me too, plagg… me too.

Marichat May (Identity Reveal)

welcome to adrien inner mind theater (again-ish)

my headcanons are that this nerd reads a lot of shoujo manga and that he really does think he’s beautiful af so here you go—


“Yaoyorozu! You’ve got a plan, right? Sorry, I should’ve asked earlier if the plan was okay. You have an idea, right?”
“But your plan didn’t work, so how could my idea…?”
“It’s fine, just spit it out! I’m saying you’re the one more suited for this stuff! When we were voting for class rep you got two votes, right? One of those votes was mine! Because I thought you’d be good at it!


“To be graced with your affectionate words, is to feel busy butterflies flutter within my stomach. To be embraced by your strong arms, is to feel my heart thunder and pound with the power of a stampede. To be loved by you, is to look at the entire world, and see no one but you alone.”