Almost done the fahc boys headcanons series, and it’s Ray’s turn tonight.

Ray Narvaez jr. who grows up in a tiny little apartment in New York with his mom. Ray who’s mom works a high profile job and they’re able to stay afloat just fine the two of them. Who has a genuinely nice childhood, with no weird upheavals or abuses by family. Ray who gets bullied at school for being scrawny, who gets picked on for being smaller than other kids, who gets picked on for being brown, who gets called slurs more often than his own name at school, who gets asked where he’s from and replies with ‘Queens’, who gets the added comment no where are you REALLY from and he just rolls his eyes and walks past. Who gets confused looks from other Puerto Rican kids that try to talk to him in Spanish and he can’t reply, and gets even more confused looks when they find out he can speak portugese instead for some reason (he picked it up from the neighbor across the hall of his apartment). Ray who had a hard time adjusting in school because he didn’t fit in anywhere; He wasn’t Spanish enough for the Latinx kids, he wasn’t dark enough for the black kids, and he wasn’t light enough for the white kids, he was just Ray, caramel coloured and scrawny and geeky, and didn’t speak Spanish.

Ray, who like Gavin, was pulled into gang activity by accident. Who had moved to Los Santos after high school for something new, and had taken up paintball with some new friends he’d made. Who got picked up by a thin guy in a suit one afternoon who had watched him paintball snipe all of his buddies down during the match, who receives an offer he can’t refuse, because that crew needs a sniper, and Ray would make one hell of an acquisition. Ray who agrees only because he’s scared for his life, but admits he doesn’t actually know how to snipe, who gets an assurance that he’ll learn, whether he thinks he’s good at it or not. 

Ray who works with that crew from there out, who gets taken in with the crew but never really feels welcome, he’s 18 and scrawny, at least ten years younger than all the other guys in the crew, and he knows they’re bitter about this kid getting the better of them, getting into favour with the boss almost immediately. Ray who’s forced to make his first kill, who gets scared partway through and wants to leave, but the guard on him tells him straight up if he tries to leave without killing the guy they’ll kill Ray, so he does it. Ray who’s shaken up for weeks after his first kill, but eventually starts to get used to it. Ray who hates that he’s used to it.

Ray who’s killed more than a hundred marks before he makes up his mind to leave. Who packs up all the things he knows he’ll need and tries to take off, who gets caught trying to jump down the fire escape with his backpack and leave. Who’s so valuable they won’t kill him for one infraction, so they brand him with the gang insignia, who slinks back to his room in the safe house with a bandage wrapped around his upper arm and tears in his eyes. Who waits until it gets dark out and packs his backpack up again, and leaves anyway, the brand on his arm making it a nightmare to climb down the fire escapes. Ray who ends up on the other side of town by day break, and knows there’s going to be some kind of search to get him back but doesn’t care, would rather die than keep working for them. Who gets picked up later that morning by a sweet faced woman with bright red hair, who introduces herself as Jack, who only gets in the car because he doesn’t know her face or her name from his old crew, who’s nervous the whole drive. Who finally feels some relief when they get to the Fake’s apartment and he doesn’t even recognize the part of town they’re in. Ray who let’s himself be led up to the top floor of the building with no complaint, who obediently takes off his sweater and the bandage on his arm when Jack tells him to, who winces when she tsks at the burn, thinking she’ll kick him out, but she just says how it looks bad, but she thinks she can help. Who stays still as Jack applies a little bit of burn cream to the shallower parts of the brand, and tells him she uses it all the time on her other boys when they burn themselves on the stove or during heists, who listens in pleasant silence while Jack chatters about this and that, and tells him about her boys, that she’s got two other boys about his age that she’s sure he’ll get along with just fine. Ray who promises the stern, motherly woman that he’ll take good care of the burn so it doesn’t get infected, who gets a bright smile and a pleased good from Jack before she leaves him to get some rest. 

Ray who takes some time to get to know the other boys, who’s hesitant at first with Gavin and Michael because they’re both such huge balls of energy and it’s not like he can’t keep up, but he’d prefer not too. Who manages to get Gav and Michael to calm down for hours at a time by enticing them with movies and video games, who is the creator of the Lad Pile ™, in which all three (and later four) of the Lads form a cuddle/nap pile on each other, who is always the first one to fall asleep once the Pile has formed. Who bonds with Ryan and later Jeremy over shared experiences in past crews, who gets really flirty almost as a joke with Ryan, until it because honest flirting, and he genuinely can’t tell when it stopped being to tease Ryan by making him blush and became real, but when Ryan asks him on a date he really can’t complain, because he’d been hoping for it anyway. Ray who (before Jeremy gets picked up) is somehow the most responsible of the Lads to some extent, who keeps the other boys from making too many reckless decisions on heists, who’s saved Geoff on more than one occasion by sniping someone out from behind him that Geoff hadn’t seen. Who helps Jack with the after heist wounds because he’s calm and collected and strong enough to hold even Jeremy down when something needs to be rebroken. 

Ray who never fit into any group properly because he wasn’t enough for them, who finally finds his perfect group where no one judges anyone else for anything harsher than movie taste.