Saying Hi To Dad

Summary: Ray leads a double life. On one hand he’s a rich businessman and dating successful cameraman Gavin Free. On the other, he’s Brownman, a famous sniper who works for the Fake AH Crew and is in with Geoff Ramsey, the crew leader. Ray thinks he can balance the two and he does a good job.
Until one night, when his two worlds collide.Or the au where Ray works for the Fake AH Crew and Gavin is an “innocent” civilian. 

Parings: Rayvin (Gavin Free/Ray Narveaz Jr), really minor Myan (Ryan Haywood/Michael Jones)
Rating: T

Ray Narvaez Jr.’s life was fucking amazing.

Not only was he the owner of Los Santos’ most lavish and expensive apartment complex (not that he’d brag about it or anything) but he also had probably the cutest boyfriend, one Gavin Free, who he’s miraculously  managed to keep a relationship with for three years now. Oh, and he just happened to be the best sniper the world has ever seen, known on the streets as the Brownman, which landed him a spot in the incredibly dangerous and terrifying Fake AH Crew. Plus he was in the crew, in the main circle, one of four who could consider themselves friends of Geoff Ramsey, their crew leader.

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shyandfunny asked:

Hi. :) When you get this ask, list five things that make you happy, then send this same ask to the last 10 people that reblogged from you.

1) Ray Narvaez Jr’s streams
2) my dog gg
3) painting me nails
4) interior design
5) white chocolate

anonymous asked:

When you get this ask, list 5 things that make you happy and pass this on to the last 10 people that reblogged/liked something on your blog. Have fun!

Ooo okay let’s see 

1. Ray Narvaez Jr.

2. When my friends listen to my shitty stories

3. Fall Out Boy

4. That one friend who I told everything to and supports me

5. The rest of RT/AH

UFC 185 results, photos: Elias Theodorou breaks Roger Narvaez's arm, gets TKO stoppage

#karate [MMAJunkie]DALLAS – When he wasn’t trying smother and toss his opponent to the mat, Elias Theodorou kicked like he was in a point karate tournament. The former set up Theodorou (11-0 MMA, 3-0 UFC), the “TUF Nations” winner, who broke Roger Narvaez’s (7-2 …