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June 6th, 2017

The Trump Administration has charged their first leaker under the Espionage Act.

Reality Leigh Winner, 25, is accused of leaking a document to The Intercept which evidenced two cyberattacks orchestrated by the GRU (Russia’s military intelligence unit), one targeting a voter registration software company, and another targeting nearly 200 local election officials.

Prosecutions under the Espionage Act were rare throughout most of history, until the Obama administration used it against at least 8 leakers, and infamously designated Fox News journalist James Rosen as a “criminal co-conspirator” under the Espionage Act in 2013 to access Rosen’s private emails.

However, the Winner arrest is unique because the information she leaked was largely inconsequential. She also leaked much less information than any of the leakers Obama prosecuted. The fact that she’s been arrested and faces as much as 10 years in jail for revealing information more damaging to the interests of the Russian government than the American government is especially troubling. In the words of Winner’s lawyer, “she’s caught up in something much bigger than herself.”



“If there’s an Einstein-Rosen bridge, then there’s something on the other side. And advanced beings could have crossed it.”

Jane Foster was the daughter of a wealthy nurse from London and a middle class plumber from New York. As you can imagine her childhood involved many awkward trips to and fro and a lot of adapting. The only thing that didn’t change was the sky. Her mother dies from cancer when she’s nine and the travelling stops but her father still did not understand his daughter and her life continued as confusing as it always had been. Still, the sky was the same in every country and it was the same when she became of age.

Jane enrolled on her first physics graduate course with a lot of questions from her father and even more from the professor she had contacted about her possible enrollment. Erik Selvig turned out to be a savior in the form of an unlikely friend and ally, giving her enough footing to get her work approved and her application for post graduate work plus a masters underway.

Her new load of work included field work which was something she was by now very familiar with. Still, it required a lot precise data to be collected in a distant town so under the guidance of Erik, she applied for an intern. After one interview and an entire afternoon trying to understand half of what the single applicant had said, Jane hired Darcy Lewis and they headed to New Mexico to cause more scientific ruckus.

Her original plans did not include being witness to an alien coming to earth or getting involved with said alien, yet she and her team of one were the single witnesses to Thor’s visit to Midgard after God knows how many years and she was intrigued. This meeting created a shaky relationship between her team and Shield and soon she was receiving shady invites to work in distant countries while big battles happened in others and big secret agents were insisting she worked on this really big project underground, which has kept her from contacting the outside world so far.


  • Astrophysicist who is a leader in her chosen field. She was awarded her doctorate from Culver University.
  • High level of intellect.
  • Basic medical knowledge.

FC: Natalie Portman

George Harrison, 1979 (possibly 14 February)

Photo: Michael Ochs Archives

“Several minutes later, George [Harrison] entered. He was beautiful. He was beaming. He was a Beatle. He told the photographers to take all their pictures and they began snapping away like it was Beatlemania all over again. He finally brought a halt to the photographic frenzy and opened up the questioning.

Just sitting there next to him was a complete joy. I may have asked a question but I really don’t remember. Through it all, George was funny, polite, intelligent, engaged, serious, meditative and altogether charming. All the things we had seen in him for all those years.” - “Behind The Curtain: The Stress Test of Interviewing George Harrison at Warner Bros. HQ” by Steve Rosen, Rockcellar Magazine, 9 January 2015 [x]

A summary of the new episode of OB:
  • Mrs S is a foxy mamma and we can see where Sarah gets her sexual prowess from
  • Kira is an actual angel child
  • Cosima needs to stop coughing and spluttering because seeing her becoming sicker is causing me immense amounts of pain
  • Grace is a stupid little twit [I mean seriously Helena is a trained killer and you really think you can get rid of her with a pillow???]
  • Rachel may not actually have a heart of stone and I kinda feel bad for her now that we know what happened to her parents
  • Alison is ~this~ close to burning Donnie’s balls off with her hot glue gun
  • Cal is basically the sweetest guy ever and Sarah needs to stay with him so she can keep wearing his cardigans and feeling safe with him and they can be a cute little Lumberpunk family with Kira-Monkey-Bum-Face
  • Daniel is the world’s biggest dickhead
  • Sarah Manning has been through so much shit already and she’s so brave and sHE JUST NEEDS A GOD DAMN HUG FROM SOMEONE