleive shinee arent giving us any news about the comeback where are they why are they being so quiet!??!!? 

shinee: updating our insta @9 am kst also it’s 90s themed and a full album


26 September 1969: Abbey Road is released.

“I didn’t know at the time that it was the last Beatle record that we would make, but it felt as if we were reaching the end of the line.
I can’t honestly say what I felt after that record was finished. I remember liking the record and enjoying it, but I don’t recall thinking that was it because there was so much going on all the time. When you pick out all the ‘Beatle days’ and ‘Beatle moments’ or records, there were long gaps in between. If we had a day off from The Beatles, we’d be doing something else - or if we had a year off, or (as it’s been now) twenty-five years off. There were plenty of other activities to fill the gaps. I was certainly not missing being in the band.” - George Harrison, The Beatles Anthology

Behind the Scenes of Got7′s Hard Carry MV

JYP: Finally! We will soon be releasing the highly anticipated follow up single to FLY! I’m going to call it Hard Carry! *beams*

Jinyoung: Okay that’s nice, but are we going to get some closure on the mysteries and theories that we have been dragging out?

JYP: Lol no. Why would we?

Jaebum: I don’t know, maybe because for months now the fans have been wondering on what exactly is going on.

JYP: Yeah so let them use that “wandering”, and wander into a store and buy your album!

Mark: *whispers* but that’s not even the same wor-

Jackson: Well all I want to know is if I can take a lesser role in the video, I’ve been super tired lately and I’m afraid I’m getting stressed.

JYP: Sure! No prob! I’ll just only have you flash your abs once instead of the original 4 times that were planned, and I’ll have you flex and show your arms off a lot. So you should probs put that cookie down and hit the gym after this meeting. You’re looking a little swollen to be honest.


Jinyoung: So what is even going to be added to the storyline? What’s going to happen.

JYP: IDK, I kidnapped 3 interns and am keeping them in a closet somewhere running on only red bull shots and peppermint sticks. Their sole goal is to think of something better that whatever BigHit and Starship has planned. So far we’re going to go with the theory that everyone is dead and that the scenes are out of order and that if you submerge under water your love will come.


Yugyeom: Wait…what?

Jaebum: Isn’t that just BTS and Monsta X’s storylines blended together??

JYP: I may have stolen the interns from those companies so…

BamBam: Right


Mark: Okaayyy, well Is there at least going to be a lot of cool visual elements?

JYP: I was hoping you’d ask! *reaches under table and pulls out a miniature christmas tree on a string* Tada!!

Youngjae: What is it?

JYP: Just imagine a white room full of Christmas trees suspended in the air while Jaebum walks through them!

Jaebum: Why me??

Yugyeom: Will they be decorated at least?

JYP: Nah, but they will slowly die. I want to really draw in that sad angle that everyone keeps working this year.

Jaebum: *whispers* what’s sad is that I should have known after JJP to get out while I still could.

JYP: What’s that?

Jaebum: Nothing

JYP: Okay well I will catch all you guys on set! And Juni– I mean Jinyoung! Make sure you practice holding your breath! We’re going to do a lot of those under water scenes and I would hate for you to drown before you can come to your senses and take my sacred name again. *leaves*


Jinyoung: Does anyone feel slightly threatened and helpless, or is it just me?

Youngjae: Actually to be honest I feel attacked a lot in this group and like maybe I’m not appreciated enou–

Jinyoung: Wait…I don’t actually care. *leaves*

BamBam: HEYY!! JYP come back!!! I forgot to ask you if I could Dab!!!! *gets up to run after JYP*

Jaebum: *trips him* Oops…

BamBam: Ouch!! You broke the left heel off of my pink panda furry steel toed high fashion boots!!

Jaebum: I swear to God, If you make us end up dabbing in this new MV I’m going to burn your baby seal platinum leather jacket next!


Mark: Annnndd that’s my cue to go. *leaves*

Jackson: I guess I can go another week without sleep and just go back to the gym. *leaves crying*

Youngjae: I need to go practice my expressions in a mirror, I don’t want to get out acted by a bird in a cage *leaves*

Yugyeom: Um and I’m meeting Ten for coffee and dance talk, so I’ll be leaving too *leaves blushing*

BamBam: I guess that leaves just you and me hyun–


Jaebum: No *leaves*

BamBam: *calls after* FINE!! I’LL JUST GO HOME BY MYSELF! *leaves limping in one heel and holding the broken shoe in hand* 

BamBam:*mutter* stupid pink panda furry steel toed high fashion boots.