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honestly if ji n krys were friends ppl would know n there would be proof bc ji is friends w ta*min n tm's close w krys n f//x in general so there would be pics or mentions about them going out tgthr as a group of friends, doing things, predebut stuff, training tgthr, having lunch tgthr, just anything, but there's nothing. or when ji called n asked tm about his fav fem idol (question by the radio) n tm instantly replied that there is no fem idol ji likes, like not even one, n ji agreed. ridic

I know lol 10 yrs ??? there should be one thing. even kso could have looked like he’s friends w her but their goodbye summer stage was so effing awkward. literally sm had to pull cctv footage and crop tmin out to prove they hung out once.

rmbr when ppl shipped ji w se*lgi lmao at least there was proof they interacted predebut and ksoo’s friendly w her.

thats cool how everyone mentioned here is gay


I received two rent payments. You both paid. I’ll return one. Good night.